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Vesta StevensonFor those following the Clipper story it can be found by following this link
and/or we will carry next segment in NetLetter 1015.

I thought this article may be of interest -
Airline flies jumbo jet powered by biofuel Feat is hailed as progress in reducing carbon dioxide emissions Virgin Atlantic has carried out the world's first flight of a commercial aircraft powered partly by biofuel. The Boeing 747 flew on Sunday February 24th from London's Heathrow Airport to Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport, with one of its four engines using a mixture of coconut oil and babassu oil.

Had the engine failed, others would have been capable of getting the plane to its destination, the British airline said. One concern was that the fuel might freeze, but mid-flight, Captain Geoff Andreason reported via satellite telephone that all was well, and he went on
to complete the journey. Critics have said that cultivating crops to make biofuel is not sustainable and will lead to reduced land for food production. Biofuels are typically produced from plant oils and, ideally, have a lower carbon footprint than fossil fuels.

The chief scientist of the environmental group Greenpeace, Doug Parr, called the 747 flight "high-altitude greenwash" and said even producing organic oils to make biofuel could lead to deforestation and massive greenhouse gas emissions.

Virgin Atlantic spokesman Paul Charles said the flight demonstrated that, by using a substitute for conventional jet fuels, it's possible to produce less of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. "Some of us in the industry are actually doing something about reducing our carbon emissions. I don't think that's a gimmick. It's progress," he said.

Charles said it would take weeks to analyze the data from Sunday's flight. Richard Branson, the airline's president, said his company worked with Boeing, GE Aviation and Imperium Renewables for the past year to "prove that biofuels can be used at 30,000 feet [9,140 metres] without freezing."

Star Alliance News
Star AllianceSINGAPORE AIRLINES plans to convert its five A340-500s from 181-seat, 2-class layout to 100-seat all-business class (using lie-flat seats designed for A380 and manufactured by KOITO); aircraft are operated on daily nonstop

SAS settlement with Bombardier includes new aircraft orders
SAS Group said it will receive "slightly more" than SEK1 billion ($163.3
million) in cash and credit toward new aircraft purchases in settlement with Bombardier and Goodrich over the Q400 landing gear incidents that led the airline to retire its 27 Q400s last fall.
Air Canada - our first 70 years

1986 - Feb 2nd - "Cashless cabin" introduced meaning free bar service, free movies and free audio entertainment for all passengers.

1985 - Aug - Air Canada and P.W.A. each purchased 24.5% or Air Ontario.

Haiti CargoAir Canada Cargo concluded a contract with Air Haiti to wet lease a DC-8-73 for 3 months. Pictured are l to r - George Hoban GSA, Tom Kelley & Pete Newell,Jason Troncale, Francis Myrtil of Air Haiti, Hank Fleming and Gerry brown.

For many years now, we have been fortunate in receiving stories and memories from Bill Norberg and, as our 70th year is closing, Bill thought this would be of interest -

The 70th Anniversary year is rapidly drawing to a close. It has been a stimulating time for us all to remember and relive so many wonderful airline memories. I am sure there are many employees who have wonderful stories about their personal airline experiences tucked away in their memory banks. I can only hope for them, that they find a way to document them for themselves as well as their family. In the end it probably matters little to many but I have always been a believer of preserving experiences and memories. As we age if we do not preserve and value our memories, we will have little sustenance for those twilight days and years that come to us all.

"My last shot". Our anniversary year is just about over Phases in the life of Trans-Canada Air Lines/Air Canada

The 70th anniversary of this great airline is a major event in the
life of Canada, as well as a testament to the many people who have
played a role in making it the success it has become. Corporate
milestone anniversaries, whether they are the celebration of a 50th,
60th or 70th anniversary, provide the opportunity to reflect on and
recognize the influence that time, external events, and the corporate
and employee response to these factors, has defined the evolving
character of the company For me, Air Canada's current anniversary
event is cause for celebration...

