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Terry Baker

We welcome you to allow the NetLetter to be your platform, and opportunity, to relive your history while working for either TCA, AC, CPAir, CAIL, PWA, AirBC, Wardair. etal. and share your experiences with us!

The NetLetter is an email newsletter published every weekend and contains a mixture of nostalgia, current news and travel tips. We encourage our readers to submit their stories, photos and/or comments from either days gone by or from present day experiences and trips. If we think that the rest of our readers will enjoy it, we will publish it here

We also This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in regard to anything we post here. Many readers have commented with additional information, names and personal memories from the photos and articles presented here.

The NetLetter, which is free, is open to anyone that wishes to subscribe but is targeted to retired employees from Air Canada, Canadian Airlines and all the other companies that were part of what Air Canada is today. Thanks for joining us!

Terry & your NetLetter Team
Our first 70 years - Compiled by Terry Baker
Trans-Canada Air Lines/Air Canada

1962 - Oct 21st - TCA's first DC-8 Trader rolls out at Long Beach, CA.          
1963 - Company granted highest overhaul life for the Conway jet engine
1972 - SST aircraft on order have been cancelled.
Star Alliance News - Compiled by Terry Baker
Star Alliance
Star Alliance
siacookbookSingapore Airlines have produced a cook book titled "Above & Beyond" sells for us$68.00 and can be ordered on their web site www.krisshop.com

skycouchAir New Zealand received and unveiled its first Boeing 777-300ER on Wednesday in Seattle, claiming it has redefined air travel by including "beds" for economy passengers among a string of industry firsts on the aircraft.

Under wraps for four years, the makeover of the passenger cabin "is the most significant advance in comfort for economy passengers since the jumbo jet," GM-International Airline Ed Sims said.

In addition to the "Skycouch," an economy-class bed or bench, the airline is introducing a "Space Seat" in its premium economy zone. Both were designed in-house by the airline, which has been engaged in intensive research on the air travel experience with the aim of rewriting the book on passenger accommodations (ATW, Feb. 1).

Other innovations introduced on ANZ's 777-300ER include seatback food/beverage ordering and what the airline describes as the "industry's most comprehensive inflight entertainment system." Passengers will be able to text questions to flight attendants and enjoy wine tasting. There also are induction ovens for onboard cooking, new menus and every seat comes equipped with power and USB capability. The airline has produced a 50-page instruction guide to help passengers acquaint themselves with the array of new products.

New Years SlideShow Message - Compiled by Alan Rust


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TCA/Air Canada People Gallery - Compiled by Terry Baker
TCA/Air Canada LogoMusings from the "Between Ourselves" magazine an Air Canada publication from years gone by.

John Pluthero sands us this information - Provided by John Pluthero.  Joined AC in 1965 worked in London, Eng., Toronto, Trinidad and Barbados.  I retired in Trinidad from AC in 2001 and now live 6 months of the year in POS.
plutheroHere is a photo that I dearly cherish.

It is of the Ontario Sales Meeting taken at Deerhurst in approx 1978. Many faces are no longer with us, but here are a few names I still remember.Jim Morgan, Roger Slauenwhite, Bill Endress, Aggie Kuklovich, Sandy Edwards, John Stewart, Joe Warecki, Mark Winders, Bill Bishop, Barney Harding, Sandy MacIntyre, Debbie Gair, Ken Hare, Bill Schultz, Ross Coulter, Graham Edwards, Bill Miller, Al Thompson, Bill Orleck, Mike Power, Janet Armstrong, Duncan Rokahr, Chuck Wilson, Dorothy Angier, Gerry Boyle, Bill Wenham Bill Donaldson, Valdi Preditus, Betty Laxon, Harry Fase, Barb Hilderbrand, John Rawn, Ken Bruce, Geoff Forshaw, Bob Rathwell. and on the extreme right, John Pluthero 

 Regards John Pluthero

Issue dated - November 1962
Extracts from the "Between Ourselves" magazine -

The company has been awarded the highest overhaul life for the Rolls Royce Conway engine which powers the DC-8. During 1962, after the excellent performance with only 4 in-flight shutdowns and 11 unscheduled removals during more than 100,000 hours of operation.  The Rolls Royce Dart engine, which power TCA's Viscount aircraft have an overhaul life of 4100 hours, an industry record.

