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As we hope some of you may have noticed, this is the first NetLetter since #1030 on July 25, 2008. We all took some summer vacation but are back in full swing again as of this issue. Thanks for the email and phone calls from those that missed us.

It is with regret that we learn of the passing of Ross Smyth, and our condolences go out to his family. I only knew him when he worked as a flight dispatcher at Transat Dorval airport when we worked in flight operations  and only on a business level. I followed parts of his beliefs re universalism. He was very pleased with our NetLetter and was a good contributor when he could.
I'm even mentioned in one of his books. We have this link to the obituary originally published in the Pionairs newsletter.

RECORD-SETTING GATHERING OF WOMEN PILOTS - Anyone on Aeroshell Square at 10:30 a.m. on Thursday August 28th will find their way blocked by a sea of pink-shirted women that covered the concrete from the KC-135 Tanker to the Ford Trimotor to the DC-3s. An estimated 1,000 women pilots to be seen and photographed in an effort to set a record as being the largest gathering of women pilots in one place at one time.

Capt. (Ms) Chameli Krottapalli has become the first lady Commander of Air India Express, the international budget carrier of Air India. Air India Express, in recognition of this achievement scheduled an All Women Crew flight on Sunday, July 27, 2008, with her in Command of the cockpit. 

It seems like members of the public are trying other modes of air travel to avoid the fuel tax! I found another story about balloons - but they do have their drawbacks!
Helium Balloon Failure, Body Found
The body of 42-year-old priest Adelir Antonio de Carli, who April 20 attempted to raise money for a worship center and rest stop for truckers by flying below an array of helium-filled balloons, may have been found in the Atlantic. Police in Brazil are investigating the findings of a tugboat crew 60 miles off the coast of Rio de Janeiro state.
The priest had departed the southern port city of Paranagua for Dourados, 465 miles away.
He took with him on the trip skydiving experience, a helmet, thermal suit, a parachute and what has been described as a buoyant chair. Aside from his philanthropic intents, it was his attempt to break a record for 19 hours aloft in such a contraption.

After de Carli went missing, his former paraglider instructor told the Telegraph.co.uk that he had instructed Carli but later asked him to "abandon the course" because in his estimation Carli had personality traits that were "not ideal for a paraglider." The body is wearing the clothes and shoes of de Carli, but officials will wait for DNA tests to confirm the remains are indeed those of the priest.
Air Canada - our first 70 years

1936 - Aeronautics, Oakland, 1936; delivery of the first Lockheed 10A Electra aircraft (CF-AZY) purchased by Canadian Airways Ltd..

- November 18 - Delivery of Lockheed 14-H2 aircraft CF-TCF to Trans-Canada Air Lines, Regina..
1940 - January 26 - Lockheed 14-H2 aircraft CF-TCI of Trans-Canada Air Lines, crash-landed at Vancouver.
1995 -  Montreal ACRA. celebrates its 40th anniversary
  • March 6th - Service between YYZ and ATL  was introduced.
    Captains ATLThese two captains were in command.

  • March 28th - Plans revealed to serve Washington DC from YYZ and YUL starting June 19th.
  • April 1st - Announcement made that retirees, widows and widowers are to be charged full zone service charge. (A sense of humour by Air Canada management to arrange the
    start date to be on April Fools Day - but this was no joke - eds)
  • April 7th - Plans to commence service between YYZ-YVR-HKG start Dec 20th.
  • April 12th - Service between YVR-FRA via YYC announced to commence December.
  • May 1st - Marks 54 years of service between Toronto and La Guardia.
  • May 1st - Launch of non-stop service between YOW and Washington DC with CL65 jet.
    WashingtonFin #704 was used
Air Canada News

Air Canada
Effective immediately, Air Canada passengers are allowed the same carry-on allowance for flights from Heathrow as they are from other airports served by Air Canada  (i.e., 2-piece carry-on allowance in Economy service)

Non-stop flight between Toronto and Madrid with B767-300 planned for June 15th, 2008.

