1939 timetable

1966 - November 1st - Inaugural flight Montreal - Moscow.

1939 - timetable from the private collection of Bjorn Larsson. (Pictured)

1959 - Oct 28th - Viscount service for first time between Toronto and Tampa Florida. This was the first time TCA offered first-class turbo-prop flights on its southern routes.

Extracted from the "Between Ourselves" magazine issue dated November 1959.

tmb long ticketProbably the biggest ticket ever created at the TCA ticket office in North Bay is being displayed by Passenger Agents J.A.Moore, V.M.Mittelstaedt and P.D.Laframboise.

The ticket is made up of 52 coupons and the itinerary covers a circle trip around the United States, with a side trip to Mexico.

(Just one e-mail would do for this ticket today! – eds)

tmb top four at yyzThe four top passenger agents in the Toronto District are shown with District Sales Manager E.J.May at a luncheon held in their honor. The agents were chosen during a competition among Telephone Sales records, City Ticket Offices and the Airport Counter to determine the four top people considered to be giving customers the best service. 

From the left: V.Graskaufmenis, A.Crinkley, E.J.May, M.Salieris and E. Ellen.

tmb simulator courseFlight Simulator Technicians from the company completed an eight week course at Link Aviation, Inc., Binghampton, N.Y. Also on the course were two members of the staff from Japan Airlines.

Shown in our picture seated from the left: Larry S. Burke, Simulator intenance Supervisor, TCA; Link Instructors Gene Davidson, Dick Selrette, Heb Heisler; Hugh Rombough, Senior Technician, TCA.

Back row: Kasaku Shibata and Kenji Chnuna, Tokyo Instruments; James Ayerst Senior Technician, TCA; Joseph Clarke, Technical Assistant, TCA; Hector Brannington, Technician, TCA; Des Callihso, Technician, TCA and Ed Grcynovicz, Instructor, Link Aviation.

tmb prestwick tower

Prestwick airport, Scotland's famous control tower was once the home of James Dairymple, Lord of Orangeville, and an early patron and lifelong friend of Robbie Burns. The original mansion was built between 1720 and 1834. Parked in front of the historic building is one of TCA's Super Constellation in 1959.

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