Prizes for Prospects is the theme for an incentive campaign for employees. The campaign was kicked off by Vancouver.
yvrmechanicsHere are some of the employees writing their prospects in hopes of an award.
presenttimeThere is no time like the present to fill out prospects are shown by this group.

tcaboacTHE KICK-OFF MEETING of the TCA-BOAC Prizes for Prospects campaign in the Toronto area was chaired by District Commercial Manager E. J. May, shown with representatives of other departments.


From the left, are: J. C. Campbell, A. J. Currie, E. B. Patton, H. L. Kennedy, P. A. Forbes, W.M. Stainton, Jock Warnock (BOAC), E. J. May, R. G. Woodword, R. Sellors, N. Magner, W. D. Patterson, and C. K. Day. Early returns indicate a heavy interest by employees of all departments.

dc-8fOctober 21st, at the Douglas Aircraft Corporation's new Engineering and Production Centre, the first of four DC-8F ordered by Air Canada/TCA. Delivered 24th April 1963 fin # 812 CF-TJL c/n 45640 sold to ARCA Columbia 1st June 1985.

25yearsTHIRTEEN OF THE 25 MEN in the Company who celebrated 25 years of Service in TCA are shown with President G. R. McGregor following a dinner-dance at Montreal's Mount Royal Hotel October 10.


From the left, back row, are: W. W. Fowler, Moncton; Captain G. B. Lothian,  Montreal; J. L. Scott,  Dorval; R. J. Bulger, Dorval; J.D. Leigh, Dorval; A. K. Hunt,  Dorval; W. S. Harvey, Montreal; seated: B. M. Saunders,  Dorval; C. M. Adams,  Montreal; F. T. Wood,  Montreal; President G.R. McGregor, Montreal; R. D. Williamson,  Montreal; K. C. BaudruM. B. Barclay,  Dorval. Each man shown above was presented with a miniature of the distinctively designed pin shown in the background.

Issue dated - July 1972
Musing through the "Horizons" magazine.
frederictonSeventy years of Company service is represented by the three Fredericton men who retirement. Shown with District Manager Wendell Cook, left, are: Station Attendant John MacDougall (20 years),  Mechanic George Gallant (20 years); and Airport Customer Service Manager Wilse Himmelman (30 years)

The four supersonic Concorde aircraft reserved in December 1966 have been canceled after a feasibility study.

Issue dated - August 1972
Musing through the "Horizons" magazine.
First two months of the operation "Rapidair" between Toronto and Montreal carried 199,607 passengers an increase of 45% in passenger travel between these two points over the same period last year.
Alan's Space - by Alan Rust
Alan's Space
Alan Rust
Air New Zealand "Rugby" Safety Video
Here is a Safety Video made for Air New Zealand. They jammed a plane full of rugby fans, some crazy Air New Zealand staff and asked some of their "All Blacks" rugby team friends to lend a hand.

After two long days of shooting, here's what they came up with. This was created for their Domestic 737 service.
(I just love the New Zealand Air flight attentands accent!)


New Zealand Rugby Safety Video
New Zealand Rugby Safety Video


Canadi>n/CP Air/PWA, Wardair, etc. People & Events
- Compiled by Terry Baker
CAIL TailsNews and articles from days gone by gleaned from various publications from C.A.I.L. and it's "ancestry" of contributing airlines.
Issue dated - September 1998
Extracts from the "Canadi>n Flyer" magazine -
b747farewellA Canadian Airlines B747 takes flight over a crowd of spectators gathered along the harbor in Hong Kong to witness the last planes to depart Kai Tak airport on July 5. CP 8, which departed at 2 p.m., was actually CDN's second-last flight out of Kai Tak. The last flight was CP 28 at 7 p.m.. as CDN began flying twice daily in early July. Capt. Peter Andreasen, F/O's Doug Goldie and Ross Forman, S/O Terry Alexander, and Check S/O Paul McDougall were at the controls of the
DC10. The in-flight Crew consisted of Gerry Kroon, Lars Sjoblom, Sherry Sands, Phyllis Hamilton, David Sandelands, Denise Patrich, Wanda Chenier, Peter Van Pelt and Tong Zhao. "It was a truly nostalgic take-off for CP 28 that day. said Capt. Andreasen. After so many years of flying to Kal Tak. It was really sad to be leaving".
ashleyYYZ's storm watcher is Mike Ashley who, in the photo, is displaying YYZ's Lightning Location & Protection system, one of the first in Canada to employ this advanced technology. The computerized storm warning system can detect lightning strikes within a 50 mile radius, and detects static electricity a precursor to a lightning strike.

groomerHere we have a trio of the groomers at YYZ who work under tight constraints.

