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Between Ourselves Dec 1946
Cover page of "Between Ourselves" issued December 1946.

We hope you have been enjoying the photos and articles we have been pulling out of the back issues of "Between Ourselves" for the past few months. We are still working on archiving all of these issues and placing them on our web site. This will take some time, but when finished we hope to have a complete searchable collection of all the issues published from 1941 on. Stay tuned for more information regarding this.


This week's postcard is of Madrid, Spain


Postcard #1003

Note: for our new readers, I have been collecting postcards from our travelling NetLetter "family" for many years. If you are away and have a minute, I'd be delighted to get one from you as well. You can obtain my address by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (it's automated and will respond right away)
Found on the Internet

Airlines all over the world are being warned to check to make
sure there's actually oxygen in their aircraft oxygen systems after an
embarrassing mix-up by Qantas Airlines at Melbourne International
Airport. For ten months, crews have been filling airliner oxygen systems from a nitrogen cart that's supposed to be used to fill tires.

The mistake went unnoticed until a couple of weeks ago when an observant aircraft engineer spotted service workers using the cart. "He was walking around the plane and asked what they were doing. When they said they were topping up the oxygen, he said, 'No you're not, that's a nitrogen cart,'"

So long Connies -The distinctive Lockheed Constellation, with its
graceful curves and triple tail, represents a golden age of flight to
many aviators, but now the U.S. will lose three of the remaining fleet
to a buyer in Europe. The airplanes were sold recently at auction for
$748,000. The buyer was a division of the German airline Lufthansa,
which once flew the Connies. Intentions for the aircraft were not
announced but the group has restored aircraft to airworthy status in the past.
Air Canada - the first 70 years
Air Canada 70 years - 1937 - 2007


  • Dec 14th flight 964 inaugurates B767 Toronto-St.Lucia commanded by Capt. E.Maslak, F/O C.Cassidy
St LuciaPictured is the crew upon arrival, but crew not identified.(Horizons 681)


  • Feb 12th all-cargo service with DC-8-73 started from Toronto - Bombay via Prestwick & Brussels.
  • Feb 9th on MIA-YYZ fin C-GAAU inaugurated the first air-to-ground telephone service for passengers by a Canadian airline.
  • April 10th CF-TCC Lockheed L10A commenced a 50-stop tour of Canada to mark the 50th anniversary of TCA/Air Canada.
  • April 27th - B747 service started to Manchester U.K.
  • April 27th first major North American airline to introduce Non smoking on flights.
  • Sept 8th - service Toronto - Dallas-Fort Worth discontinued.
    Wardair joins ReserVec service. Control of Air Ontario, Austin Airways and AirBC were purchased. 49% of Air Nova purchased Dec - Services commenced Toronto - Puerto Plata, with B747. Toronto - Santa Dominica with L1011 equipment.
Some more technical "firsts" for TCA/Air Canada

  • In 1958 Air Canada pioneered development of the multi-channel flight recorder to be installed on Vanguard and DC-8 equipment. This recording system was eventually widely adapted by the industry as the 'black box".
  • Another innovation was the development of principals and methods of detecting early engine failures through laboratory analysis of engine oil which resulted in Air Canada leading the world's airlines in approved time between overhauls of piston, turbo-prop and turbo-fan engines.
  • The first airline to use a bypass engine in civil aircraft with
    the RR Conway powered DC-8 on April 1st 1960
  • On the Vanguard aircraft in 1961 electric de-icing was introduced.
TCA/AC Events & People Gallery

From "Between Ourselves" issue September 1952.
Relay centres had been established at Winnipeg supervised by George Bailey, Toronto supervised by Eleanor MacKnight, Dorval supervised by George Briggs, Moncton supervised by Peggy Cornelius and Vancouver administered by Station Manager Billy Wells with assistance by Mae MacFarlane.

From the relay centre at Toronto
Mary ScottPictured - Mary Scott scanning a section of tape.

OperatorsTransmission operators.

Gerneral ViewGeneral view.

