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March 5, 2011 - Issue 1156
First Issue published in October 1995!
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CAHS Upcoming Events
ACRA Upcoming Events
Pionair Meetings and Events
Our first 70 years
Star Alliance News
Reader Submitted...Photos
TCA/Air Canada People Gallery
Alan's Space
Canadi>n/CP Air/PWA, Wardair, etc
Reader's Feedback
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Terry Baker

We welcome you to allow the NetLetter to be your platform, and opportunity, to relive your history while working for either TCA, AC, CPAir, CAIL, PWA, AirBC, Wardair. etal. and share your experiences with us!

The NetLetter is an email newsletter published every weekend and contains a mixture of nostalgia, current news and travel tips. We encourage our readers to submit their stories, photos and/or comments from either days gone by or from present day experiences and trips. If we think that the rest of our readers will enjoy it, we will publish it here

We also This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in regard to anything we post here. Many readers have commented with additional information, names and personal memories from the photos and articles presented here.

The NetLetter, which is free, is open to anyone that wishes to subscribe but is targeted to retired employees from Air Canada, Canadian Airlines and all the other companies that were part of what Air Canada is today. Thanks for joining us!

Terry & your NetLetter Team

Correction - Last week we published an incorrect email address for John Ward of the Canadian Press. His corrected email address is below.


The Canadian Press wants to do an article on the subject of the long-delayed recognition (medals and the like) of your service and sacrifice during the Second World War. Bomber Command veterans, or those caring for these veterans, are urged to make contact with John Ward of the Canadian Press in Ottawa. His e-mail address is  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Failing that you can contact Vic Johnson, Editor Airforce Magazine at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

CAHS Upcoming Events - Compiled by Alan Rust
CAHSWe have a listing below of all the CAHS (Canadian Aviation Historical Society) upcoming events that we are aware of.

If you are at all interested in Canadian aviation history, then we encourage you to attend a meeting or visit their web site at: www.cahs.ca

Vancouver - Tuesday, March 8, 2011 @ 19:00 hrs: The March meeting presentation will be a slide presentation by Keith Wade on flying boats and amphibians. This was delayed in both January and February due weather and other commitments. For more info call Jerry Vernon at (604) 420-6065

Toronto - Saturday, March 12, 2011 @ 13:00 hrs: 

"Postwar Canadian Lancasters" Speaker: Author & Historian, Richard Banigan.

Montreal - Thursday, March 17, 2011 @ 11:00 hrs: Clive Rustin - former British Test Pilot. For our March meeting, Clive reflects on many of his experiences flying over 160 aircraft types including his post RAF involvement in airships and participation on the display circuit in a variety of old warbirds such as the, Venom, Vampire, Hunter & Spitfire.

CAHS National Convention

Edmonton - June 22th to 26th - Mark your calendars for the CAHS 48th annual convention where they will explore the rich aviation history of Edmonton, the province of Alberta, and Canada's North. 

Presentations will range from civil and military aviation topics, to how regional heritage institutions are promoting this fascinating history, to creative ways authors are bringing these subjects to new audiences.


See: www.cahs.ca/events/convention.html for more information as it becomes available.

ACRA Upcoming Events- Compiled by Alan Rust

ACRA  LogoACRA - (The Air Canada Recreation Association) welcomes retirees to many of their local and system events.

We will be listing any retiree related events below that we are aware of. For full information, see the ACRA web site at www.acra.ca

ACRA  LogoRetirees Welcome! 

The 2011 ACRA System Photo Show will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada on Sunday, May 1st & Monday, May 2nd, 2011.
Regional Photo shows began in February, so get your images picked out and ready soon!


See: www.acra.ca/photo for complete information.

ACRA System Golf
ACRA  LogoRetirees Welcome! 


Steve Kerwin, organizer for the annual ACRA System Golf Event

has found a venue with outstanding value for this years event. Rates include 4 nights room, golf, dinners, and breakfasts from $326.00 - $400.00 per person.

