1995 Nov 13th - Inaugural between Toronto and St. Louis.

tmb vanguardsFour TCA Vanguards in different phases of completion are shown in the photo at the Vickers-Armstrongs Weybridge Works in the U.K. The furthest advanced can be seen in the background with No. 2 immediately behind it in the. Numbers 3 & 4 are in the near bay. The photo was taken February 1st 1960.


From the "Horizons" magazine issued December 1995

Thirteen Air Canada jets left Canada and touched down at airports across the United States on Sunday October 31st 1995, setting a Canadian record for the most new services launched in a single day.

1995 - Oct 29th - Inaugural service between Vancouver to Denver. Los Angeles and San Francisco. Between Calgary to Denver and Houston. Between Toronto to Washington DC, Denver, Las Vegas, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, West Palm Beach, and Fort Myers and between Montreal to Orlando.

tmb yvr den crewShown here is the In-Flight Service crew for the Vancouver - Denver inaugural: Bruce Acthim, In Charge YWG; Cheryle Kraemer, Flight Attendant YWG: Susan Davidson. Flight Attendant YYZ and Christine Piechowiak, Flight Attendant YUL.

San Francisco celebrated the start- up of its new service to Vancouver with the crew of  Flight 523.

tmb sfo yvr crewPictured here are Jon Moore, In-Charge; Jill Hong. Flight Attendant: Kirk Davis. First Officer; Neville Fong. Manager Customer Service SFO: Captain C.A. McKinnon; Peter McKenna- Srnall. Flight Attendant and Ginger Miller. Regional Sales Manager.

tmb denver celebration

(Note: Denver International Airport named October 31st 2015 as Air Canada day, to celebrate 20 year’s service – eds)

Extracted from the "Altitude" magazine issued March 1989.

New Flight Attendants

tmb new flight attendants 1989(Seated L-R): Marian Peacock, instructor, Heather Barr, Marie-Pascale Raymond, Nadia Beauchamp, Marlies Klolz, Manon Lachance, instructor.

(Standing L-R): Patricia Donnelly, Bernd Krumme, Brenda Bel, Elisabeth Harris, Nathalie Gagnon, Sophie Doucet, Suzanne Dionne, Kelly Whidden, Lucy Chik, Robert Ladouceur, Rachel Cyr, Elizabeth Sutherland, Roberto Moriello.

Gleaned from the "FYI ..." magazine -

A newsletter by and for US Air Canada people - dated December 1971

CHlCAGO - Earlier in this year 1971, Chicago celebrated 25 years flying between Canada and Chlcago and in recognition of this event, Mayor Daley presented our Vice President, Pat Labrie, with a plaque in honor of the occasion.

tmb chicago 1971Shown In the picture at one of the Informal receptions are members of the Chicago staff and Billie Houseman, left, then Chief Stewardess who was on our inaugural flight in 1946 with Gerry Gray, 2nd from the right, who was District Manager in Chicago at the time. Also pictured are Dorothy Mason, Marie Pope, Don Browner, Valerie Manos and Rita Harrigan. Valerie's mother baked the beautiful cake in Air Canada’s honour.

Cleveland office celebrated 25 years of air service by the company and this was the first non-stop scheduled air service from, a foreign country to the Cleveland community. Many functions were held to honour the day and shown are employees of the Cleveland staff who participated in the festivities.

tmb cleveland 1971Left to right: Jlm Gedra, Jirn Oprey, Llnda Whaley, Frank Andreas, W. M. Stainton, Ramsay McGregor, 8ob Sedlack, Bernie Diablo, Cheryl Grealls and Angus May.

Seated are Lori Flowers and Ann Gates.

Found in the "Parts and Pieces" Stores magazine issue dated January 1988

The advent of the Economy Class on Air Canada's passenger service in North America occurred on February 1, 1954, and marked the first fare reduction in the airline's history. The new class was called "Tourist" until 1961.

A group of new stock keepers for YUL -

tmb yul newiesFrom the top: Donald St. Laurent, Simon Wolf, Paul Murphy, Huy Tran, John Paterson, Mike Gagne, Sylvain Bourbeau and the one and only lady Irene Tsoukatos

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