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Vesta StevensonWhy not allow the NetLetter to be your platform and opportunity to relive your history while working for either TCA, AC, CPAir, CAIL, PWA, AirBC etal?

Share your experiences with us!

I noticed that the Museum of Flight at Seattle had Style in the Aisle Panel Discussion and Flight Attendant Day at the Museum on Saturday, May 17th,2008.

It's Flight Attendant Day at the Museum! Admission to the Museum is free for former and current flight attendants all day just show us your wings or airline-issued identification at the ticket counter! Flight attendant guests must pay regular admission

(I have not heard from any of our retired Flight Attendants who went, but perhaps next year - eds.)
Air Canada News
Air Canada We are making pricing more transparent by eliminating add-on fuel surcharges and instead adjusting our advertised base fares for flights within Canada and between Canada and the Unites States, to cover the cost of fuel, effective September 18, 2008.(Source The Daily Sept 18)

(Now we will never know if the fuel surcharge is withdrawn - eds)
Air Canada - our first 70 years

1943 - June 6th - Victoria BC became the western terminus of the Trans-Canada Air Lines, Trans-continental service when a Lockheed Lodestar CF-TCT commanded by Capt. Don Brady with F/O Norman Ramsey and Stewardess Mina Wood.

1943 (cont) - Victoria airport was, in fact, the RCAF Pat Bay station and,  by order of the Western Air Command. during the war years,            passenger aircraft, including TCA aircraft, were required to land and take off with the blinds drawn over the passenger windows

1947 - Aug 1st   - At Pat Bay RCAF hangar #4 opened as T.C.A. administration building and passenger terminal.

1961 - Jan 2nd - Inauguration of scheduled Viscount service from Victoria B.C.

1996 - May 14 -  Lamar Durrett succeeds Hollis Harris as President and CEO.
TCA/AC People Gallery

Over the past months we have been publishing photographs from earlier "Horizons", should any prompt a memory seeing one of them, feel free to send us that memory.

Musings from "Horizons" magazine
Issue dated May 1996 -
India StaffPhotograph of the staff in India.

In 1992 the YVR launched an expansion for the International Terminal building.

On June 1st 1996 the new terminal was in operation.
CS&S AgentsWe have this picture of a group of CS&S agents viewing their new work space.

Issue dated June 1996

NorthwestBetween August 1994 and March 1996 All Northwest DC-9's were refurbished.

Here we have this picture of the crew but, sadly, no identifications.
(Anyone want to attempt to identify any of the crew - eds)

YWG ServiceEmployees at Winnipeg celebrating their 25, 30 and 35 year anniversaries.

Stan GregoryLondon England retirees Ron Jeffries
and Stan Gregory

Bytes and Pieces

Alan RustPan Am Video of the good old days!

This Pan Am promotional video from 1958 is almost painful to watch, for those of us who remember how wonderful airline travel used to be. For those too young to recall, the level of service shown in this video will look more like science fiction than fact -- but trust us, it really used to be this way!

Pan Am 707 Just click on the image to view the video or click on this link.

Canadi>n/CPAir/PWA, Wardair, etc. Events & People
1945 -  Aug  1st - Canadian Pacific served Victoria BC operating L14from YVR to Pat Bay Airport with Lockheed 14 aircraft.


  • Jul 27th - Service to Victoria replaced with DC-3 aircraft.DC-3

  • Oct 31st - Forced to withdraw service to Victoria as T.C.A. was awarded an exclusive license to serve YVR - Pat Bay Victoria. Canadian Airways and Canadian Pacific Air Lines had been serving Victoria since 1931. CPAir would return 30 years later.
From the "CanadianFlyer" magazine

Issue dated June 2000

Under the caption "Our history" Andrew Geider, Canadian Archives had this article on the Curtiss T-32 Condor.

Curtis CondorRegistered CF-BQN c/n 32 aquired by YSAT 7/8/42 sold to C.H.Babb, Glendale, CA
Readers Feedback
Member FeedbackIn NetLetter nr 1031 we had an article under "This and That" about the Bermuda Sky Queen.
In response, Don Demeza sends us this information - Good morning - always enjoy your netletter - this morning's edition contained a bit of misinformation - I was a radio operator on duty in Goose Bay the evening that the Bermuda Sky Queen landed beside the weather ship while our North Star circled overhead - we didn't provide direct communications but we did listen to the communications.

Your info implies that it was a Pan American Boeing (the picture) - Actually this was just after the war and I am sure that it wasn't PAA or a Boeing long range flying boat. As I recall it was probably a converted Sunderland bomber and it was a "one-of" charter operation by a crew - the story at the time was that the navigator had never navigated an aircraft previously but was a sailor. I can't remember the scuttlebut about the pilot. It was a "one of" trip - a converted aircraft and an inexperienced crew - the waves were 18 feet and the aircraft went under twice before floating - by the time the weather ship managed the transfer all 18 or so passengers were very sick - then they sank the aircraft as a menace to shipping.

Don Demeza

We sent this reply to Don -
Survival in the SkyWe  got the info from a Boeing web site, and did not realize that I had a book about the event called "Survival in the Sky" of which this was in one of the chapters.

The Capt was Steve Abulet and the aircraft a Boeing 314 flying boat owned by American International Airlines and carried 62 passengers.
The aircraft was 5,000 lbs overweight and did not take into account the headwinds in their flight planning. eds

and Gordie Aitchison has this information on the subject of the Bermuda Queen - Thanks for subject netletter and info on Bermuda Sky Queen.

