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>                    ( For retirees of the new Air Canada family)
>      Number 662,  Feb 13th, 2002. We first published in October 1995.
>                                               Circulation: 2200+
>               Chief Pilot - Vesta Stevenson   -      Co-pilot  - Terry
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>   . This may interest you!
>      The co-pilot of the NetLetter crew is updating his computer
equipment - so
> we may be a tad tardy in upcoming issues - a learning curve you know!
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>  . From the YYZNEWS issued by Brian Dunn -
>  Continental Airlines will commence daily non-stop service from
> to Houston (IAH) on June 2nd for the peak summer season using Boeing
> aircraft.
>  .Tango by Air Canada announced a major route expansion effective May 1st
> June 1st. This will mean the addition of two more A320s to the current six
> use (159Y seating with an eventual fleet of 13 A320's planned) and eight
> 737-200s to be added in a 120-seat configuration. Effective May 1st new
> Kelowna-Toronto, Winnipeg-Edmonton (twice daily), Quebec
> City-Montreal-Winnipeg, Quebec City-Toronto, and Fredericton-Saint
> service to be added. Effective June 1st a new Toronto-Abbotsford,
> Toronto-Calgary-Victoria, Toronto-Deer Lake (3X week), Toronto-Gander (2X
> week), Toronto-Charlottetown (2X week) and Ottawa-Winnipeg will be
started. All
> services are daily unless otherwise noted. Additional frequencies for
> flights will be added on Montreal-Toronto, Montreal-Halifax, and
> routes for the peak summer.
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>  . News from the districts.
>    The Coutenay/Comox Pionairs will be having their monthly meeting - the
> thursday of each month - at the White Spot io  Cliff Avenue, Courtenay at
> on Thursday Feb 28th.
>                                  . All retirees welcome.
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>  . Recent retirees to join our readership -
>     Gary Gaudet retired Customer Service & Sales Agent, living in Fall
> NS.
>               Gary joined AC1969 retired 2001 , worked in YYZ,YHZ,YYC,YQM
>     Greg Corbett  joined in 1954 retired in 1991 as Regional Market &
>                    Planning Manager, Atlantic Canada. -Greg lives in
>    George W. Heinmiller Retired_CAI General Manager-Italy lives in Surrey,
>     Art Adamsom sent us this retiree's name -
>    Francis [Schoberg] Farrant was the Sec. in the VR Flt.Ops. office,
> I think when Art Rankin was the Flt/Ops Dir.
> She corrected our grammatical & spelling errors & always knew what file
> where. She was indeed one of those many loyal secretaries who worked in
> offices across our system, always there on time,quietly doing her job with
> smile. Those of us that were fortunate enough to know her, pilots &
> are fortunate to have her as a friend.
> Recently Jack Jones, Jack Logan, Ron Richardson & myself met her in
> where she lives a very active life & had lunch with her.
> Please add her name to your respective net letters. Thanks, Art Adamson
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> . Another tale from Glen Cawker -
> Subject: DC-9 Retirement
> Hi! More reminiscenses--As a Flt Ops Ground School Instructor, I was on
> the first DC-9 course at the Douglas A/C plant in Long Beach CA, in
> 196?, with George Lothian, Ron Baker, Tommy Broad, Gerry Quinn, Paul
> Woodruff(Flt Ops Engineering), and I think Ron Peel, and Hoagy
> Hoglund.(maybe others, but the memory, you know !!) Anyroad, when
> walking through the assembly plant Tommy Broad nudged my elbow and said
> he thought there was something strange about one of our A/C, and we both
> decided that the paint scheme was all wrong. They had painted the 'AIR
> CANADA' in red, and the maple leaf corporate logo in black. We promptly
> told Douglas of our discovery and luckily only the one A/C had been
> painted with this reversed scheme. It could have cost a great deal more!
> When we finished the course, we were fortunate enough to get a flight
> back to YUL on the delivery flight with George and Hoagy at the
> controls, of our first DC-9. An auspicious arrival at YUL!! In those
> days we used to give all the 'brass management' a quick one-day
> 'familiarization' course whenever we got a new A/C type, and because the
> 9 was our first A/C with the latest in Artificial Horizons, ie-
> multi-coloured blue and brownish, with 360 degree roll capability and
> the v-bar flight director (instead of the old black and white
> split-needle instrument we all remember); I borrowed an instrument from
> the Dorval Instument shop to show to the 'class'. When I'd finished the
> 'course', Herb Seagrim announced to all present, that he'd enjoyed the
> presentation, but I was to be fired for having the nerve to take the
> $5000. instrument out of the shop! Glad he was kidding!-Now, here we are
> more than 35 years later, retiring the old girl. Enjoy! - - Glen
>   and Bill Norberg sends a contribution -
>    Another experience with DC-9's came to mind. As you may remember when
> first operated the DC-9's the JT8-D engines were infamous for the dirty
> streak of exhaust they left behind on take-off. This lead to an anti smoke
> modification that considerably reduced the exhaust problem,...at least the
> color..
