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Vesta StevensonIn 1973 Transair made Rosella Bjornson the first woman pilot in Canada to be hired by an airline. In 1990 she became the first female Captain with Canadian Airlines.

ELLEN EVAK PANEOK, ALASKAN AVIATION PIONEER, DIES AT 48 - Ellen Evak Paneok, of Anchorage, who died March 2 at age 48, was the first Native Alaskan woman bush pilot, and accumulated more than 15,000 hours of flight time, much of it along Alaska's remote northern coast. She delivered mail and supplies to Eskimo villages in all kinds of weather. "The most challenging part," she said in the 1997 book  "Women and Flight," "is the off-airport work, like landing on the sandbars, landing on top of a mountain with big tires, maybe on a 20-degree grade, landing uphill and taking off downhill - to me, that's the epitome of bush flying." Paneok also worked for the FAA as an operations inspector and was statewide aviation safety coordinator for the Alaska Aviation Safety Foundation. She was one of the few pilots authorized to fly the vintage aircraft owned by the Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum. She was also a writer, published in Alaska Magazine and AOPA Pilot.

This weeks postcard is a pretty one from my personal collection - 
Postcard 1015

For those following the Clipper story
here is our next segment.
(Continued from NetLetter 1013)

The following day, bathed and refreshed, they took off and flew westward across the Gulf of Oman toward Arabia. After just a bit over eight routine hours of flying, they landed in Bahrain, where there was a British garrison.

Another frustration presented itself the following morning as they were planning the next leg of their journey. They had planned to fly straight west across the Arabian peninsula and the Red Sea into Africa, a flight that would not have been much longer than the leg
they had just completed from  Karachi.

"When we were preparing to leave Bahrain we were warned by the British authorities not to fly across Arabia," said Ford. "The Saudis had apparently already caught some British fliers who had been forced down there. The natives had dug a hole, buried them
in it up to their necks, and just left them."

They took off into the grey morning and climbed through a solid overcast. They broke out of  the clouds into the dazzling sunshine, and the carpet of clouds below stretched westward to the horizon. "We flew north for about twenty minutes," Ford said, "then we turned west and headed straight across Saudi Arabia. We then flew for several hours before there was a break in the clouds below us,
and damned if we weren't smack over the Mosque at Mecca! I could see the people pouring out of it, it was just like kicking an anthill. They were probably firing at us, but at least they didn't have any anti-aircraft."

The Pacific Clipper crossed the Red Sea and the coast of Africa in the early afternoon with the Saharan sun streaming in the cockpit windows. The land below was a dingy yellowish brown, with nothing but rolling sand dunes and stark rocky outcroppings. The only sign of human habitation was an occasional hut; every so often they flew over small clusters of men tending livestock who stopped and shielded their eyes from the sun, staring up at the strange bird that made such a noise. The crew's prayers for the continued good health of the four Wright Cyclones became more and more fervent. Should they have to make an emergency landing here they would be in dire
straits indeed.

Later in the afternoon they raised the Nile River, and Ford turned the ship to follow it to the confluence of the White and Blue Niles, just below Khartoum. They landed in the river, and after they were moored the crew went ashore to be greeted by the now familiar hospitality of the Royal Air Force. Ford's plan was to continue southwest to Leopoldville in the Belgian Congo and begin their South Atlantic crossing there. He had no desire to set out across the Sahara; a forced landing in that vast trackless wasteland would not only render the aircraft forever immobile, but the crew would surely perish in the harshness of the desert.

Clipper(We will continue this story in another NetLetter, stay tuned - eds) 

Star Alliance News
Star AllianceUnited Airlines announced a domestic downsizing to help negotiate  rising fuel costs and a slowing US economy, with the carrier planning to ground 15-20 mainline aircraft this year. As part of initiative to save fuel in 2008 it plans to install APB winglets on its 757-200s, perform single-engine taxi, selectively reduce speeds, improve climb/descent profiles and streamline fuel supply chain.
Air Canada - our first 70 years

February 18th 1987 - Weekly cargo service to Thailand to become the first Canadian carrier to provide scheduled service to Thailand.

March 1st 1987 - Edmonton-Ottawa non-stop reintroduced after being discontinued October 1986.

April 26th 1987 -  Vienna returned to the network with two flights a week. This route had been discontinued in 1977.

April - 1987
  • New UniformsNew uniforms were introduced.

  • Air Canada became the first major North American airline to introduce non smoking flights in the U.S. with flights to New York & Newark.
  • Planning for service to Egypt during 1988 was being undertaken as part of the airline's international expansion
January 1st, 1988 - a sad day for retired employees, spouses, and their qualified children and their parents and for widows/widowers who, up until this date, had enjoyed FREE space available travel on the airline, but, sadly, a service charge was introduced.

Helicopter ServiceAir Canada launched a helicopter service from Pearson International Airport to downtown Toronto on August 11th, 1986 The fare was $15.00 for executive passengers, $20.00 for economy, $35.00 for discount passengers and $45.00 for non Air Canada passengers. 

Service between Toronto and Dallas-Fort Worth which commenced in 1975 was discontinued on September 8th, 1986.

Trans-Canada Air Lines was the first international carrier to serve Chicago on July 2nd, 1946.

