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Vesta StevensonWhy not allow the NetLetter to be your platform and opportunity to relive your history while working for either TCA, AC, CPAir, CAIL, PWA, AirBC etal?

Share your experiences with us!

Fossett Search Continues, A Year Later
Francois Legault sent us this web site address with more information - FYI - according to www.adventurescience.ca/updates.php

Air Canada News
Air Canada Air Canada will begin offering passengers in-flight Internet service in spring 2009 via Aircell's Gogo mobile broadband service. AC plans to roll out the Gogo system on select flights to the US next year, initially installing the system on its A319s operating on transborder routes. VP-Marketing Charles McKee said the carrier ultimately plans "systemwide" deployment.

AC becomes Aircell's first non-US customer for in-flight Internet service. Passengers will be able to access Gogo with a standard Wi-Fi-equipped laptop or personal electronic device. "Initially, the Gogo system will be powered by Aircell's existing network and only [will be] available in the US in order to make Air Canada's rollout fast, economical and simple," the airline said. "Upon successful completion of the initial phase, Air Canada plans to extend the system throughout its North American and international markets as Aircell's coverage network expands."

Star Alliance News

Continental Airlines plans to leave the SkyTeam Alliance and join the Star Alliance

Air New Zealand said recently it is looking for 50 people willing to be a "cranial billboard" with a message temporarily tattooed on their shaved heads for two weeks advertising new speedy check-in services.  The airline said it will pay NZ$1000 ($666) per head, making it easy money for bald-headed frequent fliers.".  (Source:  Reuters)

Air Canada - our first 70 years

1991 - L1011 aircraft retired from service and those not sold were stored at Mojave.

1994 - Three L1011, fin's 504, 507 and 514. brought back from Mojave for service. In June the L1011 was reintroduced on the daily service between LAX-YVR-YYZ.

1996 - L1011 finally retired back to the Mojave desert.

Last 1011 flight

We have this photo of the crew on the final flight on Jan 14th YVR-YYZ.

  • Apr 15th - Twice daily flights between Toronto and Nashville, Tennessee
  • Apr 22nd - AirBC service between Calgary and Spokane commenced.
  • May 14th - Lamar Durrett takes over as President and CEO
    - Non stop service between Montreal and Brussels commenced.
  • Aug 5th - Daily service between Toronto and Kansas City begins
1997 - April - Scheduled international flights transferred from Mirabel (YMX) to Dorval (YUL)
TCA/AC People Gallery

From Peter McMahon,
  • I was the last Flight Dispatcher to work for both TCA and AC
  • Retired with 38 yrs as Chief Dispatcher
  • My father was 1st Station Manager in Halifax at Shearwater naval base
  • #1 daughter, on advice from former chief pilot B767 is now Captain Kristi on Westjet B737-800
Musings from "Horizons"

Issue dated March 1996
Radius ParkLondon ResLondon England reservations move to Radius Park at LHR in late December 1995

Issue dated April 1996
FredrictonDon Bailey
and Harvey Muttart in Fredericton celebrated their 30 year service anniversary, here are those who help the celebration.

MonctonMoncton also had a celebrant in the name of George Surette, and here is a picture of the gang who helped in the 30 year celebration.

Ottawaand in Ottawa, Madeleine Richer also had a 30th anniversary, enjoyed by her co-workers in this photograph.
Bytes and Pieces

Alan RustWorld Clock 2008

I found a neat site the other day while looking for a time zone chart on the internet. Do you ever need to know what time it is in Vancouver (so you don't phone at 6:00 AM in the morning), or how many hours ahead of us it is in London, England?

World Clock Just click on the image to view the site or click on this link.

It takes a while to learn how to navigate and has a lot more features than World Time. You can check Population, Death, Illness, Environment, Enery, US Crimes, Food and more! What's interesting is the numbers going up as you watch the stats (estimates of course).
Canadi>n/CPAir/PWA, Wardair, etc. Events & People
If you are a ex-P.W.A. employee, there is a web site for you at www.pwareunion.com,

YXD Crewand here is a photograph of the crew and a C46 at YXD. Unfortunately, no identities - can you help?