I was privileged to work for Trans-Canada Air Lines / Air Canada for
43 years starting in 1940 shortly after the airline was created in
1937. My 24 years of retirement added to those 43 years have given me an opportunity to be closely associated with 67 of the 70 years making up this milestone anniversary. My close personal association over such a long period gave me a wonderful opportunity to observe the changes in personality, character, culture and operation of the airline from many perspectives. It has evolved from a small, family oriented corporation that was required to perform all aspects of an airline's passenger, cargo and maintenance mandate, into the passenger airline partner of a large airline services holding company with new unfamiliar faces and diverse mandates. .These changes are not necessarily wrong, but certainly the most visible characteristics of it's growth as it continues to be one of the world's great airlines.

Not long ago I was documenting my memories about how these changes appear to have evolved for no other reason than my own personal satisfaction, and possibly the interest of my children. As I started this project, I sensed there was a way in which I could group my thoughts by dividing the airline's life into a series of distinct
phases throughout its development. I identified the time period for
each phase together with a short title, a short "message" that
indicated what was going on, and finally a "characteristic"
descriptive of the company activity in each phase. I developed 15
phases that have defined for me, the character and direction of Air
Canada over the past 70 years. While these are nothing more than some casual comments, they come from an individual who loved the airline industry , and this company in particular, every step of the way.

Phase Period - The message - Airline characteristic

  1. "Big Brother" 1937-1941 -This is how you do it courtesy UAL -Willing learners
  2. "We are different" 1942-1946 -This is how we do it. -Skill developers
  3. "We know best" 1949-1958 - Don't argue...just do -Strong leaders
  4. "Making it our way" 1959-1965 -After all we are a big airline -Growth accommodators
  5. 'Maybe there is another way" 1966-1979 -Being different is -Functional planners a bit expensive
  6. "Which way should we go?"
    1980-1981 -What is wrong with what we -Structure tinkerers
  7. "Small is beautiful" 1982-1987 -We need to start losing weight
    & privatize. -Fire fighters
  8. "Free at last" 1988-1990 - Now we can do what
    we always wanted to do -Free Enterprisers
  9. "Even smaller is
    better" 1991-1992 -We have too many people
    to be profitable -House cleaners
  10. "Getting back
    to basics" 1993-1996 -The issue is profitability,
    not market share. -Learners again
  11. "Getting to One" 1996-1999 -This is how it is done in the -Alley fighters growing the airline profitably.
  12. "Full circle" 1999-2000 -Rescue of Canadian - Integration an any cost
  13. "9/11 and Air travel" 2001-2002 -How do we adapt to the
    cost paradigm? -Downsize re-brand and
  14. "Bankruptcy protection 2003-2004 -How must we, and the Corporation. change to survive? -Agents of transformation
    and right-sizing.
  15. "Rebirth of Air Canada as a partner of A.C.E. Inc. 2004 onward -Diversify and -Profit is No. 1 for each A.C.E. Inc. partner.
It has been a fascinating 70 years. Much has been accomplished and
clearly there are more significant developments to come. The airline
we called Air Canada, and what used to be the main purpose of the
corporation, is now one of ACE's arms length subsidiaries that is
available for possible divestment to interested parties in part or in
total. While I can only speculate about how the past three years of
Air Canada's evolution may have affected the character of the "new Air Canada", I suspect the feelings of personal ownership and pioneering involvement experienced by the early employees must have been numbed by the uncertainty that accompanies changes of this magnitude.

In reflecting on the role I have been able to play in Air Canada's
development, it is clear to me that I could never have had such a
marvelous work experience anywhere else but in the air transportation industry. The challenges we faced, the constant need to innovate and adapt were mind boggling at times. I feel very privileged to have been a part of it. I know many others feel the same way. I look back on these years with great fondness, much thankfulness and appreciation for a lifetime of wonderful memories, some great people, and a deep feeling of pride at what has been accomplished. I would also like to thank once again, the many people who worked for and with me throughout these memorable years.

I wish the airline every success for the future, and congratulations
for the accomplishments of these past 70 years.

"A Happy Anniversary to everyone."

John William Norberg

(Thank you Bill for all your very interesting contributions to our NetLetter over the years - eds)

Where are they now.
A340-313 fin 906 C-FYLU c/n 179 returned to Maple Leaf Financing during Jan 2008 has been leased to Swiss International.
Bytes and Pieces

Alan RustYou may have already seen this video, or stills captured from it, on a news broadcast. Shot by an amateur at Hamburg, Germany, the video shows a dramatic landing attempt on Fuhlsbuettel Airport's Runway 23 in strong and gusty crosswinds. (Various news reports about the incident mentioned gusts with windspeeds of up to approximately 150 mph.)

