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This weeks postcard - CARMEL by the Sea
Postcard 1018
A quaint and charming village located south of Monterey, on the California coast. from my personal collection. May 7 1990.

ClipperHere is the final episode of the "Clipper" story - continued from NetLetter nr 1017

In a final bit of i irony, after over thirty thousand miles and two hundred hours of flying on their epic journey, the Pacific Clipper had to circle for nearly an hour, because no landings were  permitted in the harbor until official sunrise. They finally touched down just before seven, the spray from their landing freezing as it hit the hull.

No matter -- the Pacific Clipper had made it home.

The significance of the flight is best illustrated by the records that were set by Ford and his crew. It was the first round-the-world flight by a commercial airliner, as well as the longest continuous flight by a commercial plane, and was the first circumnavigation following a route near the Equator (they crossed the Equator four times.)

They touched all but two of the world's seven continents, flew    31,500 miles in 209 hours and made 18 stops under the flags of 12 different nations. They also made the longest non-stop flight in Pan American's history, a 3,583 mile crossing of the South Atlantic from Africa to Brazil.

As the war progressed, it became clear that neither the  Army nor the Navy was equipped or experienced enough to undertake the tremendous amount of long distance air transport work required. Pan American Airways was one of the few airlines in the country with the personnel and expertise to supplement the military air forces.

Captain Bob Ford and most of his crew spent the war flying contract missions for the US Armed Forces. After the war Ford continued flying for Pan American, which was actively expanding its routes across the Pacific and around the world. He left the airline in 1952 to pursue other aviation interests.

The Crew of Pacific Clipper: Captain Robert Ford, First Officer John H. Mack, Second Officer/Navigator Roderick N. Brown, Third Officer James G. Henriksen, Fourth Officer John D. Steers, First Engineer Homans K. "Swede" Roth, Second Engineer John B. "Jocko" Parish, First Radio Officer John Poindexter* Second Radio Officer Oscar Hendrickson, Purser Barney Sawicki, Asst Purser Verne C. Edwards.

* Poindexter was originally scheduled to accompany the Pacific Clipper as far as Los Angeles, and then return to San Francisco; he had even asked his wife to hold dinner that evening. In Los Angeles, however, the regularly scheduled Radio Officer suddenly became ill, and Poindexter had to make the trip himself.

His one shirt was washed in every port that the Pacific Clipper visited. This article originally appeared in the August 1999 Issue of "Air and Space Magazine"

Star Alliance News
Star AllianceEgyptAir Chairman Atef Abdel Hamid said the carrier's effort to meet the requirements for Star Alliance membership is nearing conclusion and it expects to be ready for a Cairo  joining ceremony scheduled for July.

Air Canada - our first 70 years

AirBC was formed in 1980, when the Jim Pattison Group of investors purchased six smaller commuter airlines and amalgamated them into a larger, more efficient operation.

In 1987, Air Canada purchased 85% of AirBC, marking the beginning of AirBC as an Air Canada regional partner. Eight years later, in March 1995, Air Canada purchased  the remaining shares. Now renamed Jazz.

  • January - A B747C, previously owned by Qantas and acquired by Air Canada was flown from Sydney to Montreal via Honolulu crewed by Capt. Charlie Simpson, Capt. Earl Doyle and Second Officer Dave Morrison. The sector Honolulu to Montreal was recorded as an aviation first by flying HNL - YUL in 8 hours 26 minutes and recognized by the F.A.I.
  • March 27 - The founding of Air Alliance
  • April 12 - Federal government announced its intention to permit the sale of Air Canada shares.
  • June - 90% shares of NWT Air acquired.
    - LHR Supplies & Stores Division pioneered a new storage system under the guidance of Peter Hodges, Manager, Supply & Stores, Europe & Asia.
  • July 20th - An order for 34 Airbus A320 placed for ca$1.8bln with an option for another 20
  • October 13th - The long awaited privatization of Air Canada became a reality, and thousands of Canadians, Air Canada employees and retirees had the chance to own shares.
  • November 5th - The planned fourth "Around the world" flight in conjunction with P.Lawson Travel has been cancelled due to lack of customer response.
  • December - Service to Santo Domingo ceased effective the 16th, but service continues to Puerto Plata.
  • Sale of 28 B727-200 aircraft to Federal Express finalized. Delivery will be over a 3 year period starting in 1990.
  • January 30th - Connector carrier AirBC launched a Super Shuttle between Calgary International and Edmonton Municipal airports.
  • April 26th - Air Canada's first Annual general Meeting.
  • October 29th - Executive Class was introduced to Miami service.
Musings from "Horizons"

Issue February 1988

YYZ GirlsUnder an article headed "Women move onto the ramp" was this picture.