Winter season has plans for these sunshine destinations - New non-stop service between YYZ and Puerto Vallarta, YYZ and Punta Canada, YVR and Montego Bay, YUL and St. Lucia

The 15th B777 delivered in June fin # 739 with Capt's. Lee Jasper and Dave Butler in command.

The A319 fin #279 C-GBHZ which encountered severe buffeting enroute from YYJ to YYZ on Jan 10th, 2008, and diverted to YYC.  After extensive testing no damage was found to the structure of the aircraft, and has now returned to service.

Fin 279Our picture shows the aircraft with the fin removed for inspection.

Following information from the YYZNEWS issued by Brain Dunn
Destinations for future consideration - Flight trials at John Wayne Airport in Orange County California undertaken with Airbus A319 equipment.

Application received for service between Canada and Luxembourg
Fleet reconfigurations -
A321 now with 20 Executive and 154 Economy
A319 with 14 Executive and 106 Economy
A320 will all have 14 Executive and 132 Economy by first quarter 2009.
To keep up to date with the Canadian aviation scene. visit www.yyznews.com
Star Alliance news
The New Mile High Club - Westin Hotels & Resorts and United Airlines Launch  "Heavenly Experience in The Sky".
(No comment!!! - eds)
TCA/AC People Gallery

Ted Berrie sends us this photograph and comment - This photo was taken in the south hanger in the T.C.A. prop shop in
1958 for the 100th B.C. Centennial.
Angus Imrie, General shops foreman, had us grow our beards for the occasion. Angus took a movie of us gold panning on the river bank just as the oldtimers would have done.
Prop ShopWe posed for this picture in the prop shop run by Bill McEwen.
From left to right is Gordy Wilson,sheetmetal, LLoyd Bailey, sheetmetal, Art Willfred, machine shop, Al Lavoie, welding shop,and Ted Berrie, millwright shop.

I thought this could fit in with the 2008 celebration.
Ted Berrie, retired.
Gretchen Aird sends us this information - I believe the first brother and sister flight attendants were Dave and Eileen Thompson from YVR in the late 50's.

Musings from "Horizons"

Issue dated March 1995
Customer RelationsSince the fall of 1993, Customer Relations went from a network of  local offices to a main location in Montreal. We have this picture of the staff.

YUL StaffDorval staff celebrate 25, 30, 35 and 40 years of service. We have this picture taken late in 1994.
Capt RobinsonCapt. J.D.Robinson last flight was marked by a gathering of his crew after 38 years of service.

Issue dated April  1995.
Old boys get togetherKeeping up a long-standing tradition, this group of retired Air Canada management got together at YVR for an annual "old boy's" luncheon.

Bytes and Pieces

Alan Rust Boeing 720 Demolished
Received this from my friend Rob Hemmett;
"There have been a few Boeings that I would have loved driving that backhoe up to. Just as a point of interest the DC-8 came out 5 months after the B707 and there are 101 (of the total 556 built) active with 23 operators. The B707/720 was not worth re-engining and there are only 16 (of the total 878) civilian aircraft in commercial service."

Boeing 720B Scrapped The demolition of the Boeing 720B experimental aircraft was
successfully completed this weekend (June 21-22, 2008). The actual
demolition process lasted about 4 1/2 hours on Saturday, with the
subsequent removal of the 'chomped up' metal/engines and the clean- up
being completed on Sunday morning.

A little history on the aircraft;
The aircraft was built for Northwest Airlines and first flew in 1961. Boeing built a total of 154 airframes during the late 1950's and 1960's. B720 is a smaller version of the B707. Over its commercial
use lifetime it's been operated/owned by NWA, TWA, Maersk Air and

Just click on the image to view the video or visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHjl0rLKoqw

Canadi>n/CPAir/PWA, Wardair, etc. Events & People

1995 - Mar - CAI received authority to serve Malaya, Philippines and Vietnam.