CF-PWHThis Douglas DC-3 was the first DC-3 to be owned and operated by a "home grown" B.C. airline, - Queen Charlotte Airlines. She became Pacific Western Airlines first DC-3 and as such was assigned the fleet number of 301. Today, CF-PWH is the oldest surviving DC-3 in Canada.

(This aircraft is preserved at the Canadian Museum of Flight in Langley B.C.) www.canadianflight.org

CF-CPYThose of you familiar with DC-3 CF-CPY, presently serving as a weather vane or sentry guard in Whitehorse Airport may wish to renew their acquaintance with the aircraft by visiting the web site  www.moctel.org/2008/CF-CPY.html

From the "canadianflyer" magazine
Issue dated May 2000
LodestarUnder the caption "Our history" Andrew Geider, Canadian Archives had this article on the Lockheed Lodestar. The registrations were CF-CPA thru K, T, U and Z, the record lists 14 Lodestars.

Issue dated June 2000
YYZ TowerThe Pearson Tower bites the dust on May 28th, 2000. The 36 years old former control tower is demolished to make room for two new runways and a new terminal to replace terminals 1 and 2.
Readers Feedback
Member FeedbackIn NetLetter nr 1032 we had a picture of the Wardair Bristol Freighter with no location - Danny Holmes sends this suggestion - Unless I am greatly mistaken, the Bristol freighter in Wardair livery is on a pedestal at YZF (Yellowknife.).

Best regards Danny Holmes

and Michael Smith adds his comments -
The top photo is of Bristol 170 CF-TFX the first one owned by Wardair, it's on a pedestal at Yellowknife Airport. YZF.
I believe the second photo is a Promotional photo for the Boeing 747.

Cheers. Michael

Amongst a bunch of photos sent in by Brian Dunn (yyznews.com) is this one of the recent flood in O'hare airport in the aftermath of hurricane Ike..
Chicago FloodCaption could be "Snowplowing in September?"

Jim Miller
has responded with some names for the Wardair crew pictured in NetLetter nr 1032 We have repeated the photo for those that missed it.

Wardair CrewPilots are, back Row F/O Dale Paul, Middle row Captain Doug Mckinley, Front row F/E Doug Marfleet.
The picture was taken soon after 1st B747 arrived

George Brien
sends us this information to set the record straight - Just a clarification re pictures of Maritime Airlines , a.k.a  Maritime Airways schedule in NL 1032. M.C.A. had no connection with them.
In actual fact, the time table should have accompanied the story in NetLetter nr 1012. and one picture shows the  old "Millidgeville Airport" at Saint John.

To those who are affectionate to the  Vickers Viscount  - Did you know there is an excellent web site dedicated to the Vickers Viscount www.vickersviscount.net

The following story was in the August edition of their newsletter and may interest you;

JACK STEPHENS, from Canada, an early Vickers Viscount Network member and stalwart, recently contributed by sharing with us his account of his Viscount years with TCA - Trans-Canada Air Lines.

On 26 November 2006 I was asked by Brian Burrage and Geoff Blampied, historian and webmaster of the Vickers Viscount Network Virtual Museum in the United Kingdom, to be their Canadian researcher. As with the other researchers, I have been gathering photos and history, forwarding them to the web site.
(If you have any memories or photographs relating to the Viscount years  we would welcome them for the NetLetter, and we will forward them on to Jack - eds)

Brian and Geoff both agree that the history of this great aircraft is more than images, dates and facts. There are also the personal testimonies of countless men and women. From air crews, ramp personnel, maintenance and ticket agents, all have a story to tell.

Many have passed on with their stories, while others are not able or see the need to write. Their stories will be lost forever. Prone to being rather sentimental is part of my motivation to recount those years. It is also the fond memories of my father, Bart Stephens, Air Engineer, Douglas DC-3, DC-4 and Vickers Viscount, that moves me.
He was a founding member of the present Western Canada Aviation Museum in the old No. 1 hangar where the Viscounts were overhauled and repaired.

CF-GXKCanadian Department of Transport Viscount c/n 70 CF-GXK.

