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July 9, 2011 - Issue 1172
First Issue published in October 1995!
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CAHS Upcoming Events
Women in Aviation
ACRA Upcoming Events
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Terry Baker

We welcome you to allow the NetLetter to be your platform, and opportunity, to relive your history while working for either TCA, AC, CPAir, CAIL, PWA, AirBC, Wardair. etal. and share your experiences with us!

The NetLetter is an email newsletter published every weekend and contains a mixture of nostalgia, current news and travel tips. We encourage our readers to submit their stories, photos and/or comments from either days gone by or from present day experiences and trips. If we think that the rest of our readers will enjoy it, we will publish it here

We also This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in regard to anything we post here. Many readers have commented with additional information, names and personal memories from the photos and articles presented here.

The NetLetter, which is free, is open to anyone that wishes to subscribe but is targeted to retired employees from Air Canada, Canadian Airlines and all the other companies that were part of what Air Canada is today. Thanks for joining us!

Terry & your NetLetter Team
CAHS Upcoming Events - Compiled by Alan Rust
CAHSWe have a listing below of all the CAHS (Canadian Aviation Historical Society) upcoming events that we are aware of.

If you are at all interested in Canadian aviation history, then we encourage you to attend a meeting or visit their web site at: www.cahs.ca

Women in Aviation - Compiled by Alan Rust
Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail
Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail
Chateline magazine has posted its finalists for Women Of The Year - Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail,  President of the CAHS from Edmonton, Alberta has been nominated!
Why She's Extraordinary: Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail is the youngest-ever and the first female president of the Canadian Aviation Historical Society. She's a writer and historian with an interest in aviation and women's issues, and the author of For the Love of Flying: The Story of Laurentian Air Services.
She recently hosted the CAHS conference in Edmonton, where she was elected president for another term, and is working on two books: a novel about a female bush pilot in the '30s and a history of aviation in the North.
You can help get the word out there about aviation history and the CAHS by voting for Danielle!
Women of the YearHave your say in determining Canada's 2011 Women of the Year. If you would like to cast your vote for Danielle, you can do so by clicking on this link.
ACRA Upcoming Events- Compiled by Alan Rust
ACRA  LogoRetirees Welcome!

The following events are available for retirees through ACRA, the Air Canada Recreation Association.

Banty's Roost Golf and Country ClubToronto ACRA Golf Tournament -

Monday, July 25th, 2011.

Where: Banty's Roost G & CC
Time: Tee times at 12 noon, 
Cost:  $90.00 for members of ACRA, $95.00 for guests. 

Contact the YYZ ACRA office at 905 676 4300 ext. 7575.

ACRA Badminton 2011 - Montreal 

Where: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
When: Thursday, September 29 to Saturday, October 1, 2011 

For more inforation visit: www.acrabadminton.org.uk 


Retirees Welcome!

ACRA System Golf

AGM 2011 VancouverAre you aware of an ACRA Event that is open to retirees? Please use the online form by following this link to submit your ACRA Event. (ACRA Events only please)

Our first 70 years - Compiled by Terry Baker

Trans-Canada  Air Lines/Air Canada




  • July 24th - New cargo facility opened at Ottawa airport.
  • Sept 5th - Announcement of a new In-flight training centre planned for YVR to operate starting in 1975.
Reader Submitted Photos - Compiled by Terry Baker
Readers PhotosReader Submitted Photos - The photos and information below was sent to us by our faithful readers. If you would like to send us some old photos you have lying around. we will consider them for publication in a future NetLetter. We prefer good quality airline related photos, with descriptive text included with the submission.

expo86Jannet Tricarico sends us this memory -
Air Canada celebrated its 50th Anniversary that year and took part in the Expo theme "Communication and Transportation".

Forty-one Air Canada staff members worked together for 6 months at the Air Canada pavilion during the Expo86 World's Fair in Vancouver. More the 22 million tourists passed through the turnstiles during Expo and Air Canada's pavilion was very popular and reached more than 1 million visitors.

The pavilion literally was built around the original aircraft - the Lockheed L-10A - that made the very first passenger flight by Trans-Canada Air Lines in 1937 from Vancouver to Seattle - a journey of only 122 air miles.

