Vesta's Corner
Vesta StevensonWe have had two photographs of female flight crew sent to us.

Barbara SwyersBarbara Swyers taken in 1988

Diane Rothbergand Diane Rothberg, but no date.

I found this article on the internet and thought it would be of interest -

Wingless FlightFlorida Researcher Proposes Wingless Flight
An engineer at the University of Florida has unveiled a design for a "flying saucer" that can take off vertically, however, and fly, and it has no wings or propeller - it doesn't have any moving parts at all. "This is a very novel concept, and if it's successful, it will be revolutionary," said Subrata Roy, the ship's inventor, who applied for a patent on it last week.

"If successful, we will have an aircraft, a saucer and a helicopter all in one embodiment.

" The saucer is propelled by a force called magnetohydrodynamics, which is created when a current or a magnetic field is passed through a fluid. By interacting with the atmosphere, the force is able to create lift and momentum and provides stability against wind gusts.

The ship's surface is partially hollow and continuously curved, like an electromagnetic flying bundt pan.

Unfortunately, it seems the technique is likely to work better in space, where pesky things like gravity and drag are minimized.
Roy, however, is hopeful that his creation can prove useful here on Earth. He calls it a "wingless electromagnetic air vehicle," or WEAV, and plans to build a six-inch-wide prototype powered by on-board batteries.

Air Canada - our first 70 years

1993 - Nov - Service between YYZ-LHR and New Delhi introduced.

  • Feb - Miniature liquor bottles made a comeback in Hospitality Class.
  • May 16th - B747-400 inaugural service between YYZ-YVR and KoreaSeoul becoming Air Canada's first trans-pacific passenger flight

  • Mar 31st - Launch of RESIII
  • June - Lockheed L1011 officially returned from retirement and utilized between YYZ-LAX.
    L1011 CrewWe have this picture taken June 28 with CF-TNL  fin 512 c/n 1073 in the background.

  • June 19th - Inaugural service between YVR-YYC-GLA
  • Sept 4th - Service between YYZ-YVR-Osaka started.
    (To be withdrawn in Oct 2008 due to high fuel costs - eds)

TCA/AC People Gallery

Musings from "Horizons"

Issue dated January 1994
In May 1993 a lease agreement was made with Polynesian Airlines to supply a B767 with 15 pilots and 2 maintenance engineers.

Polynesia CrewWe have this picture of three lucky employees, Jean-Paul Lalonde, Alan MacLeod and Bob Brown.

LHR New Delhi ServiceLHR celebrates New Delhi service.

Issue dated March 1994

Houston StaffHouston staff celebrate six months of service.

YWG Res StaffWinnipeg graduates new res agents.

Issue dated June 1994
DispatchersFlight Dispatchers gather at YYZ for a retirement party. The group represented 1,400 years service. Sadly no identifications

Issue dated July 1994
YYC/GLA InauguralStetsons and bagpipes for inaugural to Glasgow. Here is a picture of the crew
Star Alliance News
Star AllianceContinental Airlines and United Airlines signed a "framework agreement to cooperate extensively, linking their networks and services worldwide," and CO revealed that it will leave SkyTeam to join Star Alliance with UA and CO planning to form joint venture operations with other Star carriers for transatlantic services as well as flights to Latin America and Asia.

United Airlines said  it will start requiring minimum stays for nearly all domestic flights beginning in October.  It is also raising its cheapest fares by as much as US$90 one-way.  The second-largest U.S. carrier said the moves are among a number of changes it is making to combat record high fuel prices.
Bytes and Pieces

Alan RustBytes take flight - I guess two of my favorite things in life (besides food) are computers and airplanes. So it's not often that I can combine both of them in a photo.

In the photo below (click on it to enlarge) they are loading a computer part onto an aircraft and this is in 1956, yes 1956!!!

Bytes take FlightCan you identify the aircraft that they are loading this on? I don't have a clue myself, but I'm sure some of our sharp eyed readers can identify it.

Canadi>n/CPAir/PWA, Wardair, etc. Events & People

From the "Canadian Flyer"

In September 2nd 1998 Air Canada pilots walked off their job for 13 days which increased the load factor for Canadi>n by 20 points to 95%.

December 1998 - New fleet additions announced. A second B767 from Asiana Airlines due in mid December. an A320 due mid April 1999 and two B767-300 leased from GECAS due fall 1999.

A book written by Peter Piggott on Canadian Airlines and titled
"Wing Walkers" was released.