Mixed in are the memories of my younger brother Garry Stephens, aircraft mechanic Line Maintenance. The three of us worked at the Trans-Canada Air Lines Winnipeg Overhaul and Maintenance Base where the 51 Viscounts were repaired and overhauled. This included the Department of Transport, Royal Bank of Canada, and many private American aircraft. The guys that I worked with were for the most part, proud of their craft. To them, the Vickers Viscount was like having a new car and doing everything to keep her in top notch condition. The Rolls-Royce Merlin engines, off the North Star (DC-4), were overhauled at the Base and the mechanical engine accessories by the men I worked with. When the Viscounts arrived one by one they already knew the high quality and dependability of Rolls-Royce.

CF-THSThey expected no less from the Dart engine and they were not disappointed. Western Canada Aviation Museum Viscount c/n 279 CF-THS.

As a Canadian, I count it a privilege to have been part of the Trans-Canada Air Lines/ Air Canada Maintenance and Overhaul Base.
In June 1985, 23 years after I left the company, I returned to the Base, now the Western Canada Aviation Museum. That day, with my wife and my mother, we toured the museum. There was CF-THS looking like she was just overhauled and painted. As we were leaving the hangar, I asked my family to wait for me. Quickly going into the annex, I climbed those ever familiar stairs to the former accessory shop.

It was like entering a time machine. "My bench was right about here", I thought to myself, "and Gord sat there and Graham over there". The test room was now filled with aircraft parts and materials. 'The fuel and prop control units were tested right there". Ah, yes and "I stood about there testing Dart burners. In that corner I started overhauling Dart oil coolers my first job in the shop".

CF-TGIThe first TCA Viscount c/n 40 CF-TGI. later sold to Transair

Sometimes it is best not to go back, but to remember things as they were, but not so today. It was good! And as I hurried down the stairs, I thought, just for a moment, I could hear the 4:30 PM bell ending the work day. 'Vicki old girl, you were more than our job; more than another aircraft. You were special. Your Darts had a whine unlike any other.

What commercial aircraft ever had picture windows that passengers raved about?

You were born out of the war years, when folks in the UK were on ration cards, and yet you broke the back of the American monopoly. They never forgave you for that Vicki!

The big jets came all too quickly soon to overshadow your unique contribution to commercial aviation around the world. Undaunted, you pressed on, a faithful lady, favourite of pilots and appreciated by all those knew you.'

Jack Stephens

Photos are courtesy of www.vickersviscount.net

Marche BonsecoursThis photo by Bill Blanchard, was taken on the 1st October 1995 during the 'Plein Vol' exhibition at the Marché Bonsecours market building in Montréal, Canada. Understood to be an ex Air Canada aircraft (Can anyone identify this aircraft by c/n or registration? - eds)

Dave Peters
sends this update -
Thought you might like some updated photos of our Viscount Project in  Victoria.




Dave Peters
This and That
Harry Do you miss being involved with the airlines? - Green Coats assist travelers with directions, provide information on services available in the airport, and even act as unofficial tour guides, informing customers of the many features and attractions to be found in Vancouver and British Columbia.

YVR's group of 220 Green Coats speak a collective 21 languages and in 2007 contributed more than 36,000 volunteer hours at YVR.
As YVR prepares to welcome the world for the 2010 Winter Games, we're looking for more Green Coat Volunteers to join the team, to help provide care to our customers leading up to and during Games time. Hours are flexible, roles are varied, and the airport environment is dynamic and interesting.

Interested in volunteering at YVR now and during the Games, or know someone who might make a great Green Coat? Please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact the Airport Authority's Customer Care team at 604.276.6373 for more information and to apply.
See: www.yvr.ca/greencoats for more information

Plenty of pilots are familiar with technology that tells us to "Turn right" or "Turn left" in a friendly female voice - because it's installed on the dashboards of our cars, fresh from Best Buy. Now Alaska Airlines will be the first airline to provide similar to technology for all of its airplanes, to guide pilots around airport runways.

Their technology, however, fresh from Honeywell, will cost $20,000 per airplane.

Lance's 20 years
The weekend of September 13/14 marks 20 years of operating the restored Lancaster Bomber based in Hamilton airport. Affectionately known as the "Lank" this was the most successful British heavy bomber of WWII.

