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Vesta StevensonIn NetLetter 1021 I published a postcard that Edna Ranchuk had sent me. I received the following email - I would like more info on the Nile cruise that Edna Ranchuk took as seen in the postcard. Unfortunately I cannot seem to read anymore than what is on the front page.
Thank you Michelle This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Edna kindly sent us this information, which we thought we would share  -

The cruise was the second week of our trip to Egypt - the first was spend touring Cairo and all the well-known sites - pyramids, the sphinx and temples.

The ship was very well fitted out - a larger cabin than I have ever had on the major  cruise lines and beautifully decorated.  The two decks were of marble with decorative insets.

The top deck had a shaded area in the center with a pool at one end and both ends unshaded. In Cairo we stayed in the Ramses Hilton - quite a place - seemed to be built entirely of marble.

The touring bus was comfortable, air-conditioned and with a small fridge from which  we bought bottled water - a must in this area. The man doing the running commentary  during the drives was very good - really knew his subject and everyone spoke good English.

We were taken to Alexandria, Luxor and the Aswan High Dam - all extremely interesting. We went with SeniorTours - my preference because all insurances are covered in the end cost, plus they pick you up at your home and deliver you back there at the end of the trip.
A good idea would be for Mr. Trudeau to contact SeniorTours as they might have another similar tour coming up.

Edna Rachuk This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This weeks postcard is Acapulco, Mexico
Postcard 1022
Here is this week's postcard from my collection - MEXICO by the sea
Hi having a wonderful time, wish you were here. Acapulco, Mexico

Air Canada News

Air CanadaAir Canada adds non-stop flights to Grand Rapids and Dayton.
- Effective July 14, 2008, three non-stop flights daily to Grand Rapids, and twice-daily non-stop flights to Dayton. Flights will be operated by Air Georgian using 18-seat Beechcraft aircraft from YYZ.

The wet lease arrangement of an MD-11F freighter from World Airlines since 2004 will be terminated in June due to increasing fuel costs.

Toronto-Rome non-stop service will therefore be suspended effective Oct 26, 2008 (last flight YYZ-FCO Oct 24; last flight FCO-YYZ Oct 25). We plan to resume Rome flights as demand increases effective spring 2009 for the peak summer season. In the meantime, Air Canada will continue to serve Italy via FRA, ZRH, and MUC, in cooperation with our Star Alliance partners.

In addition, we will withdraw Vancouver-Osaka non-stop service until further notice, effective Oct. 26, 2008 (last flight YVR-KIX Oct 24; last flight KIX-YVR Oct 25).

Air Canada will continue to serve Japan with up to twice daily non-stop flights between Canada and Tokyo, from Toronto and Vancouver. Air Canada offers codeshare services throughout Japan operated by our Star Alliance partner, ANA, via Tokyo.
Air Canada - our first 70 years

Extract from "Horizons" issued September 1991.

His memory lives on
Captain Pete DzulinskyFor the first time.in Air Canada's history, an aircraft has been dedicated to the memory of an employee. Captain Pete Dzulinsky, who died suddenly four days after delivering the company's first Airbus to Canada, will be remembered through a commemorative plaque which was recently installed on aircraft 201 near the Executive Class starboard bulkhead. The plaque, which was the result of a suggestion by Dorval's Flight Operations group, was designed by Doug Wood, Manager, Communications - Flight Operations, and produced by Flt. Ops.' Photomechanical Services and the Tech. Ops. Machine Shop. Special thanks go out to all those people, too numerous to mention, who helped make the plaque a reality.
(C-FDQQ c/n 0059 fin 201)

1991 -  Sep 8 - Air Canada connector Air Alliance introduced service to Natashqan and Blanc Sablon in Quebec's North Shore region.

Air Express 1938Oct 17 -First air express at Regina Municipal cargo flight.

Help Wanted
Viscount interiorGretchen Aird passes this request along -  This message below just in from former flight attendant/stewardess Betty Logan's husband Jack.