It was the historic event and with shots of people like Elvis Presley and Pierre Trudeau flying on older airplanes, along with an excellent original soundtrack, that made this pavilion memorable.

Visitors watched a 15-minute kaleidoscope of 16,000 slides through space and time while being entertained with laser beams and mist when the aircraft actually was 'fired' up' during the show.

Above is a picture of our 25th EXPO86 Anniversary reunion. Regretfully some members have since passed away and some could not make it - but most of us gathered at a banquet Dinner on June 11th, 2011.

From left back row: Al MacDonald, Rose Mary Redden, Mary Ellen Graham, John LeBlanc, Gloria Bramucci-Baumgartner, Deborah Lee, Ray Duford, Chris Thornley, Ron Whitehurst.

From left first row: Suzanne Thibault, Claude Fournier, Beveley White and Jannet Tricarico. 
It was an unforgettable evening with lots of laughter and tears while reminiscing about the good old days gone by and many greetings sent from amongst others, Past Premier Bill Bennett and Mr. Expo Jim Pattison.

TCA/Air Canada People Gallery - Compiled by Terry Baker
TCA/Air Canada  LogoMusings from the "Between Ourselves" and "Horizons" magazine, an Air Canada publication from years gone by, and various in-house magazines.
graduatesDuring a recent visit by Terry Baker to view the restoration of the Viscount at the BC Aviation Museum (YYJ), he came across this photo of TCA graduates. No names or dates, but someone may be able to help.

Issue dated - August 1973
Taken from the "Horizons" magazine -
quebeccityQuebec City's new airport terminal was officially opened July 11th by Transport Minister Jean Marchand, seen beside Chairman Yves Pratte. To the right of Mr. Marchand are District Manager Herve Lesage, Executive Account Manager Maurice Allan, Airport Customer Service Manager 'Sammy' Samoisette, and Bruno Fragasso. Passenger & Cargo Sales & Service Manager. Passenger Agent Suzanne Fecteau may be seen between Messrs. Pratte and Marchan.

Issue dated - November 1955
From the "Between Ourselves" magazine -
passbureauRemember the Pass Bureau? The Bureau was started in 1948 and headed by J.M.Daley. In 1955, his staff of three produced passes from those TCA 420-B which were submitted, and here is the photo showing the 'girls' hard at work on the first stage of employees vacation aspirations.
jmdalyAbove - from the left, Janice Gill, Janice Gowing, Dorothy Mahon. and this picture of J.M.Daley.










This year marks the 10th anniversary  year since "Stew" service on the CGTAS Atlantic route. The equipment was the 9 seat Lancastrian aircraft  Thomas W Kirkland was the first to take a flight, Jack Reid was the second and Doug Miller was the third.

rampgagentsFIRST GROUP TO TAKE the new course of Instructional Techniques includes Ramp Controllers, Station Controllers and Chief Cargo Agents. They are standing From left: H. J. Dorsch, NY, R. Racine, UL, W. A. Boer, WG, L. C. Evans, Training  Assistant, UL. L. Elders, WG, D. Russell, WG, K. Wannamaker, XD, M Weir, Training Assistant, UL. Seated: A. Jones YZ, D. C. Wilkes, YZ, N. Batten, UL, B. Lefebvre, UL. Object of the course is to provide each station with personnel qualified to handle local training.

Issue dated - December 1955
schoolhouseTHE LITTLE RED SCHOOLHOUSE in Winnipeg continues to conduct classes of a variety of descriptions. This group recently completed a course on maintenance training. Back row from left they are: S. J. Carter, Training Assistant, WG, M Denneboom UL, L. S. Erickson VR, W. J. Hill UL, D. H. Fowler VR, E. Rushton VR, J. A. Hill YR and M. E. Banks, WG Instructor. Front row: C. Pemberton UL, J. Rahilly UL, W. Zauchner UL, J. Blanar UL, and W. 0. Hughes YR.
Alan's Space - by Alan Rust
Alan's Space
Alan Rust
P-51 Mustang Lost at Duxford airshow
A pilot had a miracle escape when he bailed out of his Second World War plane after a mid-air collision at an airshow.

Thousands of people watched as the P-51 Mustang plane clipped wings at the annual display show and plummeted to the ground south-west of the former World War Two RAF Duxford base in Cambridgeshire, yesterday (July 10, 2011).