AGM 2011 VancouverAre you aware of an ACRA Event that is open to retirees? Please use the online form by following this link to submit your ACRA Event. (ACRA Events only please)

Pionair Meetings and Events - Compiled by Alan Rust

Pionairs LogoThe Air Canada Pionairs have ongoing Coffee Club Meetings in the following Districts; Vancouver Island, Vancouver, Okanagan, Edmonton, Calgary, Man-Sask, SW Ontario, Central Ontario, Ottawa, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia - P.E.I., Newfoundland, UK - E.C. and the USA - Caribbean. For full information, click here.

Meetings provide an opportunity to meet old friends, learn the latest news regarding Air Canada and your  pensions or hear a variety of guest speakers speaking on topics of interest to retirees.

AGM 2011 VancouverThe 34th Annual Gerneral Meeting/Reunion of the Pionairs will be held in Vancouver from April 12 - 14th, 2011. Mark your calendars, more information is on the Pionair's web site at: www.pionairs.ca

Our first 70 years - Compiled by Terry Baker
Trans-Canada Air Lines/Air Canada

1973 - April - Econair set up to market Air Canada charters.


Star Alliance News - Compiled by Terry Baker
Star Alliance
Star Alliance
BMI has altered its trading name to British Midland International (BMI) 
Reader Submitted Photos - Compiled by Terry Baker
Readers PhotosReader Submitted Photos - The photos and information below was sent to us by our faithful readers. If you would like to send us some old photos you have lying around. we will consider them for publication in a future NetLetter. We prefer good quality airline related photos, with descriptive text included with the submission.

grahamDiane Dixon sent us this information -
Hi, a picture appeared in the Saturday Feb 12th, 2011 edition of the Winnipeg Free Press with a picture of Don Graham celebrating his 90th birthday on Feb. 13th.  He was born in 1921.  Don is a retired Air Canada employee who had a long service with AC (I don't know how long 30+ years).  He is an avid Winnipeg Goldeyes Baseball Fan attending every home game. He is also a avid golfer and has a membership at the St. Boniface Golf Course in Winnipeg which I understand he has had for years. I know he was golfing last summer as I saw him. Maybe you will get more information regarding him from others, but I thought the Netletter could publish his birthday. Don worked in maintenance or on the ramp in Winnipeg.


Regards Diane Dixon retired AC employee. 

TCA/Air Canada People Gallery - Compiled by Terry Baker
TCA/Air Canada  LogoMusings from the "Between Ourselves" and "Horizons" magazine, an Air Canada publication from years gone by, and various in-house magazines.
Issue dated - February 1st 1955
Extracted from the "Between Ourselves" magazine
reservationsThe delegates to the annual reservations meeting held in Montreal are from left: Back row: J. B. Gardner, PWK; D. Y. Dougans and R. W. Miller, UL; E. T. Duffield, NY; A. J. Russell, XF; J. S. Chamberlain, UL; J. W. Bradley, OW; V. I. Van Iderstine, YC; G. E. Hooper, YZ. Middle row: C. R. Morgan, XD; J. B. Goddard, YZ; J. A. Deyman, M. R. Hamilton, W. G. Rathborne, UL; J. M. Callen, YZ; J. M. Connolly, QM; A. W. Hynes, UL. Front row: J. R. Brewster, LONT; D. A. Forbes, YZ; B. V. Gibson, VR; G. A. MacMillan and R. J. Bain, UL. Missing from picture were W. A. Roulston, YZ, and L. E. Richardson, UL.

Issue dated - February 15th 1955
calpaIt was the regular monthly meeting of the Canadian Air Line Pilots Association (CALPA) in Winnipeg but to this department group of TCA'ers it marked a special event. They gathered to pay respects to the late Capt. C.M. Pentland's father whom they presented an honorary membership.

From the left, front row:
F/O's  Ian Jackson,  J.Geddes  Capt. Al Wafts, F/O Bill Storey. Back row: Captains Jim Stone, John Clarke, Bill Hayes, Frank Parker, Bill Gibson, Captains Ron Richardson, Gord Jarvis, and Link Instructor Cam Frankard, Capt. Clark Henning, F/O's .Bryan Bjarnason,  Jerry Palmer, Captains Chas. Robinson, Dan Raymes, Bill Adams, Geo. Proctor and F/O Gord Rose.
postersRemember these Air Freight ads? They got a high rating when they first appeared.