At one point the tip of the left wing of the Lufthansa Airlines A320 briefly touches the ground, just before the crew initiated a go-around. According to various news reports, the aircraft later landed safely, but minus one winglet. A story about the incident on CNN.com quoted a Lufhthansa spokesman who said that the plane "is already back in service."

The incident happened on Saturday (March 1, 2008) as the aircraft was arriving on a scheduled flight from Munich with more than 130 people on board. The weather conditions were caused by a powerful winter storm that swept across Europe over the past weekend. The weather disrupted air traffic at Hamburg, and several other locations, causing many flight delays, and several diversions.

Congratulations to the crew for their successful handling of such a challenging situation.

A320 Crosswind Landing


Alan Rust

TCA/AC Events & People Gallery

At the end of January 1986, Air Canada was named winner of the
Air Transport World Passenger Service Award.

Advertising & Public Affairs Department decided to commemorate the award with a poster with representatives from various employee groups and districts. The result was the following photograph.

Air Transport AwardLeft to right - Richard D Lawrence mechanic Halifax, Michelle Gowey C.S A New York, Dominic DiPilato CARA Pastry Chef Montreal,
F/A Tracy-Anne Lennie Calgary, Capt. Ron C Dennis Chief Pilot & F/O Director Toronto,
Trish Millar-Ellis Development Analyst Montreal, Hazel Tenn C.S.A. Montego Bay,
Eugene Green Lead Station Att't London.

Musings from "Horizons" issued January 1985 -
CF-TCCCF-TCC was being readied to take part in the company's 50th anniversary, here is a team who are sprucing up the "ol' girl" ready for 1986.

Bombay StaffThe Bombay staff in 1984 are waiting for the inaugural flight in 1985.

ACRA ChristmasThe A.C.R.A. Christmas party at Toronto in 1984

from Horizons issued Sept 1985 -
DonationsPictured a group preparing for employee donations.

Canadi>n/CPAir/PWA, Wardair, etc. Events & People

In NetLetter nr 1012 we made mention of the book "Travel's My Game" by Bert Ollivier.

The book has now been issued and is available from Bert Ollivier.
A synopsis can be viewed by searching for "Travel's My Game" on the internet. Cost is ca$22.78 and includes GST, packing and postage within Canada.

Cheques made out to Bert Ollivier and mailed to
3839 King Arthur Drive, Nanaimo, B.C. V9T 6B9

Marlie Kelsey tells us that the first YXYCP Reunion was held at Parksville from Sept 26 thru 28 2003. For those of you who missed it, or enjoyed it,here are the details of another being planned -

Okay you Sourdoughs!
We're back at it for a rolicking good time this fall. For anyone who ever worked in YXY (and a few others from the BC District) and for any flight crews who passed through our fair city on a regular basis you are invited to YXYukon 2008.

Dates: September 26-28th, 2008
Location: Quality Resort Bayside Inn Parksville, BC
(35 Rooms have been blocked under YXY Reunion Rate $99.00 Oceanview rooms- call direct to reserve)
240 Dogwood St
Parksville, BC V9P 1E1
(250) 248-8333

Registration Cost: $75.00 per person ( Includes Wine & Cheese Welcome Friday night, Banquet & Dance Saturday night & Goodbye Brunch Sunday morning- Does not include, room cost or golf or Zodiac trips or spa)

HOW TO REGISTER ( Space may be limited so register early Maximum for dinner is 112 people) There will be an Early Bird Draw. Two people will win their $75.00 registration fee back. ALL entries received before July 1, 2008 will be entered to win a free Registration.

Reserve your spots NOW by sending your cheque payable to:
Pat Besier
2812 Wedgewood Dr
Duncan, BC V9L 6B1
(250) 748-7567
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please include the following information:
Name, Phone number, Mailing address, Email address
Position ( Agent, Ramp, Pilot, F/A, etc) Dates you were in YXY

MEMORABILIA- If you have pictures to share (that we don't already have on the website) please send digital copies to :
Phil Kelsey at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We'll include them in a slide show. We will also have a sheet for you
to fill out which will be sent to you once we have heard back from you.