At the MonitorsAt the monitors

SupervisorsTwo of the supervisors - Eleanor MacKnight,Toronto and Peggy Cornelius, Moncton

From "Between Ourselves" issue May 1953
St John recordA record at Saint John. On March 10th 1953 flight 423 rolled off the ramp to become the 100th consecutive flight through the station without a delay.

Pictured are - W.J.Hagen, passenger, Capt. Lindy Rood, Jack West, Bob Anderson, Jack MacLean, Howard Bulmer, Paul Mitchell, Myron Zagarchuk and Stewart Abrams. Capt. J.H.Burford looks down from the cockpit.

Canadi>n/CPAir/PWA, Wardair, etc. Events & People

Capt. RawsonPictured is Capt. Rawlings who resigned from T.C.A. on March 30th 1953 as Director of Flight Development to take a position at Canadian Pacific Airlines as Director of Flight Operations.

From: "Bernie McCormack" gram&This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
with CPAir 1955-56 (3 months) TCA/Air Canada 40 years
Subject: Canadian Pacific early years.

My pics

Machine ShopCPA machine shop, 12 May 1967 center - Jock McGeorge (his 65th birthday). Front - L -R Norm Vaux (foreman), Corky McCormack. Back - Ernie Ledger, Norm Kirkpatrik.

Cometde Havilland Comet

1963 - PWA used a DC-4 named "The Chieftain" and inaugurated service on May 21st between Edmonton and Calgary

1983 - CPAir's last DC-8-63 were sold to Worldways Canada which had been parked in Nevada for over a year. They had begun service in 1968.

Readers Feedback
We found the following on the ACFamily Network's forum page, and found it very interesting -

After reading the article in the latest NetLetter about the DC8 being pressed into Rapidair Service in 1978 between YYZ and YUL, I couldn't help reminiscing about the time I spent on it doing
Rapidairs. I remember that it held 198 passengers, sixteen of which were first class and the flying time was anywhere between an hour and ten minutes to an hour and twenty minutes, depending on which way the aircraft was vectored but, the actual time for in flight purposes was really about fifty minutes.

In those days we did full meal services with breakfast being the easiest because there was no bar service before noon.

Masking tape, the savior of In Flight, was adhered onto the fridges in
both mid cabin galleys. On these strips we placed as many pouches of instant coffee as possible so as to have them at our fingertips. In
those days, there were no coffee makers. All coffee and tea was made with boiling water from four hotcups which, because of altitude, just couldn't seem to get the water hot enough for some of our passengers.

All meals were delivered by a collapsible trolley that held four
containers of meal trays, each of which held twelve trays.

A typical lunch or dinner service involved at least seven flt.
attendants. and sometimes eight, if we were lucky. Just as soon as the seat belt sign went off, frequently during climb out because then, people wanted to smoke but couldn't until seat belt signs were turned off, we sprung into action, often walking up hill to get to the galleys.

First a bar service followed by hot meal delivery. Then the hot beverage service which also included seconds in bar followed by pick up and seconds in hot beverages, all within the fifty to fifty five minutes.

Passengers barely had time to consume what was offered and many times we ended up pulling the tray away because of time constraints. If one does the math, you get the idea of how many trolley movements were involved in such a service.

Occasionally, due to being short crewed or some other circumstance, we couldn't do the pick up in time which forced the In Charge to go into the cockpit to request a "go around", something that was certainly not appreciated by the pilots. We just couldn't land with over half the trays out on the passengers' chair tables. MOT would not be happy about that. The one time I had to request it, I got a thunderous "ARE YOU SURE!" To which I replied an equally emphatic affirmation.

These were not the most pleasant flights to work. Often stuck in blocks as fillers, they helped top up our flying time. But, there were some blocks that consisted of these flights entirely. We all felt sorry for those of us not senior enough to bid something else.

I've just got to say it. I just can resist. Today's attendants have it

Terry's Travel Tips

Terry BakerRichardson International Airport (YWG) soon will
become the first in Canada to sell the naming rights to terminals, gates and parking garages. That means that when you fly into YWG, you could be greeted one day by the flight attendants at the Tim Horton Terminal or
leave your car at the Mazda parkade.

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