Thought I'd forward it on to you to see if you could be of any help to "them"
Cheers,  Gretchen

Subject: TCA Viscount restoration
Re my visit last Friday to the BC Aviation Museum at Victoria Airport where retired TCA/Air Canada pilots Al Catterall and Bob Hallworth are doing much of the work  on the restoration of a Viscount to the early TCA configuration with 40 seats (as it had originally), have a request from them.

They advised that they are in need of a colour photo of the interior of a Viscount from 1950/60's to ensure that the cabin is restored as nearly as possible to its original  colours and materials. Some of the interior appears to be the original, but this aircraft was used by another company for a time and some changes were made.

Fortunately they have 40 seats but these require re-upholstering.Time does dull the memory - I had forgotten how large those cabin windows were  and the amazing amount of leg room available with that 40 seat configuration.

Should you have any photos of the Viscount interior it would be most useful to  those energetic restorers.

Jack Logan This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Air Canada retiree related Events
ACRAACRA System Golf Tournament 2008
September 7 - 11, 2008
Tucson, Arizona
See: www.acra.ca/events/system-golf.html

ACRA Badminton Tournament 2008
October 23 - 25, 2008
The Tournament is being held in Calgary this year. 
See: www.acra.ca/events/badminton.html
and www.acrabadminton.org
for complete information.
TCA/AC Events & People Gallery

Musings from "Horizons"

Issue dated July 1991
LHR BaggageLHR baggage office was relocated and we have the photograph of the official opening.

Issue dated August 1991

On July 5th, Reservation offices in Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax and St. John's were closed  and consolidated with Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto and Montreal.

We have these two pictures - unfortunately no identities.

Issue dated Sept 1991
Captn Ridyard and CrewFarewell flight by Capt. Jim Ridyard. We have this picture of the crew.

Linguistic ServicesLinguistic Services were established more than 25 years ago. We have this picture showing some of the staff.

Bytes and Pieces

Alan RustI got this from my friend Alan Watson (I like everyone named Alan)

"THIS MAY DRIVE YOU NUTS (a short trip for some of us!), BUT TRY IT JUST THE SAME!
You have to gauge the wind (underpants) for both
- when to jump
- and when to open the chute.

Daffy and the Parachute Jump
Warning! It's addictive and not as easy as it looks

Daffy and the Parachute Drop
(Click on image or here to visit site)
Canadi>n/CPAir/PWA, Wardair, etc. Events & People

An appeal from Bob Carswell -
Subject: The Lee twins
I am currently writing a book about twins in WWII. The Lee twins flew Empire flying boats out of Britain prewar and ended up flying Sunderland Flying Boats in Coastal Command for the RCAF during WWII. I am looking for information and photographs of them.

Mel Lee joined CP Air after the war, an American born lad raised in BC. His brother Cal went on with the RCAF after the war and became a Wing Commander. On retirement, he also joined C.P.Air. When they could no longer hack the flying, they became link trainer specialists on the 747. For two years during his career, Mel flew from Lima Peru to Buenos Aires in Argentina on regular service from 1962-64.

Anything more you or your CP readers can add would be greatly appreciated, especially photographs and the source will be credited.
Thanks for your help,

Bob Carswell This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Happenings during 1991 from the Canadi>n Flyer issued January 2000
  • Jan 13 - With the arrival of a B747-400 at YVR from Beijing sporting the new livery of a stylized Canada goose from the tail to one third of the fuselage named the Proud Wings brand.
  • Feb 1   - Canadi>n participates in the official launch of the 0ne-world alliance.
  • Mar 19  - Launch of a daily code sharing service to Moscow from Toronto in conjunction with British Airways.
In NetLetter nr 1021 we mentioned the PWA web site and the list of former employees names. We had this response from Harvey Jones -:
I don't think most people are aware of the fact that P W A operated a Helicopter Division  out of Vancouver in the early 60s. I don't see any employees of that dept. in the lists.

It was headed up and managed by Jim Storie.
Cheer, H Jones. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our chief pilot - Vesta - persuaded Harvey to elaborate -
Hi, All.  Yes I can provide a little more info on the PWA Helicopter Division. I believe it was originally started in late 1958, or early 59.
I was employed by them as an Engineer during 1960/61. There was probably a staff of about 18 or 20. Jim Storie, retired Air Canada , Captan, was the Manager. Leo Lannon was Chief Pilot, chief inspector Eric Twist, chief engineer Fred Finally.