We continue the highlights during 1999 from the "Canadian Flyer" magazine Jan 2000 issue

  • Aug - Canadian secures the largest single customer contract ever with the Department of National Defense.
  • Aug 24th - Onex proposes a counter offer for Canadian and Air Canada.
  • Sept 11th - B747 utilized for the Team Canada trade mission to Tokyo and Osaka.
  • Sept 21st - Legality of the Onex proposal challenged.
  • Oct 26th -  Canadian becomes the first international carrier to operate from the new terminal at Beijing.
  • Oct 31st - Base in Manila closed with the cessation of the Hong Kong - Manila leg.
  • Dec 16th - Canadian's corporate headquarters moved to Calgary Airport.
  • Dec 19th - "Fly 2K" charter, a DC-10 charted by MTV includes visits to LHR, CDG, ROM.
    Fly 2KWe have this picture of the crew and support team. No identifications unfortunately - but you know if you were there!

  • Dec 21st - Agreement reached for acquiring and the operation Togetherof Canadian Airlines by Air Canada

YUL F/A'sMontreal Flight Attendants kick up their heels at their 20 year reunion.

Teddy BearYYZ volunteers have a ball at the 1999  "The Teddy Bear Affair".

This and That

These three photographs of Harbour Grace Airfield
in Newfoundland were sent to us by Tony Etheridge in the U.K. - The first direct non-stop flight to England left this airfield in 1927.


In 1947, one of the largest flying boats of the day was the Boeing 314. Named "Bermuda Sky Queen" by Pan American Airways, operated a flight from Poole in the U.K. for New York via Foyles in Ireland and Botwood in Newfoundland departing on October 12th. Unfortunately, due to high head winds, fuel consumption was greater than anticipated and the aircraft ran out of fuel and was forced to make a landing in the Atlantic ocean. Radio contact had been made with the USCGC Bibb, a coastguard cutter on duty as a weather ship.
ClipperThe aircraft alighted near this vessel.

Throughout the previous several hours, a Trans-Canada Air Lines North Star enroute to the U.K. assisted with communications by relaying messages between the B314 and the weather ship, and had accompanied the "Bermuda Sky Queen" back to the weather ship Bibb.

(We have no information regarding the identity of the TCA aircraft or crew  - eds)

Here are some of the airlines of Canada now defunct - Air Alliance, Air Atlantic, Air BC, Air Canada Tango, Air Nova, Air Ontario, AllCanada Express, Austin Airways, Baxter Aviation, Canada 3000, Canada West Airlines, Canadian Airlines, Canadian Airways, Canadian Colonial Airways, Canadian Pacific Airlines, Canadian Regional Airlines, City Express, Colonial Airlines, Eastern Provincial Airways, Fortunair, Globemaster Air Cargo, Great Lakes Airlines, Greyhound Air, Harmony Airways, Inter-Canadien, Jetsgo, Knighthawk Air Express, Lamb Air, Maestro, Maritime Central Airways, Millardair, NAC Air, Nolisair, Norcanair, Nordair, NorOntair, North Canada Air, NWT Air , Odyssey International. Ontario Express, Pacific Western Airlines, Peace Air, Quebecair. Quebecair Express, Queen Charlotte Airlines, QuikAir, Roots Air, Royal Aviation, Sonicblue Airways, Southern Frontier Airlines, Time Air, Transair, Trans-Canada Air Lines, Trans-Provincial Airlines, Triton Airlines, Val Air, Vision Airways Corporation, Vistajet, Wardair, Winnport, Worldways Canada, World-Wide Airways, Zip.
Readers Feedback
Member Feedback
Another email regarding the DC4/DC6 article from "Bytes and Pieces" and the information by in email #2 in NetLetter nr 1029 by Capt. Douglas Johnstone, we had this email from Bob Gartshore -

Just couldn't refrain from jumping into the fray as I had more than 6,000 hours on the DC6 (CPA and WD) including passenger only, freighter only and combi passenger-freighter, and except for the horse power of the P&W R2800 being 2,500 (not 3,500 - which powered our C119 with Wright 3350s), all else is correct.  Bob Gartshore

Not only were we muddled up about DC4/DC6, but in NetLetter nr 1030 we published a picture of the new Canadian colours with the statement that it was a B747-400.
Roger Graham sent us this comment - A 747-400 with two engines ???
and: Knut Ohm made this comment - The Proud Wings picture is of a 767 not a 747!
and Tom Heald adds this comment - Your glasses are fogged up again. Or else Canadian flew a Modified 747 by removing two engines to save fuel. Looks more like a 767.

