1946 aprThe 1946 April timetable from the private collection of Bjorn Larsson.

Happenings from the 1943 Annual report.

tmb 1943 annual report
  • In June, 1943 the transcontinental route was extended to the terminal at Patricia Bay airport on Vancouver Island. Local passenger and express traffic were forbidden, airmail service only was carried which resulted in a financial disadvantage.

  • July 22nd the Government's wartime trans-Atlantic service was inaugurated, with flight crews and maintenance personnel supplied by TCA. Government owned converted Lancaster aircraft were utilized.

  • 300 TCA personnel were engaged in the conversion, servicing and maintenance of the Liberator aircraft used in the return of ferry service of BOAC.

tmb tca 1943

Found in the "Between Ourselves" magazine issue dated March, 1960

tmb purser leadership meetingPURSERS of the Overseas Region met with some of the key Managers of their Region during a ''Purser Leadership" discussions while the photographer recorded the unique occasion.

Front row, left to right: Pursers P. Rothe, J. P. Girouard. J. C. Brabant, W. R. Mallar and P. A. Gendreau; Captain R.M.Smith, Flight Operations Manager; L.H.Wedge, Management Development Asst; Second row: W. P. Sansom, Regional Maintenance Supr.; J. G. Maxwell, Regional Sales Manager; A. E. Candy, Flight Despatch Manager; C.S.Hewett, Regional Operations Manager; A.C.Phillips, Passenger Service Supvr.;  M.A.Johnston, Station Operations Manager.

Rear row: P.G.Barber, Chief Purser; W.H.Lane, Purser; A.W.MacDonald, Asst. Chief Purser; M.Robbins, Project Leader; and Pursers L.R.Pitt, R.D.Wall, G.L.Pitcher and G.J.Sheppard.

tmb marketing plan''THE MARKETING PLAN,'' the first fully integrated approach to TCA marketing problems, is presented by W. Gordon Wood, Vice-President Sales to the four Regional Sales Managers.

From the left: W. Gordon Wood: W. W. Fowler, Eastern Region; J. Gā€ž Maxwell, Atlantic Region,; W. J. Dalby, Western Region; and W. R. Campbell, Central Region. The Marketing Plan is the basis for the Company's Sales plans in the jet age. 

(Everyone has to have a plan, even upper management ā€“ eds).

Extracted from the "Altitude" magazine issued March 1989

tmb flight attendants graduation 1989New Flight Attendants graduation during the summer of 1989.

Seated L to R: Carole Pinto, instructor; Karen Wilford, Pamela Bardo, Carol Ann Peet, Sylvie Bois, Maria Egerton, Patricia McCormick, Marian Lamary, instructor.

Standing L to R: Jacques Marion, Irvin Wilcox, Louise Clement, Christian Aveline, Deborah Nagel, Anne Charlebois, Francois Gauvin, Claudine Buckland, Pierre Hamel, Ginette Ferlatte, Maria Mulder.

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