From the December issue
Lori HowardNorth America's first female Flight Dispatcher Lori Howard.

Oct 24th - The last B737 left Terrace and an F28 of Canadian Regional Airlines takes over at Prince George.
We have these pictures.

From the January 1999 issue
  • Jan 13th - Launch of a new image. In an effort at secrecy, the painting of the launch aircraft was undertaken at various places.
New ImageThe B747 was fin #881 in Beijing China as this photo shows.

  • Dec 4 - 7th - Fifth year for Canadian North to visit northern communities with goodie bags for the children.
    Resolute BayOne of the stops was at Resolute Bay.

Some highlights for 1998

  • Jan 11th - After the ice storm which hit Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes (2) B747, (2) DC10 and a B767 arrived at YMX  with Canadian forces troops, supplies and generators.
  • Jun 15th - Start building of the new headquarters at YYC
  • Nov  9th -.Ownership of the engine shop transferred to MTU Munich.

Readers Feedback
Member Feedback"Let the NetLetter be your platform, your opportunity, to relive your history working for TCA, AC, CPAir, CAIL, PWA, AirBC etal.
Why not share your experiences with us".

In NetLetter nr 1023, we published a suggestion from Laura Markley
regarding the most number of family members to work for TCA/Air Canada etal.

We came across the following photograph in the "Canadi>n Flyer" issue March 1999 of the Randall family.
The RandallsNot included was Bob jr's wife Eileen who was a 30 year veteran flight attendant and their daughter, 17 at the time, was in the air cadets presumably headed for a career in the majors.

From: Fred Coyle
Subject:  The NetLetter #1025
What a wonderful story about Gerry MacInnis! I knew him well from my early days with MCA up north before I joined TCA in 1954.
I can only think it was contributed by Gordon Girvan who was also with MCA back then, followed by a long and distinguished career with Nordair.

Gerry was also affectionately known as "Speedbird" at MCA because of his service with BOAC. And by the way, that's not a DC-3 in the photo, but a DC-4. I'm sure many people will point that out.

I love reading the Netletter. Keep up the great work Vesta, Terry and Alan.

It's fun to enlarge the photos to see who I can recognize. I'd like to see more of earlier days, but I suppose you depend upon what is sent to you for that.

Best wishes,
Fred Coyle This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

From: Gordon Girvan
Subject: Netletter #1025 - Gerry MacInnis piece Looking through issue #1025 brought back a lot of memories for me. I worked with Gerry on both the Pinetree and Dewline operation. I recall a DC-3 trip from Goose Bay (YYR) to Saglek Bay and return with Gerry as the Captain in 1953.

As best I can recall after 55 years it was a bit exciting as we approached Saglek as we were in a fjord of some kind and you had to look up to see the hills quite close on both sides of the aircraft. I also recall when we got over the bay itself we had to do a tight turn inside the hills to get back to the runway threshold. I was left with the impression that it would be better to go into Saglek during daylight hours rather than at night.

On the way back to YYR Gerry let me sit in the Captain's seat and fly the DC-3 for about 1:30 and when I would wander off course or cause the a/c to 'porpoise' , he let me work my way out of it without taking the controls back. He was an excellent pilot and a really great guy in all respects. I found a small picture of him outside our office in YYR which I have attached. He is on the left (Out of uniform).
Gerry MacInnis

Gordon Girvan (Ex MCA & Nordair)  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

From: Don Palmer
Subject: Jerry MacInnis
Many thanks for the article on Jerry MacInnis, The Arctic Fox in NetLetter #1025.

In the 2  years I worked for Maritime Central, I flew a great deal with Jerry on DC3 on skiis in winter and Canso in summer. It was the best flying ever. He was, indeed, all that the article claimed, and contributed significantly to Canada's aviation history as did his contemporaries at MCA, Frank Henley, Rolly Langlois and Sheldon Luck, all with distinguished careers and a wealth of bush flying experience  great boat pilots.

Jerry and Frank were very competitive in MCA, but Rolly and Shel more laid back.

An interesting incident in Jerry's career was when flying a Vickers Viking with BWIA he lost an engine somewhere over the Caribbean.
When asked by Company radio if he had feathered the engine, he said he couldn't because the engine had fallen off the wing.
The picture of the DC4 included was possibly taken at Mont Joli or even Moncton. No trees at northern radar sites.

Cheers, & Best Regards
Don Palmer lThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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