Following up on the article in NetLetter # 1326 in “Readers Feedback” by Ken Pickford, regarding the DC-8 fire at YYZ.

Richard Fister sends this information and a couple of photos from the six he sent us - Sure did burn!
Rumour that I heard was that the crew were testing/tuning the HF radios and caused a spark that set the fire off. Don't know if this was the case but there was a prohibition to test/tune the HF radios when the a/c was being fuelled. in the AOM when I flew the DC-8s.

I had a look at the current Flight Operations Manual ( "High frequency (HF) radios and weather radar shall not be operated while fuelling is in progress." I'm sure this came to be a result of 822.

 Regards, Rick

tmb cf tij yyz fire 1tmb cf tij yyz fire 2

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