If you didn't come to the 2003 YXY reunion have a look at our Website at http://cedarcoast.ca/yxycp
We had a lot of fun!!! There is something about working up north. We
may not see each other for years but the time slips away when we are all together. See you 8 months.

Marlie, Pat, Phil and Brian
Marlie Kelsey This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Reunion CommitteePictured is your committee
l to r - Donna MacFarlane, Brian Walsh, Pat Besier, Phil Kelsey,
Marlie Kelsey

From the final edition of "Expressions" the Nordair in-house magazine
December 1986 -
BorealPhoto of Boreal Airways/Mont Laurier Aviation Seaplane base at Cache Lake near Chibougamau - 1956

and these four pictures.

Nordair 2Nordair 1

Nordair 4Nordair 3
Readers Feedback
Member FeedbackFrom: Murray Phipps
Subject: NetLetter 1008 Picture Edmonton Staff

Bunny Blakley came up with the names of almost all of the Edmonton staff in the group photo at the Edmonton Municipal Airport as pictured in the NetLetter 1008. Bunny spent some 40 years with TCA/AC and added a few more years with Time Air & Canadian.She believes that the picture was probably taken in the summer of 1947 and not 1945. This is based on the fact that some of the people shown didn't start with the company until the fall of 1946 and that this picture with the girls in their summer dresses would point to a summer day.

It is interesting to note that a couple of years later in mid winter the
airline transferred the entire Western Control office and most of the Space Control agents and Teletypists from the chilly Edmonton Municipal Airport to frigid Stevenson Field in Winnipeg .Since this office was staffed around the clock when the last shift finished in Edmonton the next shift started in Winnipeg.That was quite a move for some 20 or more young employees and their families.

Now to the picture:
YEG 1945Front Row reading from the left:
1 Jack Jackman (DSM) 2 Harry Slater (stn mngr) 3 Aida Bradley (tkt ofc) 4 Vera Herbert ( teletype) 5 Joyce Carson (teletype) 6 (Janet Butcher (teletype) 7 Vivian - ?? (teletype) 8 Ruby MacMurdo (wcx) 9 Mary Cunningham (teletype) 10 Hazel Fowler (tas) 11 Minnie - ?? (radio) 12 Elenor Sveen Charles (tas) 13 Harry Schofield (wc mngr) 14 George Bailey (teletype mngr)

2nd Row - 1 Stan Stanton (wcx) 2 Gus Carnahan (wcx) Jo 3 Chomlak Mitchell (teletype) 4 Peggy Campbell 5 Bunny Blakley (tas) 6 Elaine Mclaughlin (teletype) 7 Marion Slater Jones 8 Ruth Krull Williams (tas) 9 Mona Adamson (secretary) 10 Cec Davidson (radio) 11 Jack Charles ( arpt tkt ctr) 12 Fred Kirkman (wc) 13 Bob Livingstone

3rd Row - 1 Len Rachuk (wc) 2 Doug Stewart (tkt macdonald htl) 3 Johnny Lee (wc) 4 Jerry Mchale (wc) 5 Charley Tillbrook ( radio) 6 Freddy Domries (radio) 7 Sid Pearce (wcx) 8 Karen Jones 9 Jack Burgess

4th Row - 1 Stan Harris 2 Carl Peterson (maintenance) 3 ?? 4 Earl Gerow (crew chief) 5 ?? 6 Frank Heim (maintenance) 7 Gord Thoms ( supervisor maintenance) 8 ?-- Gilbert (maintenance) 9 Sid Willis (crew chief) Murray Phipps - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In NetLetter nr 1012 we published a photo of a L1011 "Fly by wire" submitted by Jerry. Vesta questioned the authenicity of the photo, and this is, in part, the email exchanged -

Subject: RE: Re: L-1011
My 1st impression of this photo is that "it's a lucky shot" next "it's a hoax" but if it's true photo then what's the story behind it, please.

From Jerry
You are right about the photo. It was just a lucky, unintentional shot of L-1011 on approach to YYZ. The security in those years was not as it is now. As for the Canadian Aviation Historical Society, I am not a member yet. I want to finish my Spitfire first, presently getting the engine for it. As the former Air Force officer I am involved in the
CZECH AIRMEN ASSOCIATION. (http://www.csletci.cz/)

Every year I spend about 5 months in Czech Republic. We are working now on the DVD of the history of the Czech Republic Air Force. Many of our pilots were trained in Canada to fight in Britain during WW 2nd. I am trying to get any copy of their involvement which could be in Canada, USA and Britain, archives. I tried to send the E-mail to their museums, but did not get an answer.