> When I was Director of the Winnipeg Maintenance Base in the late 60's Bill
> Ramage was on a visit to the Base. We were heading out to lunch when I saw
> DC-9 taking off on the south east runway that headed right over the River
> Heights residential area. I noticed only one black streak behind the
> and while it was at the usual rotation angle,it was not gaining altitude
as one
> would expect and appeared to be sinking.I immediately thought we could be
> facing a serious incident and we headed for the Terminal immediately and
> Ops.
> I assumed that it was experiencing an in flight engine failure but was
> relieved to find out that it was a training flight simulating a one engine
> condition.I didn't think it should be doing that over built up residential
> areas however. Flight Ops agreed.
> Regards Bill Norberg
> More on the DC-9 Saga from Len Kruller -
> I also am enjoying reading about the DC-9 era, some with which I am
> others with which I am not.
> After experiencing the phasing in of Super Connies, Bristols, DC-8's,
> and Vanguards, it seemed like quite an advancement to have the DC-9's
added to
> our fleet.
> I vividly remember watching it "nosing" up sharply after take off, unlike
> of our predecessors and then listening to comments from some of us,
> it to a military fighter plane.
> At the same time we wondered how passengers would react to this sort of
> performance, while we also hoped that the pressurization system would be
> to cope with such a rapid change in altitude. On my first flight with this
> fangled bird" I watched closely after take off how the curtain, that
> the first class section, would slant forward and by using this as an
> I tried to guess our angle at which we climbed.
> After reading about the major and minor mishaps that occurred during its
> service period, it seems that one incident never got mentioned so far. To
> best of my recollection, some time, during the mid or late 70's, one of
> DC-9's that was undergoing a major interior refurbishing in one of the UL
> maintenance bays, developed a fire in the main cabin causing severe
> even burning through the top of the fuselage.
> I do not recall however whether this aircraft was ever repaired or
scrapped. I
> am sure that someone, either active or retired will know the answer to
> Farewell and Goodbye to our flock of (DC-9) birds!!
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>  . John Bell sends a followup to the story in NetLetter 661 -
> Hi All and Glen:
> I never knew Dal Woodart, but the description sounds very much like
> Captain that I did know and flew with on the DC-3. That was Clarke
> who was shorter than I (and that's short) and who was unfortunate enough
> be coming back to Toronto for the weekend from DC-conversion with Jack
> Snyder on the fateful flight. Clarke was the father of noted Illisionist
> (Doug) Henning.
> Cheers,
> John Bell
>  and from Jum Doyle -
>  I refer to Glen Cawker's story in Newsletter 661 (Feb 9th,
> 2002.
> At the bottom of the piece is a  reference to the recently discovered
> wreckage of the Lockheed which went missing in the late 30's or early
> The accident happened within a few weeks of my joining TCA (March 10,
> when I was hired as a file clerk.
> The Captain's name was Bill Pike, and soon after they went missing it was
> necessary for his wife Evelyn (Evie) to come to work at TCA as a telephone
> switchboard operator, handling most of the hopefull and "crank" calls .
> Such was the unfortunate state of crew emergency insurance. Evie's
> switchboard was located about 10 steps from my desk on the 15th floor of
> Hotel Vancouver. Regards, Jim Doyle
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> . Another reminder -
> "Name the Tail Contest" presented by the ACFamily Network
> This is a fun contest to test your knowledge of 50 airline aircraft tail
> graphics.
> You can Win one of these four great Canadian Aviation Books...
> - "Ace McCool -- Collector Edition"
> - ALTIMETER RISING: My 50 Years in the Cockpit
> - AVIATION MEMOIRS: A Love Affair With Flight
> - NATIONAL TREASURE: The History of Trans-Canada Air Lines
> (Contest  closes 2359 GMT February 23, 2002)
> Visit www.acfamily.net/contest to see more information and contest rules.
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>   . Smilie.
>     From the Hall of Infamy Awards -
>      The Clothes Don't make the man award to a traveller enroute from
Paris to
> Vietnam who gave a spontaneous anatomy demonstration in the transit lounge
> Singapore's Changi Airport. A fellow flier first noticed a man's shirt
lying on
> the floor. "I did a double take." he said, "when, 10 paces later, there
was a
> pair of pants and then underwear." Then he spotted a man strolling in the
> Airport police laid charges of indecent exposure and ordered a psychiatric

> examination.
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