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Vesta StevensonWhy not allow the NetLetter to be your platform and opportunity to relive your history while working for either TCA, AC, CPAir, CAIL, PWA, AirBC etal?

Share your experiences with us!

In the September 1995 issue of "Horizons", I noticed an article entitled "Women in Aviation".

This organization was formed in 1994 to encourage women to seek opportunities in aviation. The annual conference that year was held in Vancouver, and the 2008, the 19th, was held during March in San Diego. The 20th conference is being planned for Atlanta GA.

Women in AviationAll the details of this organization can be found at www.wai.org
This picture, of Air Canada women, is from the "Horizons" mentioned above.
Air Canada - our first 70 years


  • May 1st - On this day, the first Trans-Canada Air Lines flight into Gander Nfld the Stewardess was Miss D.E.Reid.


  • May 31st - Air Canada and United Airlines sign a code sharing agreement.
  • June 27th - Inaugural flight launched Air Canada cargo service into the Hong Kong market by code sharing with Cathay Pacific Airlines.
  • June 1st - Schedule service between Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and Fort Lauderdale.
This and that

Gerald A. Archambeau sends this information regarding his 'second' career - It is a pleasure to be in touch with you all again; to give you all an up-date on my new 2nd edition by Blue Butterfly book Publ. Inc.
As a PIONAIR few of us ever get a book published in our retirement years.
My first try was self published by Trafford in 2004, and you all were kind enough to give me some exposure in the "NetLetter" on Oct 21, 2006 which I am most thankful for.
Somehow I was able to catch the eye of a Dr. J. Patrick Boyer, Q.C. the President, of Blue Butterfly Book Publ. in Toronto, and he wanted my autobiography. I was in shock, "what a break" for me to be now a published Canadian author. What it says, is all things are possible as retired PIONAIR, so we should never give up hope as long as we are alive.
Please do visit this site: www.bluebutterflybooks.ca for all my new book details. "A Struggle to Walk with Dignity".
Thank you all, along with all the PIONAIRS for the support given past and present.
Gerald A. Archambeau (author)

TCA/AC People Gallery

Musings from the "Horizons"
Issue dated August 1995 - When Air Canada's flight 884 touched down at Tel Aviv Ben Gurion airport on June 21st, it became the only Canadian carrier to land in Israel.
Startup Tel AvivHere is a picture of the start up team - Left to right, Jim McCall (Prestwick), Mike Bailey (LHR), Steve Ruffle (LHR), Roddy McPhee (Prestwick), Deborah Gilbrook (LHR) and Howard Lewis (LHR)

YUL TeamHere is a picture of the Dorval ramp team geared up for the inaugural flight to Washington on Jun 21st 1995
Bytes and Pieces

Alan RustTime to Say Goodbye - Vintage Slideshow

Great job of compiling vintage airline and aircraft pictures and showing them to a moving soundtrack by Andrea Bocelli. See below.

Time to Say Goodbye Just click on the image to view the slideshow or visit - http://www.funstufftosee.com/goodbye.html
Discover Bejing China
NOVEMBER 3-10, 2008

Hello again everyone

Now that the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing are completed, if you haven't already absorbed all the news, both on the Sporting scene and  the informative travelogues they showed,  I'm sure by now you are very familiar with Tienanmen Square, theTemple of Heaven, the Forbidden City and, of course, the awesome Great Wall of China.  Well, now I have the pleasure of inviting you to join us in November as we 'Discover Beijing' November 03-10, 2008.  Not only will we take you to the Bird's Nest and all the Olympic Sites, but we will also visit all the above, especially the GREAT WALL and,  guess what?, you'll still have ample opportunity to complete all your Christmas Shopping at the famous Pearl Market and other venues throughout Beijing, where you can outfit your entire family with the latest 'Spider' Ski outfits, Callaway Golf equipment and clothing, jewellry etc.at a fraction of the cost!  Why, you don't even have to bring a suitcase along- just bargain for a designer name bag at the markets. You can witness firsthand all the hospitality Beijing recently showed the Olympians.

With this in mind, we are offering all Airline personnel, family and friends this Special 'Discover Beijing Tour', November 03-10, 2008 for only $599.00, Inclusive of 6 nights accommodation, ALL MEALS (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner), including tour buses, entrance fees, and even an English speaking guide,  Just imagine, The Great Wall of China, Wow!!  Nothing can prepare you for your first site amazing experience!!  So plan on joining the , AirlinesTravelClub, HARRY SULLEY TOURS to this amazing country and prepare yourself for 'WARR 09' in Hangzhou, China.

If you wish to join us on the above tour, or on our extended trip to Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou and Yangtze River Cruise, visit www.airlinestravelclub.com or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or,  telephone 613 521-3091- Cell 613 882-6393.  Act now as we should  receive all  payments (checks payable to Harry Sulley) by fedex c/o 2760 Carousel Cr. Suite 411, Ottawa, ON. Canada K1T 2N4 by September 30/08.  Pass the word to all your colleagues and join us in this  mysterious country. Regards.