Issue dated April 1989

Nice LHRWith the inauguration of the YYZ-LHR-Nice, we have this picture of some LHR staff giving the passengers a send off.

Issue dated June 1989

Nice Crew 01With the inauguration of the YYZ-LHR-Nice service, we have this picture of the crew operating the first flight April 17th.

Nice Crew #2

Here we have the second installment of "The Viscount years and the Winnipeg spirit" started in NetLetter nr 1017

From an initial order of 15, the popularity and public acceptance resulted in a total fleet of 51 aircraft. It certainly provided work and challenge to all who looked after its care and well-being.

By comparison, a Viscount has roughly one half the passenger capacity, gross weight, and speed of the DC-9. As I recall, a Viscount cost about a million dollars each.let's see what else comes to mind. First of all we had to learn a a new vocabulary, mostly British We learned  of spigotts, and skew bars, fuel trim actuators and maxarats. The there were gimble rings and geometric locks in telescopic rods.  The bolts started at 2BA and 4BA and something called whitworth. Later the terms came easier.

We learned the O.A.T. as well as the F.C.U. or P.C.U. would effect the J.P.T.and who can forget the M.O.C., the T.S.O. and I.S.A. plus 10? The facilities, shops and  equipment expanded in size and shape to take care of our new bird. The panics, problems procurements were passed on to the newly-formed planning department.
Engineering took some bold and innovative steps. Along with the welding department they rebuilt, reclaimed,. and recycled expensive engine hardware. Engine overhaul,life then reached unbelievable heights. Training and Publications  rewrote the maintenance manual and gratefully,  it was now easy to understand and follow. This was not always the case  with the "spares" book, remember?

The records people established many firsts in pioneering proper' effective  recording and control of the aircraft, its components and modification status. They always knew the calendar time, flying time' cycle time and overhaul time of just about everything.'
(More next time - eds)
TCA/AC Events & People Gallery

Musings from "Horizons"

Issue dated August 12, 1987

Six CelebrateSix Montreal Flight Attendants celebrate 25 years service

Issue dated October 1987

TimminsThe President visits Timmins

Issue dated March 30 1988

Down UnderDirect from Down Under during a visit by the President

Linda and FriendsBonne chance to Linda Marcoux who moves to Flight Operations -

Issue dated May 1988

MonctonTaken during the visit to Moncton by the President in 1988, we have this photo

ACRA Presidents and ChairmenThe ACRA presidents and System Events Chairmen
held their third joint meeting  in Montreal earlier in 1988. We have this assembled picture.

Issue dated August 1988

Over the PondThe President, Pierre Jeanniot visited Prestwick and Glasgow offices and we have this picture but, unfortunately, identities were withheld for some reason!

Found on the Internet

KRONOS, MA was selected by Air Canada to provide Altitude MPP (Manpower Planning) for its flight operations.

AERO VENTURES, which owns 48% of AIRASIA X, identified a former Air Canada CEO as a founding shareholder in company, but no name provided.

Several airlines have recently filed for bankruptcy and stopped service including - ATA Airlines.
- Aloha Air Group Inc
- OASIS Hong Kong in operation for 17 months.
- Skybus Airlines in operation for 12 months and who, in October 2007, received two A319-112 ex Air Canada C-GKOB & C-FWTF
Bytes and Pieces

Alan RustDo you get a lot of email from friends, family, strangers, with attachments of powerpoints or web links, jokes, chain letters, etc? Well, so do I, and although I get a LOT of email (at least 100 a day after the spam is filtered) I get some really neat stuff sent to me. From time to time, I'll share some of these links and powerpoints with you.

Endeavour - August 2007Here's an unofficial site with excellant photos from a shuttle mission with Endeavour. Using the photos and Wikipedia as reference, it looks like these photos were taken in August 2007 at the same time that Hurricane Dean was active. (Thanks Mr. Watson)

See: www.texasjim.com/NASApix/NASA%20pix.htm for the photos

See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_Shuttle_Endeavour for information on Endeavour.