Issue dated - February 1973
Gleaned from the "Horizons" magazine

Econair to market ABCs

Econair Canada Holidays Ltd. is its name and selling ABC charter space is its game.

Formed as a partner company, Econair will market Air Canada's Advance Booking Charter program for the summer of 1973.


Under the ABC regulations recently issued by the Canadian Government, the Company can not sell charter space directly to the public, and so is entering into a major contract with Econair to provide space aboard charter aircraft bound for the United Kingdom and Europe this summer.

tristarFirst Lockheed Tristar arrives at Dorval on its delivery flight January 14th 1973.
reservecTeam members who worked on the development of the "Black Box" are shown with a complete 401 -MUX installation - Interface unit, three 401-MUXs, power supply, and agent's CRT set.

From the left are: Ken Inouye, Engineering Technician; Bob Jacquin, Engineering Technologist; Robert Piette, Computer Systems Engineer; and Bruce Balla, Engineering Technician.

accessFive years ago the Company began a study of an automated cargo data system. The first implementation phase resulted in centralized accounting, automated billing and performance reporting centered in Computer Systems and Finance in Winnipeg. The next phase involves input of cargo status in major system terminals.

Working together, Computer & Systems Service, Finance and Cargo Sales & Service planners came up with ACCESS (Air Canada Cargo Enquiry and Service System) geared for gradual phasing in over the next five years. Designed to improve the management of the flow of goods and information, the new system will be launched first in Montreal, and then in Toronto this spring. The ACCESS project team poses in their Toronto quarters.

Project Leader Lewis Cardin is seen in the centre of the front row, flanked by Programmers Jan Lagerwerf and Peter Haydan. Others are, from the left: Programmers Bob Grierson and Mark Winders; Training Program Manager Walter Winkler; Cargo Supervisor George Grant; Cargo Agent Bert Simpson; Planner Norm Clode; and Systems Designers Brian Kelly and Denny Dickson.

Alan's Space - by Alan Rust
Alan's Space
Alan Rust
Seniors Texting and Tweeting Guide -
Since more and more Seniors are texting and tweeting, there appears to be a need for a STC (Senior Texting Code). If you qualify for Senior Discounts then this is the code for you.
ATD: At The Doctors
BTW: Bring The Wheelchair
BYOT: Bring Your Own Teeth
CBM: Covered By Medicare
CUATSC: See You At The Senior Center
DWI: Driving While Incontinent
FWB: Friend With Beta Blockers
FWIW: Forgot Where I Was
FYI: Found Your Insulin
GGPBL: Gotta Go, Pacemaker Battery Low!
GHA: Got Heartburn Again
HGBM: Had Good Bowel Movement
IMHO: Is My Hearing-Aid On?
LMDO: Laughing My Dentures Out
LOL: Living On Lipitor
LWO: Lawrence Welk's On
OMMR: On My Massage Recliner
ROFL... CGU: Rolling On The Floor Laughing... And Can't Get Up
SGGP: Sorry, Gotta Go Poop
TTYL: Talk To You Louder
WAITT: Who Am I Talking To?
WTFA: Wet The Furniture Again
WTP: Where's The Prunes?
WWNO: Walker Wheels Need Oil
LMGA: Lost My Glasses Again
GLKI: (Gotta Go, Laxative Kicking In)
Senior's Phone
Senior's Cell Phone
Canadi>n/CP Air/PWA, Wardair, etc. People & Events
- Compiled by Terry Baker
CAIL TailsNews and articles from days gone by gleaned from various publications from C.A.I.L. and it's "ancestry" of contributing airlines.

In past NetLetters, we had information about "Empress of Suva", originally operated by Canadian Pacific Airlines.