Do you know anybody I should contact? Thanks.
Jerry This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: www.javifix.com

This story by your co-pilot was in NetLetter nr 267
I recall a story I read in a book called 'Survival In The Sky' -
It was called 'Luckiest Man Alive', about a 20 year old co-pilot and
test observer, called Harry Griffiths, who was a brother of Maurice,
a Trans-Canada Air Lines pilot in Toronto.

Harry's job was to test flight the Boston A20 aircraft prior to being
flown across the Atlantic to the RAF. On the 21st December 1942, Harry was checking such an aircraft with pilot Sid Gerow. The plane took off from Dorval and flew across the Lake St. Louis. The engines were throttled back, in turn, and feathered each propeller in turn and then restarted the engines, this to ensure reliability incase one engine failed during the Atlantic trip.

Harry was in the nose and had removed his parachute due to space restrictions, and then checked the instruments in the cockpit, finally, while crawling back into the nose to check the bomb sight, the lower hatch gave way and Harry found himself hanging underneath the aircraft. The pilot guessed what had happened but could not leave the controls as automatic pilot was not available, and he knew Harry could not hang on too long, nor could he land the aircraft, so he flew low over the ice covered Lake St Louis, and Harry fell out. A farmer witnessed this event and saw this 'package' roll across the frozen lake for about half a mile before it spun to a stop - thinking it was a practice bomb, but the 'package' moved and the farmer realized that someone had fallen from an aircraft.

Harry's limbs and body were badly bruised, but not a bone broken.
Help Wanted
Subject: To Down Under and Back.
Geoff is requesting help.
I have a request, my Travel Partner and I are planning a trip to the U.K. and on to Australia Sept. 2008. to visit Family. Our proposed Itinerary would be Vancouver- London, stopover 2wks. London- Perth, stopover 3wks. Perth- Adelaide, stopover 10 days. Adelaide-return -Vancouver.

I am 85, my Travel Partner, my brother-in-law is 81, this will be our
Swan Song. Problem is I have never attempted an enterprise such as
this before and don't know where to start. Are there any World Wide
Travelers out there who might help? With great expectations, and
appreciation I respectfully await the avalanche of suggestions.

Greetings to all TCA./AIR CANADA fellow travelers.
Geoff. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Terry's Travel Tips

Terry BakerFrom the ACFamily Forums -
"This is to inform you that, if an employee is bumped off a flight and if there is another flight of same destination, the gate would then list the employee for the next flight on the same day. However, if there are no flights on the same day, employee then has to list on the Employee Travel Website. Thus, the gate agent would not be able to make a booking for the employee, the next day. Therefore, under special circumstances the gate agent would have made a booking."

Air Canada Vacations new and additional summer services to sun holiday destinations include:
Toronto-Turks & Caicos; Holguin, Cuba; Varadero, Cuba; and to St. Lucia Montreal-Santa Clara, Cuba and to Montego Bay, Jamaica Vancouver-Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo, Mexico; Cancun, Mexico, and to Maui

Remember, all employees/retirees can purchase discounted Air Canada Vacations packages featuring confirmed air and hotel through the Employee Travel site on the Portal.

BAA receives okay to hike Heathrow, Gatwick charges more than 20% The UK Civil Aviation Authority is allowing BAA to raise charges at London Heathrow and Gatwick by more than 20% next year.

In its final decision on price controls at LHR and LGW for the
five-year period ending March 31, 2013, CAA is increasing the price
cap at Heathrow by ?2.44 ($4.92), or 23.5% in real terms, to ?12.80
per passenger for the year starting next month. Charges in the four
subsequent years could rise by 7.5% per year above inflation. At
Gatwick, the price cap is set at ?6.79 per passenger in 2008-09, a 21% increase in real terms from the current cap. Charges in the next four years are allowed to increase 2% above inflation annually.
(Before you ask - we do not know how, or if, this charge will
affect the charges on our passes - eds)

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