Harry Sulley
Air Canada / Retired YOW
(613) 521-3091        

'Fly, while you still have wings'

Canadi>n/CPAir/PWA, Wardair, etc. Events & People

Jean Bryan shares this memory;
Really enjoy the stories!

Many, many years ago - boarding for PWA was by the year you  joined the airline!

One day at YVR they called about 10 of us up and said - OK one seat left - when did you join the airline - many different dates were put forward and I said 1967 - which was of course true - and there was a very large groan from everyone else there!

Jean Bryan

We have these pictures from Arnold Broese-van-Groenou
Canadian Airlines Retired

Some CPA memorabilia:

How the times have changed.
YVR 19681) Here is a slide I took from the air in March 1968 before the new Vancouver terminal was completed.

CPA Offices 19672) The South Side of Vancouver Airport 1967

CPA Postcard DC83) Copy of a painting of a DC8 on my wall.

CPA Model4) A model of the first CPA aircraft I flew, shaped from solid wood. All parts including wheels hand made. Brass buttons from different eras imbedded in base.

From the "Canadianflyer"  magazine -
issue dated February 2000 -
Two BrandsUnder the heading "Two brands, one plane" was this photograph.

On Jan 27th, the prestigious Official Airline Guide (OAG) named Canadian "Best North American airline" in the Airline of the year awards for year 2000

Andrew Geider, Canadian Archives had this article on the Beechcraft A-18A.

Beech A-18aFirst flight was in 1937 and went to Prairie Airways of Moose Jaw and Starratt Airways & Transportation of Hudson, Ontario. Both these airlines were purchased by Canadian Pacific Air Lines in 1942

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In NetLetter nr 1029 we ran an article regarding the Vickers Viscount, this prompted John Hair to send this information -

There was a movie made of the flight of one of the Viscounts being delivered, I saw it while I was working for Rolls Royce in Scotland.

Little did I know at that time I would be working for Air Canada.


Don Palmer has dug up another photograph of an M.C.A. aircraft.
CF--FKVThis is CF-FKV at Cartwright Harbour, Labrador.

QCA Aircraftand this is  a picture of Queen Charlotte Airlines aircraft at their dock at Vancouver airport in summer of 1954. On the left is a Fairchild, and the other is QCA's only remaining Stranraer which is a straight boat, not an amphib like the Canso.

The "Strannie ' was a Supermarine design, by R.J. Mitchell who designed the Spitfire, and QCA's is now in the Hendon museum in the UK.

QCA Scheduleand a copy of the timetable.

Don Johnson
retired AC pilot sent this message - This poem was read at a recent funeral and I was quite impressed with it.

Flying West

I hope there's a place, way up in the sky,
Where pilots can go, when they have to die
A place where a guy can go and buy a cold beer
For a friend and comrade, whose memory is dear;
A place where no doctor or lawyer can tread,
Nor management type would ere be caught dead;
Just a quaint little place, kinda dark and full of smoke,
Where they like to sing loud, and love a good joke;
The kind of place where a lady could go
And feel safe and protected, by the men she would know.

There must be a place where old pilots go,
When their paining is finished, and their airspeed gets low, Where the whiskey is old, and the women are young,
And the songs about flying and dying are sung,
Where you'd see all the fellows who'd flown west before.
And they'd call out your name, as you came through the door; Who would buy you a drink if your thirst should be bad,
And relate to the others, "He was quite a good lad!"

And then through the mist, you'd spot an old guy
You had not seen for years, though he taught you how to fly.
He'd nod his old head, and grin ear to ear,
And say, "Welcome, my son, I'm pleased that you're here.
"For this is the place where true flyers come,
"When the journey is over, and the war has been won
"They've come here to at last to be safe and alone
From the government clerk and the management clone,
"Politicians and lawyers, the Feds and the noise
Where the hours are happy, and these good ol'boys
"Can relax with a cool one, and a well-deserved rest;
"This is Heaven, my son -- you've passed your last test!"

Author: Capt. Michael J. Larkin
Dedicated to: Capt. E. Hamilton Lee

Under the banner "Star Alliance news" in NetLetter 1031 we mentioned the Mile High Club - Steve Charlton sends us this observation - I don't know why people snicker at the mention of "The Mile-High CLub". At 5000 feet most people still have their seat belts on. In Denver you are still taxi-ing. It's the 5-MILE HIGH CLUB that has most of the elite members.


Dave Welham has offered two more airlines in Canada that are now defunct -
Re NetLetter #1031, under "This and That", your list of Airlines Now Defunct:
Just in case you're keeping it for possible re-publication, may I add another one?
It's Northward Airlines, on which I traveled as a reduced-rate psgr. a few times during the 1970's. They operated with one F-27 out of YXY, serving mainly YMA, YDA, YOC, and YEV. (Whitehorse, Mayo, Dawson, Old Crow, Inuvik), with 2 pilots and one flight attendant, and wonderful cheerful service.  During one mining boom time I believe they also served ZFA (Faro) and YRR (Ross River). 
In the late 1970's and/or early '80's there was also Air Caravan, which flew out of YUL to smaller places in Quebec. 
Great memories, and we thoroughly enjoyed going through your list.

Hope to see it again in a year or 2.

Dave Welham,
Terry's Travel Tips

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