Pilot Rob Davies parachuted to safety following the mid-air accident at the Flying Legends show which happened after three planes had formed a triangle in the sky.
The loss of P-51 Big Beautiful Doll at Flying Legends 2011.

The loss of P-51 Big Beautiful Doll at Flying Legends 2011.

The unfortunate loss of surely the most superbly painted Mustang 'Big Beautiful Doll'.

The former owner, Rob Davies's recovery and subsequent fast taking to the chute at only 800 feet has to be marvelled at...well done Rob! Also the French Skyraider owned by Amicale Jean Baptiste Salis regained control after the plane rolled and landed with a few feet missing from the wing. 

Canadi>n/CP Air/PWA, Wardair, etc. People & Events
- Compiled by Terry Baker
CAIL TailsNews and articles from days gone by gleaned from various publications from C.A.I.L. and it's "ancestry" of contributing airlines.
coronadoBetween 1968 and 1969, Nordair leased three Convair CV990.

Issue dated - June 1970
Cut out of the "PWA Keeping Posted" magazine -
The starter motor on No. 302 had decided to rest, leaving a U/S aircraft on the Ramp in Powell River a few years ago. We hummed and hawed for a while and then Tom Bond came up with an idea. He said he had seen it done once, on the prairies. After obtaining about 50 feet of rope, Tom, as seen in the picture, wound it tightly around the propeller hub. The captain, being ready on the starter, gave the signal and three or four hefty onlookers promptly pulled away on the rope, spinning the propeller. The result, one well running engine and 32 happy customers!

Issue dated - September 1982
From the "PWA Flightlines" magazine -
mayCaptain Bob May with the old Pacific Western Airline float base in the background at Yellowknife.
25yearclubPacific Western Airlines pays tribute to 24 employees who are celebrating their 25th year with the company. The group was honored on June 17th (1982) at Vancouver's Delta River Inn. 25-year employees (in alphabetical order) are: Jack Armstrong, Technical Library, Vancouver; Bob Barnes, Passenger Charters, Vancouver; Tette Brouwer, Maintenance, Winnipeg; Bert Clark, Administration, Winnipeg; Lloyd Duke, Systems Operation Control Centre, Vancouver; Harry Eckstein, Maintenance, Edmonton; Herb Fiedler, Maintenance, Vancouver; Capt. Mike Halicki, Flight Operations, Winnipeg; Bill Kelly, Maintenance, Vancouver; Ted Kopyn, Maintenance, Edmonton; Pete Lewko, Maintenance, Edmonton; Chuck Maksymchuk, Maintenance, Vancouver; Garry McFadden, Customer Services, Peace River; Joe Moroz, Maintenance, Vancouver; Bernie Muller, Charter Operations, Vancouver; Lorne Parry, Scheduling, Calgary; Arne Reidulff, Maintenance, Winnipeg; Ian Rennie, Sales, Kelowna; Len Sambell, Administration, Calgary; Al Saunders, Maintenance, Vancouver; Charlie Stewart, Maintenance, Vancouver; Capt. Charlie Weber, Flight Operations, Winnipeg; Jerry White, Dispatch, Vancouver; John Williams, Maintenance, Edmonton.
Reader's Feedback - Compiled by Terry Baker
Reader's Feedback
Every week we ask our readers for their stories or  feedback on what they have read here in previous issues. Below is the feedback we have received recently.

Here we have an interesting url sent in by Brian Walsh
march1967Ken Bjorge sent us this -
Forgot I had these  3 mint Pacific Western Airlines schedules protected in plastic. The one for March 20th 1967 was the introduction of the new 'Javelin Jet Prop' service featuring the Convair 640.
dec1968December 17th 1968 introducing the new 737 service and "Stampede" service.

Sept1967Also in September 17th 1967 is the  'Chieftain Service' between Edmonton & Calgary....love it!

pwa-1Ken Pickford sends this information to straigthen the record - Just a minor correction Issue 1169 where you refer to "B767 fin 783 delivered to PWA November 10th 1981." B767 should read B737. That was C-GSPW, a 737-275C combi.


Thirty years later that aircraft is still hard at work for Canadian North. It's also a true Canuck, having spent all its life in Canada, and with the same registration since new.