Alan Evans
, from South Africa,  has sent this complete history of the aircraft and this message -
I found this article in the S.A.Flyer magazine... There is a reference to CPA and I wonder if any old CPA drivers would have logged time on this aircraft. If so I would like to get their address as the guys who have bought it would love to make contact with them
Cheers,  Alan

CALLED the 'Empress of Suva' from a previous life spent flying across the pacific, ZS-MUL (c/n 45329) ended up in 1998 with the South African Airways Museum Society at Swartkop Air Force Base. There she slowly rotted away for ten years until the SA Historic Flight and the SAA Museum Society was forced to vacate the premises. Scrapping the 'Empress' seemed inevitable until two business partners and avid collectors. Witold Walus and Willie Muritingh, heard about the aircraft, and bought her.

Witold and Willie prepared a quixotic plan to fly her to their smallholding north of Pretoria, where she would adorn the entrance as a gate guard. This would involve the construction of an airstrip across several adjacent small holdings to accommodate the arrival.
The sensible thing to have done would be to move her by road but this would involve cutting the main spar to remove the wings. This was the fate that befell the Trek Constellation and was an unthinkable sacrilege to an avid collector like Witold. And so the decision was made that, willy nilly. she would be flown out of Swartkop.

As an experienced DC-6 engineer, Mike Mayers was recruited and his team started the long a difficult task returning her to flying condition for the ferry flight. Many challenges had to be overcome, but the passionate Witold and Willie endured, despite a chorus of pessimists.

This DC-6B was delivered new to Canadian Pacific Airlines on 15 of August 1957 as CF-CZV who named her "Empress of Suva" on account of the Canadian Pacific Airlines' passenger service to Fiji on the Vancouver - Hawaii New Zealand - Australia route. In 1961 she went to Sweden as SE-BDG "Stockholm'. Her most divine service came with Braathens in Norway who provided aircraft to Joint Churches Aid (CJA) also known as "Jesus Christ Airlines". In what became known as the Airbridge to Biafra, JCA managed to keep the troubled breakaway west African state alive for almost two years. Between 1968 and 1969 5312 missions were from the island of Sao Tome to a tiny airstrip called Uli on the West African coast.
After nine years with Greenlandair she came to Southern Africa at the end of' 1980. to be operated by Air Swazi. The late 198Os and early 1990s saw an increase in chartered cargo operations
in the Central Africa region, especially in support of famine relief and United Nations initiatives. The influx of many cargo aircraft was noticeable.

Gert de Kierk of Avia Air acquired the aircraft for cargo work during 1990 and she operated from Wonderboom Airport and Freeway airstrip as ZS-MUL, together with another DC-6A ZS-MTE.
A major entity in African cargo operations at the time, Trans Air Cargo purchased the aircraft in 1992 as 9Q-CJE and operated her Out of Kinshasa on cargo operations. At the time the major maintenance facility for DC-4 and DC- aircraft was Fields Airmotive at Rand Airport, headed by Kiki i.e Maire, where a major Pratt & Whitney overhaul facility had been established.

By the late l9 political turmoil in Zaire forced her to flee Zaire back to South Africa, where she stood until the wrecking hammers threatened. In 199 the SAA Museum Society learnt of 9Q-CJE impending fate at Rand and through the efforts of the museum's restoration team leader Richard Hunt and John Austin-Williams, managed to convince Kiki Le Maire to donate her to the SAA Museum Society. After a lot of blood and sweat she was ferried to Johannesburg International Airport with a temporary registration ZS-XXX on 8 of November 1998 by Flippie Vermeulen, Laurie Ruth,  and Uwe Huhnel. A final and very eventful positioning flight to Swarikop followed, which became her resting place for the next ten years, until Wkold Walus and Willie Muntingh once again rescued her.