In NetLetter nr 1029 we ran an article regarding the surprise retirement visit by the husband of Edmee Moir during her last flight - This prompted Laszlo Bastyovanszky to send the following information  -
Re: Edmee Moir retires
There's one more surprise story to add to Edmee's retirement.
Edmee's husband, Bob Moir, a long-time CBC sportscaster and later producer of many major sports events, retired in 1994 following an illustrious broadcast career. His final assignment was the production of the XV Commonwealth Games in Victoria, B.C. August 18-28, 1994.
And just as Bob surprised his wife on her last AC flight, Edmee hatched a very similar plot. Aided by members of Bob's television crew, Edmee secretly flew into Victoria from their home near Toronto, (of course, without Bob's knowledge), and was put up in a local hotel. Appropriate accreditation was also arranged so that Edmee could enter the restricted broadcast area.

On the final day of the Games, August 28th, Bob was directing the
production of the Closing Ceremonies in the broadcast booth high above Victoria's Centennial Stadium, his last assignment for the CBC.
And as the athletes marched into the stadium for their final salute marking the end of the Games, Edmee fittingly surprised Bob as she walked into the broadcast booth to salute him on his final job!

Hugs and kisses followed and the Moirs' final retirement chapter is history!

Terry's Travel Tips

(a division of James F. C. Rose - Your Interline Cruise Expert) Open to friends on their own

TUNISIA:15 days (13 nights)
November 7 (this departure only - others available at higher price)
-air from Toronto (and return) on Air France (possible Air Canada) (other cities available - usually at additional cost) -transfers and luggage handling (one bag)
-13 nights of accommodation
-7 days of escorted bus tour
-6 days at the beach resort
-32 meals: 13 breakfasts, 6 lunches, 13 dinners -entrance fees of places visited -tour representative -airport taxes & fees etc. are additional (usually $450) only: $1679 (Canadian funds) (about $1595 USA funds) (very limited space)
The air alone on Travelocity is about the price of this whole package.

For reservations:

Usual terms & conditions apply, including these are all per person -  based upon at least two, USA funds. Prices & availability are NOT guaranteed to last, and can and do change fast and without notice.
However, your price is guaranteed once you book & pay.
information: (204) 889-3885
fax: (204) 889-3885
reservations: (204) 889-3885 & (800) 414-8091

Ryanair announced the end of low fares air travel and its replacement with an era of lowest fares air travel. At a time when other airlines like British Airways are raising fares and fuel surcharges Ryanair will reduce fares by 5% this autumn and Ryanair guarantees no fuel surcharge ever.

For those Air Canada passengers traveling on Tango Plus or Latitudes fares can visit the Maple Leaf lounges. Oh yes there is a ca$30 or ca$25 charge respectfully.

Emirates Airlines has decided to equip their first class cabins on the Airbus A380 with showers. The first aircraft so equipped with fly the New York Dubai route starting in October. The addition if this amenity will add some 2,000  pounds of water. No information regarding extra fuel tax to cover the weight.
(The public living under the airport approaches should keep their umbrellas handy  - eds)

Air Canada has come up with "On my way", a new revenue generator. For an additional ca $25.00, or ca $35.00 on long haul routes, Air Canada will help rebook your cancelled or delayed flight, rather like insurance against weather or circumstances beyond their control. Usually airlines handle delays due to mechanical or crew problems, otherwise you are on your own for hotel and meals.


An elderly lady on a night flight asked a hostess where the toilet was located.

The hostess, attending to another passenger, indicated to her that it was along side the galley near the front. A few moments later, when the hostess was attending to someone else, the old lady came back to her looking rather perplexed.

"Well I went and opened the door but there were two men already in there and they were watching television!"

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