I believe it also spent some time with Eastern Provincial Airways.

A few photos of that aircraft are shown. Above is he first one taken at Vancouver in 1988 after the PWA-CP Air merger, before being repainted in Canadian livery. It has the "gravel kit" with special equipment for operation on gravel runways. You can see the nose gear gravel deflector and engine bleed air nozzles protruding from the engine intakes that reduced the chance of gravel and debris being ingested into the engines.

Below is a photo in Canadian livery taken at Winnipeg in 1998.

pwa-2Here is a photo in Canadian livery taken at Winnipeg in 1998

pwa-3PWA 737



The last two photos show how it looks today, the first one at Halifax in November 2008 and the last one shown putting the gravel kit to good use, dated April 2010 departing from the Snap Lake diamond mine airstrip in the Northwest Territories, 220 km northeast of Yellowknife.  


Regards, Ken Pickford

Odds & Ends - Compiled by Terry Baker
Odds & EndsSometimes we receive articles and information that just doesn't fit in our other areas. This is where it goes!

THE WORLD'S greenest' airlines
were named at the Travel Trade Show - ITB Berlin - in March. The detailed study of airline efficiency looked into factors such as how efficient an airline's fleet was and how full its aircraft normally fly. European airline Monarch topped the list, followed by German carrier Condor and Canadian operator Air Transat.

Some of the world's larger carriers fared less well, with Emirates Airline in 30th place, Delta Air Lines 33rd, Air France 37th, Lufthansa 52nd, British Airways 61st, American Airlines 63rd and Virgin Atlantic 99th place.

  1. Monarch Airlines
  2. Condor
  3. Air Transat
  4. Air New Zealand Link
  5. Kingfingfisher Airlines
  6. EVA Airways
  7. Air Europa
  8. Srilamkan Airlines
  9. TAM Regional
  10. Edelweiss Air
Terry's Trivia and Travel Tips - by Terry Baker
Terry Baker
Terry Baker

Some cruises offered by Caesar Hotel Interline - 

Carnival Victory sails from San Juan
San Juan/St. Thomas-St. John/Dominica/Barbados/St. Lucia/Antigua/St. Kitts/San Juan
From $309* Oct. 23; From $319* Sept. 18, Oct. 9; From $329* Oct. 2, Oct. 30, Sept. 4; From $339* Sept. 11, Oct. 16, Sept. 25, 2011  


Carnival Valor sails from Miami
Miami/Day at Sea/Grand Cayman/Isla Roatan/Belize/Cozumel/Day at Sea/Miami
From $329* Oct. 2, Oct. 30; From $339* Sept. 24; From $349* Sept. 18; From $369* Sept. 4, 2011

Carnival Liberty sails from Miami
Miami/Day at Sea/Cozumel/Day at Sea/Grand Cayman/Ocho Rios/Day at Sea/Miami
From $339* Sept. 24; From $364* Oct. 22; From $394* Sept. 10, 2011 

Carnival Legend sails from Tampa
Tampa/Day at Sea/Grand Cayman/Cozumel/Belize/Isla Roatan/Day at Sea/Tampa
From $389* Oct. 2, Oct. 23; From $399* Sept. 4, 2011 

Call 1 800 422 3727 for details of these and many others.

Smileys - Compiled by Terry Baker
As we surf the internet and back issues of airline magazines we regularly find airline related jokes and cartoons. Below is our latest discovery.
cartoonThis cartoon by Dave Mathias is from "Between Ourselves" issue November 1955.

cartoon-1This one from "PWA Keeping Posted" magazine issued June 1970.

Disclaimer: Please note, that neither the NetLetter or the ACFamily Network  necessarily endorse any of the airline related or other "deals" that we provide for our readers. We would be interested in any feedback (good or bad) when using these companies though and will report the results here. We do not (normally) receive any compensation from any companies that we post in our newsletters. If we do receive a donation or other compensation, it will be indicated as a sponsored article or link.

We hope you have enjoyed this issue of the NetLetter, see you next week!

Your NetLetter Team
First published in October, 1995
  • Chief Pilot - Terry Baker, Nanaimo, B.C.
  • Co-pilot - Alan Rust, Surrey, B.C.
  • Flight Engineer - Bill Rowsell, Londesboro, Ontario
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