In a magnificent 'folly of love', Witold and Willie restored her to flying condition. After a million Rand and two year's hard work, she took-off with pilots Johan van den Berg and Laurie Ruth of SAA and flight Engineer Mike Mayers.
She lifted her wheels from Swartkop Aid Force Base on Saturday 4 December 2010 at 07:13 and landed at 07:50 at her new home at Wall Mansthal North of Pretoria. Their existing 500m dirt strip had been widened and lengthened by about another 800 meters to the north, utilizing a friendly neighbour's property. Prior to landing she performed a 'runway inspection' and then landed from the north, easily coming to a stop thanks to the reversible propellers. The remaining fuel in the tanks was drained and she was prepared for long storage. She has gone to her final resting place in caring hands.
Reader's Feedback - Compiled by Terry Baker
Reader's Feedback
Every week we ask our readers for their stories or  feedback on what they have read here in previous issues. Below is the feedback we have received recently. 
nordairJacek Romanowski  sends us this information - 
I refer to the MCA DC-4 photo that was identified as a DC-3 in issue 1148. Ken Collie in Issue 1152 was absolutely correct with his observations in identifying it as a DC-4.

Here's a little history post MCA. In the 60's Nordair operated a fleet of four DC-4's bearing the following registrations CF-NAA, CF-NAG, CF-IQM and CF-JIR. The MCA photo shows the registration under the left wing as CF-NAA. I have this photo that I took when I was based in Fort Chimo, Quebec in the summer of 1965 of two Nordair DC-4's in the original Nordair livery prior to the white N on a blue tail.

The aircraft in the back is CF-NAG and the aircraft in the front is CF-NAA. I flew on these aircraft as an employee passenger many times on both scheduled and charter flights until they were phased out in late 60's as Nordair was transitioning to B-737's.  The first B737-242C was delivered in Nov 1968.

Jacek Romanowski   West Kelowna BC

dc9-modelWe received this enquiry from Dave Hykle -
Thank you for such great newsletter! I was hoping your readers might be able to recall a photo and possible explanation of a very old 'Between Ourselves' article (1970's ?) that featured a rather large scale model of an Air Canada DC-9, radio-controlled perhaps. Anyone ? Dave Hykle Flt Ops YYZ.

(As we at the NetLetter have most of the "Between Ourselves", we searched and found the article in the March 1971 issue. Can anyone let us know what has happened to the models - eds)

In response to our request for identities of the people in the photo of the first DC-8-63 to land at LAX featured in NetLetter nr 1155, we received this information from A.G.Driver the first stretch dc8 [63 series] to land at lax was piloted by Kenworthy Hughson and Driver [me !]  can't help with the back end ... I have this picture also.a.g.driver.


In response to our request for identities of the people in the photo of the first DC-8-63 to land at LAX featured in NetLetter nr 1155, we received this information from A.G. Driver... the first stretch DC8 [63 series] to land at lax was piloted by Kenworthy Hughson and Driver [me !]  can't help with the back end ... I also have a copy of the photo that was published.



A.G. Driver
Odds & Ends - Compiled by Terry Baker
Odds & EndsSometimes we receive articles and information that just doesn't fit in our other areas. This is where it goes!

If you would like to see a very tight landing - you may enjoy this short clip - Click on image below for video.

Piper Landing

Terry's Trivia and Travel Tips - by Terry Baker
Terry Baker
Terry Baker
The Irish Government has announced a reduction in the Air Passenger Tax by 70% from 10 euros to 3 euros effective March 2011 on a temporary basis.
Interline All Stars has these deals;
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4 departure dates: Feb 26, Mar 12, Apr 9, 23 2011.
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Royal Caribbean - Spain
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Based in Kelowna, BC
Smileys - Compiled by Terry Baker
As we surf the internet and back issues of airline magazines we regularly find airline related jokes and cartoons. Below is our latest discovery.

cartoonHere's a cartoon from "Between Ourselves" issued March 1955.
captain-4Vern Swerdfeger has sent us some cartoons, the first four were in NetLetters nr 1154/5 , here is the final one.

We hope you have enjoyed this issue of the NetLetter, see you next week!

Your NetLetter Team
First published in October, 1995
  • Chief Pilot - Terry Baker, Nanaimo, B.C.
  • Co-pilot - Alan Rust, Surrey, B.C.
  • Flight Engineer - Bill Rowsell, Londesboro, Ontario
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