In NetLetter nr 1337 we had information regarding
"ZED fares on Star Alliance Members”.
Christine Hayvice has sent us this information -

I want to correct an error in your Feb 27 edition about ZED fares. It is possible to book them on an iPhone. The trick is to turn off the pop up blocker in the Safari browser.

This also has to be done anytime one uses Safari on an Apple desktop or a Macbook Air laptop. On those two one goes to Preferences in Safari and unticks the pop up blocker. On an iPhone go to Settings then Safari. Find ‘Block Pop-ups” and turn it off.

Then when you click on MyIDTravel you will get a pop up that says “This site is attempting to open a pop-up window.” click on Allow and away you go.
I imagine the same applies for an iPad but I don’t have one to test it out.

Cheers Christine

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