They operated a charter operation out of Vancouver Airport, generally contract work, for B C  Government Geological Surveys & Hydrographic Mapping,  Geological exploration with mining co geologists, fish counts, Forest Service Tree Classification, and many  other jobs requiring Helicopters. They operated in B C or North West Territories, but, I recall going to Churchill Manitoba after a contract there had been completed to load a Helicopter in a boxcar for shipment back to Vancouver.

They had a satellite base in Prince George and Prince Rupert. I carried out overhaul and rebuild duties during the winter in Vancouver, and was Base Engineer in P George in Summer.

They operated out of a Quonset Hangar (no longer there) backing onto the dyke. At that time they operated Bell 47s and Hiller Helicopters, all piston engine, some turbocharged, some on floats others on skids.

Cheers H Jones/retired, Canadian Airlines.

PWA B707Several readers have sent us this picture of PWA B707 at Manchester UK in 1970.

Readers Feedback
Member FeedbackUnder TCA/AC people we have a picture of the LHR baggage relocation event. Shown on the left side is Jack Morath who is also the Social Director of the UK&EC Pionairs.

You will note his uniform sleeve sports three rings. As your co-pilot used to work with Jack in LHR I asked him, with tongue in cheek,  if the three rings denotes his occupation as a First Officer. We have his response - 

Re the three stripes - All  Ramp Supervisors including myself as the only Baggage Supervisor had these. I remember when Davie Davidson was the Ramp Manager he had four rings on his jacket. That was back in the sixties. When I went to Bombay for the training of the staff there together with the Ramp Supervisors, we had four stripes while we were there as the local people had three stripes, and  they would only do what we told them when we had four stripes!

Jack This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Over the years, Trev Trower has submitted stories for our enjoyment and now he has published a book of poems, actually 100 tales mostly in rhyme which are now available at 20$ plus 3$ post and packing, within Canada.
( each sale of this edition, I will give 5$ for cancer research) .

The book is entitled POETRY FOR EVERYDAY USE - 180 pages.
Upon receipt of a check or cash for 20$ plus 3$pp at
Trev Trower
14071 Fifth Side Road
RR#2  Georgetown On
L6G 4S5 Canada
your copy of "Poetry for everyday use"  will be mailed.
I assure you it is not vulgar, or contain unacceptable language.

Trev Trower phone #905. 877-4352 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

From John Roger - who tells us about the commercial filmed for Air Canada - I notice by your last NetLetter Issue #1018 that you are getting close to the Horizons of 1990. The Feb 90 issue was called "Above and Beyond."

I was lucky enough to be picked as the maintenance mechanic for the commercial to introduce the Air Bus. Doug Anderson was in the one for the pilot and a flight attendant from YWG for the back end crews.
That is my wife Susann in front of the RCMP officer. The Director asked her to be an actress after we met him in the hotel the day before starting the shoot. Coming down the stairs is Sue Patterson an active Flight Attendant (she put a write up in the Apr 4th 1990 issue on Pg 11) was picked as an actress out of YYZ . The photo below that is Ken Acton who came along from YUL and myself with the arm up explaining to actors how to look like mechanics and telling them parts of the aircraft. It was done near San Diego at a small airport called Browns Field. Quite the experience to say the least.
It's also a small world on the flight down from YYZ. My wife Susann and Sue Patterson thought they recognized each other and sure enough, Sue Patterson was a school teacher before joining AC. She was teaching in our elementary school in Dollard Des Ormeaux and my wife was a volunteer at the same school.

Susan Rodger
John and Ken

Doug Anderson

The following is the write up, by Susan Patterson, was in the
"Horizons" April 1990 edition -
On location in San Diego.
Susan Patterson, a Toronto-based Flight Attendant,  is one of dozens of employees featured in the series of Customer Care television commercials that began airing across Canada on February 13.