This event occurred three weeks before I joined TCA at Prestwick and I was aware of it at the time from newspapers. Some time after joining TCA, the subject must have cropped up in conversation with other staff who had been there at the time and  I was told that the Captain was Steve Albulet flying one of our 6 unpressurized
DC4M1s but I don't know which one.
The  story went on that Steve had a camera with him and that he had followed the Sky Queen down as she made  her landing approach to the sea and took several photos of the flying boat on the water before climbing up and resuming his flight to the UK.

He contacted the press on arrival  in the UK with the information that he had photos of the incident which was still very much hot news and the press were only too happy to buy his as then undeveloped photos - price unknown!

Keep up the good work and  regards,  Gordie Aitchison

Conrad Karsen has sent us several photographs taken at Goose Bay to add to the nostalgia.
Goose Bay 1957Pictured is a T.C.A. Super Constellation at Goose Bay in 1957.

EPA GooseBayThis is E.P.A. aircraft in 1959.

MCA GoosebayAnd here is an M.C.A. aircraft in 1957

MCA #2Another MCA aircraft in 1959.

MCA #3Finally two MCA aircraft in 1959, Is that a Viscount too?

To add to the list of defunct airlines in Canada listed in NetLetter nr 1031 and 1033, we have two more from Bryce Paton -
...really enjoy the Netletter. A great stroll down memory lane each

Here's two more airline names in Canada, no longer in existence:
Ontario Worldair (DC8 charter operator - late 70's) and as of today,
Bryce Paton, PWA/CDN 72-93

In NetLetter nr 1034, under CPAir, Canadian, Wardair etal events and people we mentioned the inaugural flight to Rome on Mar 5th 1960, and we received this information from Bill Marette -

I was the Second Officer on the Brittania CF-CZW on the first revenue flight to Rome, from  Montreal via Lisbon to Rome Citiavechia. This was on Feb 27th 1960, the present airport Leonardo da Vinci was still under construction. The pilots were Capt George Craig, FO Keith Thomson and myself plus Check Capt George Jarvos.
Also on board was the mayors and Bishops of Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal plus Grant Maconachie

Regards, Bill Marette

In NetLetter nr 1035 we had a picture of an unidentified Viscount in
Bonsequer Market in Montreal. We noticed this possible solution in the September Newsletter of the Vickers Viscount Network at www.vickersviscount.net Debate surrounds this aircraft's identity. Firstly Vickers Viscount Network UK researcher Simon Ellwood suggested that it might be CF-TIE c/n 385, then Roy Blewitt suggested that it might be CF-THZ / C-FTHZ c/n 308.

Can someone conclusively identify this aircraft please?
This and That

Ford Tri-motorVictoria BC airport was located at Lansdowne Aerodrome and the first service was by British Columbia Airways operating a Ford Tri-motor G-CATX on July 23rd 1929.

BC AirwaysService to YVR was priced at $11.00 and $20.00 return SEA was $12.00 and $22.00 return. YVR-SEA was 18.00 and $35.00 return.

On October 22nd 1931, Charles Lindburgh took off from Lansdowne Aerodrome in a Vega aircraft.

Nov 2nd 1931 - Lansdowne Aerodrome closed to commercial traffic and services for Victoria were operated from the nearby Gordon Head Airport.

Some of the now defunct airlines operating in the south of Vancouver Island, BC were B.C.Airways, Western Canada Airlines, Canadian Airways Ltd, Royal Air Lines, Coastal Airways BC Ltd, Coast Air Transport, Wells Air Transport, Island Airways, Westinghouse Airways, B.C. Airlines Ltd, and Alaska-Washington Airways of B.C.

Kevin Clews needs to locate some old "whites"
I have lost my old "whites" that I had when I worked for TCA
and would like to know if anyone has any tucked away in the loft or
anywhere. I would have liked to wear them at the Goodwood Revival event held in England every year or indeed any Canadian Military uniform. This event encourages everyone to dress up in old uniforms to watch the old WW2 racing cars and aircraft. I have seen all kinds of uniforms but no Canadian ones, I would like to show off something Canadian, even my old Commissary "whites" if I had them.
If anyone that may be able to help, Please email me..

Many Thanks,  
Mr K.Clews
Ops co-ordinator LHR (retired).
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Terry's Travel Tips

Terry BakerEric Scher is asking for help here -
My wife and I will be traveling to SYD and AKL in November. Any suggestions for reasonably priced B&B's/Hotels/Apartments in SYD and AKL. We'd spend 3 nights in SYD and 3 nights in AKL. In between we'll be on a cruise with HAL. Many thanks for any suggestions you may have.

Eric Scher <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Empl. # 093841.

Visiting Vancouver Island?
There are several ways to get there from YVR
(a) Jazz flights, but if they are full, another option (b) is
(b) a taxi (approximately $70) to the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal, then the Ferry, or option c would be
(c) public transport located on the ground floor, extreme right of the terminal exit, 424 bus to Delta exchange station, transfer to 620 bus to ferry terminal cost $3.75 or $2.50 for seniors. Then board the Ferry to the Island. Time about 1 hour to the Ferry Terminal. Don't forget to get a transfer ticket. You can also catch a bus on the Ferry to Victoria if that's your final destination.

Seen during a recent visit to YOW notices posted by the airport authorities thanking the passengers for the $15.00 AIF which helps to operate the airport and build improvements
- my ticket shows AIF at YOW as $30.00 - who pockets the 15 bucks extra???

At YOW, the Airport shuttle costs $15.00 per person, or $11.00 per person if two together, or $8.00 per person for a group of four.
(While waiting for the shuttle in the hotel lobby, why not chat up
your fellow travelers and reduce your costs! - eds)
Smiley This cartoon seems appropriate today, but is from the "Horizons" dated June 1966.

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