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Air Canada - our first 70 years


  • Oct - This was the month called Open Skies Month at Air Canada for good reason. Eight months after the signing of the new Canada - US air agreement, Air Canada has gone from 102 to 159 daily flights to the U.S.
  • Oct 12th - Rapidair service between Vancouver and Calgary started by Air Canada and AirBC.
  • Nov 15 - Air Canada shares start trading on NASDAQ
  • Dec 1st - Electronic ticketing test phase at Calgary-Regina-Winnipeg.
  • Dec 20th - Inaugural service Yvr-Hong Kong with B747-400 equipment. 
    Maple Leaf AirlinePicture of aircraft C-GAGN emblazoned with six foot high Chinese characters meaning "Maple Leaf Airlines".
  • Dec - Air Canada introduces new style uniforms.(see photo below)
TCA/AC People Gallery

On July 29th 1990AirBC reservations forces joined Air Canada at Vancouver.
Res TeamWe have this picture taken in 1995.

Musings from "Horizons"
Issue November 1995
Mother and Daughter TeamMother and daughter team up to work an A340 flight.

Frankfurt reservations
await the launch of the YVR-YYC-Frankfurt service.
Frankfurt ReservationsWe have this picture of the Frankfurt reservations staff.

Issue dated December 1995
On October 29th, thirteen Air Canada jets left Canada for U.S.A. destinations.
Denver CrewWe have this picture of the in-flight crew for the inaugural Vancouver to Denver.
l to r - Bruce Acthim (YWG), Cheryle Kraemer (YWG), Susan Davidson (YYZ) and Christine Piechowiak (YUL).

SFO CrewStartup crew for SFO to YVR pictured
l to r - Jon Moore In-charge, Jill Hong F/A, Kirk Davis F/O, Neville Fong Mgr CSO SFO, Capt C.A.McKinnon, Peter McKenna-Small F/A and Ginger Miller Reg. Sales Mgr. 

New Style UniformsNew style uniforms were introduced. We have this photograph.

Issue dated February 1996

YVR CrewHere is a picture of YVR volunteers who assisted with the inaugural service to Hong Kong.
Bytes and Pieces

Alan RustShe's ba aack...

I really get a kick out of the Nicoderm Commercials with the flight attendant. You know the ones, they have a stressed out flight attendant trying to quit smoking. Well the first one was great and the second one is even better. I haven't managed to find the full version of the second commercial yet, but I have part of it (below). The actress is very funny and she's Canadian as well.

Anna SilkHer name is Anna Silk and you can read about her on Wikipedia
and also at:  www.imdb.com/name/nm0798014/

NicoDerm 2 Just click on the image to view the slideshow or visit - www.youtube.com
Canadi>n/CPAir/PWA, Wardair, etc. Events & People
1960 - Mar 5th - CPAL Britannia 314 introduces service between YYZ-YUL-Rome.
Britannia 314

- Jun - DC8-43 equipment replaces Britannia on YYZ-YUL-Rome service.
1968 - DC8-63 equipment allows for expansion of YYZ-YUL-Rome to Athens.

1971 - Service YYZ-YUL-Rome-Athens expanded to Tel Aviv.
1979 - YUL-Rome-Milan service started but withdrawn in 1994 to be reintroduced in 1999.

2000 - Kevin Benson steps down as CEO replaced by Paul Brotto   effective March 1st, 2000.

From the "canadianflyer" magazine
Issue dated March 2000 -
Under the heading of "It's a family affair" (with photos of family members who worked for the airline)

Shelley Lamb Canadian flight attendant, her father retired Ray McCloed, brother and sister-in-law Cam and Laurie McCleod and her husband all work for Air Canada.

Doug Shelley ChristineThis picture of Doug, Shelley with daughter Christine and friend.

Michael and NerissaAlso Michael Perucho with Canadian YVR operations, and his sister Nerissa Renault of Air Canada and we have these three pictures of other family members.

AlderdiceJoan and Brian Alderdice
Pam and LornaPam Sarkissian and twin sister Lorna Holman.
Bill, Julie, JackBill, Julie and Jack Gray.

Under "Our history"

C-46 DetailC-46Andrew Geider, Canadian archives had an article regarding the Curtiss C-46

Issue dated April 2000

- Under "Our history"
DC-3Andrew Geider, Canadian archives had an article regarding the Douglas DC-3.
Readers Feedback
Member Feedback
Bob Carswell sends us this memory -

Here is a memory for you, triggered by, I do not know what, probably thinking about the attached information.

When I was probably about 5 years old I remember that the fellow who I think ran the Air Canada paint operation at Dorval was a neighbour and we looked after his son during the day. Walter, my older brother Jim and I were inseparable in those days.

I was about age 5 I guess when he took us with our parents out to Dorval to take a look at the new 4-engine Lockheed passenger airplane, the newest and largest of its day (early 1950s era).

Super Connie CabinI know I was small because I remember standing at the back of the aircraft inside and looking at the very long aisle of the virtually empty aircraft then taking off down the aisle running to the front of the airplane as young kids will do. The seat backs were very high and I had to look up to see the top of them.

There are some visual images that stick with you for a lifetime. Anyway, enough of the old days.

Terry's Travel Tips

Terry BakerTerry was on vacation taking advantage of his own travel tips when this issue was created.
Travel tips will continue with the next issue!

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