Captain Walter Fowler was the captain of several inaugural flights including Montreal - Moncton November 1st, 1939, Toronto - New York May 10th, 1941,  Moncton - Newfoundland May 1st, 1942

1986 - The inaugural flight, a B747, from Manchester to Toronto was under the command of Captain Bernard Lacroix, also on board were Flight Attendants Maria Morgan and Helga Federko.

Apr - Wardair became one of 70 domestic and international carriers to join Canada's largest reservation network - ReserVec.

Musings from "Horizons" -
From issue dated September 1985 -

On Oct 22nd, an agreement was made with Time Air to share the YVR-YYJ-YVR route.

Air Canada operated B727 aircraft and Time Air introduced, for the first timer in Canada, the Short SD360

A320 PostcardPictured is a postcard handed out during flights

Postcard Back

Where are they now.

A319 C-FYNS fin 253 c/n 639 returned to GECAS Dec 2007 and then sold to Skybus OH has been sold on to Aigle Azu of France.
Bytes and Pieces

Alan RustI found an interesting video of an emergency landing of a small aircraft. If you choose to watch the video (link below), it is quite amazing how the pilot keeps on a straight line with a gear up landing. He's either very,very good or just "plane" lucky (pardon the pun).

See: www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9zXweJ4O3s

Gear up landing


Alan Rust

TCA/AC Events & People Gallery

Vincent Brimicombe This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
has sent us the following photographs -

LAX March 194625th anniversary of class "46" taken at LAX in 1971

l to r - Dave Young, Sales Manager LAX, Reg Cook, Al Godbolt,
Vince Brimicombe, Bob Nicholson, Sales Manager YWG and Hugh Bolduc.

Grad Class 1946Graduation class of 1946 taken at Stevenson Field Winnipeg with Lockheed CF-TCM. Unfortunately we do not have any identification of the members.

Manager Conference 1960Manager Meeting Conference at Montreal circa 1960

l to r Standing - are Peter Johnson, Max Eagles, Jim Somerville, Art Russell, Murray Law, Gordon Wilson, Johnnie Maxwell, Lil Parker, Dave Bonnell, Frank MacDonald, Bill Holmes, Al Godbolt, Eric Stull, Brian Johnson, Luke McCarthy, Peter Coglin, Al Murphy and Al Reid.

l to r sitting - are Kay Smith, Harvey LeSage, Bud Findlayson, Earl Strugnell, Al Felix, J. Crawford, Brian Kemp, Anson McKim, Doug Bartola, Charlie Fitzgerald, Wendell Cook, V.E.B., Elliott Bolton, John Clowes and Reg Cook.

Vince Vince Brimiscombe is in the centre of this group at SFO in 1981 celebrating his 35th anniversary with Air Canada. On his right is Claude Taylor (President) and D.Young (Sales Manager LAX) On his left is Bob Nicholson (Sales Manager - WPG) and Pat Labrie (V.P. USA)

From "Horizons" October 1985, we have three pictures of staff taken during the visit by President Pierre Jeaniot to Chicago and Dallas/Fort Worth.
ChicagoChicago 2

Air Canada News
Air CanadaWinter service expanded to Argentina, Brazil and Chile.  Air Canada is enhancing service
to its major South American destinations next winter with the introduction of new
non-stop service to Buenos Aires from Toronto December 1st with B777-300 equipment.
An exclusive flight to Santiago and the introduction of a Boeing 777-300ER for Sao Paulo.
Canadi>n/CPAir/PWA, Wardair, etc. Events & People

Nordair was founded on February 25, 1946 as Mont Laurier Aviation in Roberval, Quebec. On May 24, 1957. together with Mid Canada Line, Nordair was formed.

NordairSome of the Nordair fleet.

PWA SiteP.W.A. people, check out this web site - very interesting.

PWA Fleet Here are some of the PWA fleet -

CP TimetablePictured is the CPAL timetable issued 1943 and saved by Bjorn Larsson view more on www.timetableimages.com
Readers Feedback
Member Feedback
Gerald Archambeau sends us this information -
The NetLetter Family were kind enough to have given me mention in your NetLetter #945 when I self published my first Autobiography " A Struggle to Walk with Dignity" with Trafford Publ.

Well all I can say is "Wonders never Cease", since that time in Oct. 22, 2006 my book caught the eye of a prominent Canadian publisher, "Blue Butterfly Books".

This was a once in a life time opportunity for me as a new author, and they made me an offer that I could not refuse. My book is now being re published and completely re edited by one of Toronto's best editors, as a 2nd edition that will be on the market in April/08 in
Chapters, Indigo, Coles and other book stores across Canada. As a proud PIONAIR in the Central Ontario District, I would like to encourage other retirees to pursue their dreams because anything is possible in life. Anyone can get more info on the book launch on the
www.bluebutterflybooks.ca and at www.chapters.com .

I would like to thank you, Vesta and Terry Baker for your encouraging words to the PIONAIRS across our AC system.

Sincerely, Gerald A. Archambeau
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Help Wanted
Fraser Muir is seeking information
Subject: Travel Info
Joan and I are interested in visiting the European War Memorials this summer; could we have some guidance on surface transportation and B & B's, please??

I am a Veteran of WW2, flew 35 Operations with RAF Bomber Command, 50 Squadron, on Lancasters from Skellingthrope, Lincolnshire.

Fraser Muir This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Terry's Travel Tips

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Some great resort picks in the Caribbean including the Dominican Republic, St. Croix, Barbados, Freeport, St. Martin and Aruba.
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