Left to right: John Cameron, Marco Ricci, Alex Young. (the scan distorted John's face, sorry!)

manilaDuring the year the Manila staff celebrated in Wild West style. Canadian Airlines in Manila recently held an awards night to recognize our top producing travel agents. A Stampede theme was chosen by the staff, who dressed up for the occasion in full cowboy and cowgirl attire.

Pictured at the event are (standing, left to right): Jappy Villonco, Cargo Manager; Cheryll Odulio, Sales Rep; Maritte Encarnacion, CTO Supervisor; Anggie Tagura, Res Agent; Graham Perkins, Country Manager; Jep Arenas, Sales Secretary; Felix Mabanta, President, Trave (our GSA); Sheila Mendiola, CTO Agent; Sol Aberlardo, CTO Agent; Sunshine Mirabueno, CTO Agent; Malau Dulay, Sales Rep; Babylyn delos Reyes, GSA Accounting; (Sitting, left to right): Joel Aquino, Sr. Sales Rep; Shason Napoles, GSA Accounting; Len Rivera, Sales Manager; Liezl Magtibay, Res Agent; Bochie del Rosaria, Administrative Assistant; Ana Abela, Res Agent; Cion Romero, Cashier; Chris Geronimo, Sr. Airport Customer Service Agent; Jhoana Buque, Res Agent; Raymond Hicarte, Cargo Ops Agent; and Rocky Catignas, Airport Customer Service Agent

cf-bauBrian Johannesson (ex-Winnipeg, ex-Montreal, now living in Kitchener) has sent us several photos, here are three of them -

CF-BAU Norseman
The pilot standing on the float is Wally Carrlon. He had married my mother's sister and they lived in Lac du Bonnet. He died in bed of a heart attack in 1947 during a particularly strenuous season, flying too much during daylight hours and spending the nights loading the aircraft in preparation for the next day's flights. I don't know who took the picture or where it was taken, it was in my aunt's pictures after she passed away in 1984.

cf-aft-skiCF-ATF Junkers (on skis)
This picture hung on my aunt's wall after she moved back to Winnipeg in 1947.  It appeared first as the back cover of a Canadian flying magazine whose name escapes me at the moment.  The WCAM has a copy of it.  It was taken at Eskimo Point during the winter of 1940-1941. Since my aunt had it on her wall I have always assumed that the pilot (in black) was her husband Wally.  Notice the Inuit baby in the box sled.
cf-atf-floaCF-ATF Junkers (on floats)
I took this picture in September 1962 when we were visiting my parents in Winnipeg, to show them their newest grandson Allen.  The plane had stopped at Rivercrest Seaplane Base overnight and was en route from B.C. to Ottawa, being delivered to the National Aviation Museum there.  By the way, that grandson is now a Captain with Jazz.

Halifax Restoration 1998
Halifax Restoration 1998

 Canadian Airlines pilot Karl Kjarsgaard is a man with a mission. The B767 pilot has devoted much of his spare time in an ongoing effort to rescue an important piece of Canadian aviation history. His quest is to provide Canada with an original Handley-Page Halifax bomber


At the RCAF Memorial Museum in Trenton, ON., workers are slowly piecing together a Halifax from the wreckage of two aircraft recovered at sites in Norway and Belgium. Check out this web site for more information. www.ipmslondon.ca


Update (from the article from 1998 above) 

This plane is now completely restored and can be viewed at the National Air Force Museum of Canada at: www.airforcemuseum.ca

Halifax (restored)
Halifax (restored)
Reader's Feedback - Compiled by Terry Baker
Reader's Feedback 
Brian Dunn sends this update regarding the Emirates A380 mentioned in NetLetter nr 1146 "Odds & Ends" -
Just an update on the Emirates A380 incident at Toronto.  They did a temporary repair job on the beast outside in the cold, but under a heated tent-like structure and were able to tow it back to Terminal 1 for a ferry flight departure on Dec. 21st non-stop to Dubai. 


See the picture. taken by Dave Brook, which shows the temporary sheet metal patch put on the leading edge. After a tow to de-icing, and a power run, A6-EDE left for Dubai at 1500. You can see the green patch on the leading edge. I don't envy fixing that over the last few days. I am sure it will still be out of mainline service after reaching Dubai for "permanent" repairs to be done. A very costly accident and the CLS Catering insurance company is going to be on the hook for a big bill when all of it is tallied up I'm sure.  Keep up the good work with the NetLetter.


Brian Dunn/Editor YYZNEWS.