I had been asked to be involved in the shooting of a period commercial and along with fellow employees Ken Acton and John Rodger, headed out to Los Angeles and on to San Diego. The shoot's location was a small airfield near the Mexican border, where some 60 technical people and 40 actors had set up shop in several trailers and campers.
The first shoot was the retirement party, set in the '70s and it took all morning to get everything just right.
That afternoon, it was back to the wardrobe trailer for a fitting of my 1940's stewardess uniform.
The following day was a real thrill. A Northstar, DC-3 and a 1939 Lockheed were all on the tarmac and gleaming vintage cars were parked alongside the airstrip.

I felt like I was entering a time warp. The shots of the mechanics working on the aircraft were taken during twilight.

On the third day, most of the shooting was done inside an old hangar. The windows were specially treated to look old and dusty and the original tool boxes and equipment made the period setting look very authentic. The younger actor portraying John Rodger worked with the other mechanics and several takes later, the shot was perfect.

Susan and JohnAll of us who participated in making the commercial got a real feel for the advertising industry and for what is involved in a project of this magnitude.I'll never look at a commercial in the same way after this assignment. It was a fun and rewarding experience.

Found on the Internet

Farewell to the "Dak" in the U.K.
DC-3Now the Douglas DC-3 - the most successful plane ever made, which first took to the skies just over 30 years after the Wright Brothers' historic first flight - is to carry passengers in Britain for the last time.
The last two passenger-carrying Dakotas in the UK, are being forced into retirement because of - yes, you've guessed it - health and safety rules.

Their owner, Coventry-based Air Atlantique, has reluctantly decided it would be too expensive to fit the required emergency escape slides and weather radar systems required by new European rules for their 65-year-old planes, which served with the RAF during the war.

For complete story please follow this link
Terry's Travel Tips

Terry BakerThe Hilton hotel in Las Vegas charges us$3.10 to use the computer and get your boarding passes.

Accent Inns in Richmond BC does not charge for the use of their computer near the front desk, and there is an airline check in unit in the foyer for boarding passes at no charge.

American Airlines announced that they will be charging us$15.00 when you check your first bag and us$25.00 for the second bag.
Passengers on most airlines now have to pay, in addition to airfare and taxes,  for pillows, blankets, food, drinks, luggage, insurance against an overnight delay, insurance for valuables in  lost luggage making phone reservations, seat selection.
However, the air they breathe is, presently, free BUT pay toilets are coming.

Diane S Boutin sends us this offer -
Subject: Travel to YQB for the 400th year celebrations Visiting Quebec City during this years celebration?
Rent our new camper which is 20 min from town on a wooded camping site. All equipped pool miniature golf busses Restaurant groceries shopping etc. Limit of 2 adults $500.00 week .

Robert and I (Diane) are both AC retired employees.
My email add is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. tel 418 603 0605 cell 418 661 3666

Already posted this in the ACFN Classifieds at:
with a photo

Park 'N Fly, is once again offering retired ACE family employees a saving of 25 per cent when parking at all Park 'N Fly airport facilities across Canada.

To take advantage of this discount, present your Air Canada identification card  and quote the coupon code:161891.
For a list of airport parking facilities, consult www.parknfly.ca.

From: "Bernie McCormack" <gram&This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Subject: Park'NFly
For anyone whose friends might want to enjoy the same park'nFly discount as we get in Vancouver, all seniors 65 and older get a 25% discount. Good for me, I have misplaced my employee identification somewhere in my home.

Bernie McCormack.

Land and sea travel to the United States Starting June 1, 2009, Canadian citizens will be required to present a valid passport, a NEXUS card, or other acceptable document when seeking to enter the United States. Canadian citizens 15 years of age and under will only require proof of citizenship. Canadian citizens 18 years of age  and under, who are traveling in approved adult-supervised groups, may also present proof of citizenship alone.

World Airlines Clubs Association (WACA)
Interline tours -

Grande Festa October 9th - 13th hosted by the Interline Club of Portugal Deadline to book July 31st 2008. Cost eur330.00 pp

Discover Syria October 21st - 27th hosts the Interline Club of Jorban. Deadline date August 21st 2008. Cost us$980 pp

More details www.waca.org or your local Interline Club.

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