The Lank had speed, ceiling, and lifting power that no other aircraft of the day could match.  Weighing 36,900 pounds empty, the Lancaster was capable of taking off with an additional 33,100 pounds of fuel and bombs.  Chances are pretty good that if you see a Lancaster today, you are at an Air Show or Museum.  Only two airworthy Lancaster bombers remain in the world and one of those flies out of the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum at Hamilton.
For every hour of flight that the Lancaster has taken over the past 20 years, a crew at the museum has worked for seventeen hours to make it happen. The people taking care of them donate their time and risk their lives to keep these pieces of history in the air. 
(Source www.yyznews.com)
Airlines Travel Club
Airline Travel Club We are all excited here at ATC with the news that the WORLD AIRLINES ROAD RACE will be held in beautiful Hangzhou, China next September, 2009. Beautiful Hangzhou indeed- on first seeing this place, Marco Polo once said, "This must truly be Paradise!!" For those not familiar with this area, Hangzhou is located about 2 ½ hour drive from Shanghai.  Many of us will be bidding our 2009 vacations very soon so this would be  a very good time to choose your vacation to coincide with this event, the Airlines largest and most exciting  event of the year!
If you are not a runner you can join many others who choose to  walk the 5k/10k, or just come along and enjoy the fun events and greeting the thousands of interliners from all over the world  - camaraderie and fun times for all.

For more info click here!
Terry's Travel Tips

Terry BakerWhen using the safe in your cruise cabin, if the safe uses a credit card or similar encoded card, then use your ships ID card, otherwise you would have to carry your credit card at all times, when you do not have a need for it while on board.

Connecting to the US via YUL? We experienced that recently and found a distinct lack of directional signs. Head for gate # 47, turn a couple of corners and the corridor leading to all the US gates is on your left - well signed posted!

Family Affair specials to Honolulu.  For the month of September, Family Affair specials to Honolulu will be available with discounts representing 30% off the current FAMILY fares. Family Affair features confirmed air travel. Details on the Family Affair program are available on the Employee Travel Site under News & Policies.  For reservations or inquiries, please contact Call Centers at 1-888-247-2262.  

Destiny Beach Resort

Interline Rates available.
Call for rates on Fall Golf Packages
All rooms sleep 4 persons. One night's deposit is required at time of booking.

Located in the heart of Desert Wine Country, away from the
crowded motel strip, situated on the west side of Lake Osoyoos
lies a little holiday oasis entitled The Destiny Beach Resort.
Osoyoos Lake is the  warmest fresh water lake in Canada. We boast
having a very long golf season that can be experienced on one of
two golf courses located in Osoyoos and several others just a short drive away.

Amenities include cozy beach furniture on a private beach, table
umbrellas, and fire pits on the beach. If you are traveling on
business, or just can't be away from your laptop, we offer free
wifi in and around the pool area and beach Gazebos'.

Just to mention a few events taking place here in September:
Osoyoos Sailing Regatta, Osoyoos Octoberfest, Pentastci Hot Jazz
Festival  Penticton, and Desert Country Wine Tours will be
operating until early October. The weatherman is promising the
southern Okanagan 30C temperatures in September, so come join us
for a beautiful Indian summer.

Managed by Retired Airline Employees
Trish and Chris
Destiny Beach Resort
20 Magnolia Place
Osoyoos, B.C.
250 495 7592
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Smiley Rumours have it that, following the lead of Jazz, cruise ships that ply their all their cruise within 50 miles of land, will not need to carry life jackets, therefore a saving in weight due to high fuel costs!

Some airlines are contemplating arranging air fares to charge passengers by their weight, this will not only cover the fuel charges, but would avoid possible a class action by under average weight passengers.

Some airlines are even thinking of setting up a small boutique in their gate area where passengers may purchase duty free items, earphones, pillows and blankets.

Another weight saving initiative.

Don Palmer sends us this -
Subject: QUICKIE
Ross phones WestJet to book a flight.
"Certainly sir" replies the assistant...
"and how many will be flying with you Mr. Manton"?
Ross replies......"How the hell should I know, it's your plane?"

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