(Continued from last week)
I know many of you have grandchildren and great grandchildren that may be using these short forms in communicating with you. I regulary use TTYL (talk to you later) and VBG (very big grin) in my emails, but on the whole, with shortforms, not so much.

Here's some more samples to try out ...

imho - in my humble opinion
iow -
In other words
iou -
I owe you
j4f - just for fun
kc -
keep cool
khuf -
know how you feel
l8 -
l8r -
lol -
laughing out loud
luv -
m8 -
nc -
no comment
nething 2+? -
anything to add?
njoy -
pcm -
please call me
pls -
ruok -
are you ok?
sol  -
sooner or later
spk -
t+ -
think positive
t2ul -
talk to you later
ttyl -
talk to you later
2dA -
2moro -
wan2 -
want to
wot -



Canadi>n/CPAir/PWA, Wardair, etc. Events & People

In September 1988, Canadian Airlines International mounted a major cross Canada advertising campaign to promote its new B767-300 and upgraded seats for Business class.

Missing ChairUnfortunately one of the important elements were replaced by a lounger chair  as this photograph shows.
Readers Feedback
Member FeedbackIn response to a request from Fraser Muir in NetLetter nr 1015, we received this response -

Dear Fraser and Joan:
I have passed your request onto my step-cousin in Vancouver, who has volunteered  extensively with The Maple Leaf Legacy Project. She is not only very knowledgeable, but her daughter, also a retired AC flight attendant is now giving guided tours of the  area and speaking to groups on the history of the War Memorials.

I am hoping my contact will be in touch with you or pass this on to her daughter.

But in the event that you don't hear from her, her daughter's name is Valerie Stuart-Bince.

She can be contacted at either of these e-mails;
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You may also want to go to the Maple Leaf Legacy Project site which will offer you much  info before you set out. Here's the site www.mapleleaflegacy.org

Best of luck and have a great trip.

Sharleine M. Haycock    
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Pionair (spouse)
Mississauga, ON

Terry's Travel Tips

Terry BakerDon't forget ...
Employees, retirees, family members and other pass holders are reminded that while they have registered for Air Canada flights, it is absolutely necessary to cancel if they do not intend to travel. At one time 21 contingent passengers were registered for a flight. Only nine actually checked in. The boarding station has pre-ordered 12 meals too many, resulting in unnecessary cost to Air Canada.

Interline World Vacations - www.interlineworld.com

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Interline Specials
If you want to get a low cost taste of Mediterranean cruising - check out this weeks 4 and 5 night offers from Royal Caribbean International aboard the Navigator of the Seas leaving from Barcelona.  There is also some short cruising options from Celebrity aboard the Century and an introductory 3 night cruise on Holland America's new ship the Eurodam.

Lots of great bargains here if you look closely. You will also find some terrific "Jammin in Jamaica" offers at All-Inclusive resorts.  It is time to make time for your next great Interline vacation

Check out our great selection of Mexican and Caribbean all-inclusive resorts. We also introduce great land tour packages exploring the wonders of China.  You can select a short Beijing holiday or a more extensive land tour and cruise on the Yangtze which starts in Beijing and ends in Shanghai.  We have plenty of great options for cruises in Alaska, the Caribbean, Hawaii and through the Panama Canal. Now is the time to plan your next interline vacation.

SmileyFebruary 17th 2009 is the date when TV transmissions will be in digital format instead of analog format. Rumour has it that the same gang responsible for Terminal 5 at LHR are in charge of this change over!

A man wrote a letter to a small hotel on Vancouver Island, which he planned to visit  on his vacation.

He wrote, "I would very much like to bring my dog with me. He is well groomed and very  well behaved. Would you be willing to permit me to keep him in my room with me at night?"

An immediate reply came from the hotel owner, who said, "I've been operating this hotel for many years. In all that time, I've never had a dog steal towels, bed clothes, silverware or pictures off the walls.
I've never had to evict a dog in the middle of the night for being drunk and disorderly. And I've never had a dog run out on a hotel bill.

Yes, indeed, your dog is welcome at my hotel, and if your  dog will vouch for you, you're welcome to stay here, too!"

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