Viv McLean sends us this request -
Austin AirwaysI would like to know if Austin Airways could be included in your logos down the left side of the NetLetter. My husband was a employee for years from Canso, DC3, Twin Otters and a favourite the Beaver. Some of the best pilots you can imagine flew with Austin then all went with bigger airlines. When I fly anywhere I always hope the pilot is a ex bush pilot who went onto bigger planes.  Just a thought.


Viv Mc Lean

(We visited www.wikipedia.org for this short history of Austin Airways - eds)

It was Canada's oldest airline and started service in 1934. The home base was Timmins and it operated many duties in addition to passenger and freight services. Over the years, scheduled services served over 40 cities, including some destinations in the United States. In 1973 it merged with White River Air Services but continued to operate as Austin Airways. In June 1987 it merged with Air Ontario Ltd (formerly Great Lakes Airlines (Canada), formed in 1958) to form Air Ontario Inc. In turn Air Ontario became part of Air Canada Jazz in 2001.

(Their logo has been added as well)

pwdc-4Ken Pickford sends us this correction referring to NetLetter nr 1145 -
Another minor correction to a photo caption in Issue #1145. The aircraft identified as a Pacific Western DC-4 is actually a DC-6. It's definitely not a DC-4 due to the rectangular passenger windows (DC-4 had round windows). I think it's a standard DC-6, not a DC-6B (PWA operated both) as the DC-6B had a longer fuselage forward of the wing.

Regards and Merry Christmas, Ken

cpa-comet-modelRef NetLetter #1142 John Rodger sends this -
I noticed the write up about the flying boat and reference to Canadian Pacific's Comet.

After we found out that Air Canada had sent all the artifacts and memorabilia to The Canadian Aviation Museum in Ottawa in 2003. Keith Kelly, Bob Levasseur and myself had a meeting at the Vendome Building In Montreal with the Air Canada management about the collection.


They had some articles left that were not taken by the museum. To our surprise we found numerous large aircraft models. Wardair, Pacific Western & Canadian most had no wings attached. We were escorted to another room and when we opened the door we got quite a surprise. Sitting in front of us was a large model of Canadian Pacific's Comet in very good shape. Bob Levasseur who is a retiree of Canadian said he didn't know the history of it. He went home (he had a book about CPA history) and contacted Keith & I later about it. Seems CPA had ordered Comets but never used them. During delivery one had crashed on the way to Vancouver loaded with spare parts and the other ones was never delivered. Heard lots of stories about it and I'm sure one of your readers will be able to tell the full story.

We were asked if we could find some place to put all the models or they would be destroyed. We asked them to give us some time. It didn't take long, we knew about the Canadian Aviation Heritage Center in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue on the Old MacDonald Campus Farm. Most were damaged and without the wings. A few weeks later the management at the Vendome called to tell us they had found the wings for the models. Keith and I went down and loaded his van again and delivered them to a very happy group of volunteers at the CAHC. They accepted them with open arms, repaired them and today they, including the Comet are on display at the Heritage Center. Their web site is www.cahc-ccpa.com  if you would like to see what they do.


Regards  John Rodger

(John took the time to take and send us these photos of the models - eds.)

Terry's Trivia and Travel Tips - by Terry Baker
Terry Baker
Terry Baker

Visiting beautiful British Columbia?
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Smileys - Compiled by Terry Baker
As we surf the internet and back issues of airline magazines we regularly find airline related jokes and cartoons. Below is our latest discovery.

cattledrive Those of us who have traveled in Economy Class in various airlines have considered the experience similar to being transported like cattle well how about this story from "Horizons" issued August 1972 under the heading -

Crete calf charter steals airport show -
The DC-8 cargo aircraft unofficially stole the show when it landed at the Greek island's main airport during ceremonies marking inauguration of the airport. Accustomed to disembarking tourists of all nationalities, guests and local dignitaries seemed more interested in Air Canada's arrival and hurried over to watch the 286 "Canadians" being unloaded. The double-deck stalls in the freighter were unloaded by U.S. airmen of the Heraklion air base, supervised by Athens Sales Manager lanni Souvaliotis. The Toronto-based crew of Captain Gus Crocker, First Officer Dan Parker and Second Officer Howie Jacobs flew the Crete cattle charter.

We hope you have enjoyed this issue of the NetLetter, see you next week!

Your NetLetter Team
First published in October, 1995
  • Chief Pilot - Terry Baker, Nanaimo, B.C.
  • Co-pilot - Alan Rust, Surrey, B.C.
  • Flight Engineer - Bill Rowsell, Londesboro, Ontario
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