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Vesta StevensonIn NetLetter nr 996, we omitted to add the message from the Kinsale card that was featured, so it is repeated below.

Postcard #996
Summercove, Kinsale, Co.,Cork .
With it's houses climbing up the wooded slopes of Compass Hill and overlooking the winding estuary of the Bandon River,has an old-fashioned appearance. The town is mostly of the 18th century, with narrow winding streets and interesting ruins, Kinsale is now one of Europe's leading angling centers.The traditional Kinsale cloak,a hooded garment has left it's influence on modern Irish fashion houses. Off the Old  Head of Kinsale, the Lusitania was sank in May 1915.(no signature)

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Air Canada and Star Alliance News
Air Canada LogoACE Chairman and CEO Robert Milton will be retiring as Chairman of Air Canada and leaving the Board of Directors. The effective date will be January 1, 2008. Robert remains Chairman, President and CEO of ACE Aviation Holdings.

Air Canada, together with 6 other airlines and various freight forwarders are taking part in an I.A.T.A. initiated project to test standardized procedures using electronic documents for air cargo.
Air Canada - the first 70 years
Air Canada 70 years - 1937 - 2007

  • AirTransit Canada, the STOL operation between YUL-YOW carried 93,000 passengers.
  • The company purchased 26% of Air Jamaica (1968) Ltd for which for which management and technical services were provided since 1973.
  • B747 combi aircraft received
  • Apr 28th - YOW-YYZ-Charlottetown service started.
  • Jul 1st - YYZ-Dallas/Ft.Worth and Houston services began
  • Nov 3rd - YUL- Guadeloupe-Martinique commenced.
  • Nov 27th - Yves Pratte resigned as CEO.
  • Movies introduced on L1011 flights.
  • "Night Hawk" flights to Miami, Tampa and Freeport introduced.
  • Services to Havana Cuba started.
  • Feb 16th - Claude Taylor appointed President and CEO.
  • April - AirTransit Canada operation terminated.
  • New routes YVR-YYC-CHI,  YUL-CLE and YYZ-BOS inaugurated
TCA/AC Events & People Gallery

Between Ourselves - Nov 1944From "Between Ourselves" issue November 1944

Lethbridge Ticket OfficeLethbridge City Ticket Office opened September 1st., 1944 in the Marquis Hotel. John Wilton Traffic Rep -in-charge.

Picture of the staff.

St. JohnsSydney City Ticket Office opened September 15th., 1944 in the Isle Royal Hotel.  J.M.Sinden Ticket Agent-in-charge.

From the "Between Ourselves" dated March 1945
donated by David Fairweather -  "What! You never heard of PAGWA?"

That headline on an article regarding a flight on January 12th., 1945 captained by Don McArthur having had to divert with the first "mechanical" ever into PAGWA. 21/2 days later, after repairing a defective oil tank.

Where is PAGWA? - somewhere east of Nakina and west of Kapuskasing.

PagwaPictured are l to r
Bill Savoire Airport Manager DOT, Frank Hughes chief mechanic TCA North Bay, F/O Doug Haddon, S.Purvis mwechanic WPG, "the Oil Tank", Capt. Don McArthur and Jim Kenyon crew chief WPG.

The following comment from Gretchen Aird - founder of the Canadian Maple Wings Association some 27 years ago for retired Flight Attendants This picture was sent to Gretchen -

First Class 1946This is a fabulous photo and there are several of the gals, still members of Maple Wings - Willie Imberry Ostrander-Hawkins of Naples, Florida, Donnie Presby Stevenson of Toronto, Cathy Zinck Hardy of Chester Basin, NS., and Margaret Crockett Townsend of Dorval.

I recall Inez Harrison, Irene Sheehan, Eileen Howard, Isabel Bart & Leone Barry once being members, I'll have to go into some back files. And of course there is also Betty Hemmingson Moore as Supervisor of Stewardess then.

Great Pic!!

Cheers, Gretchen     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Canadi>n/CPAir/PWA, Wardair, etc. Events & People

Contact 1990From the "Contact" magazine 1990-1 loaned by Bill Wood.

Controller's OfficePictured staffers from the controllers offfice.

StockeepersPictured Graham Stevens, senior lead stockeeper & Charlene Weston, stockeeper.

  • Sept 15th 1980 "The Company Jet" service featuring low density seating and special service, but this was terminated 6 months later due to lack of customers.
  • Oct 26th 1980 "Empress Class" introduced on transcontinental and international routes for full fare  economy class - the first airline in Canada to offer such service.
  • Jan 28th 1983 - "Royal Canadian Business Class" introduced on B747 services YUL-TYO-HKG
  • Dec 1983 - CP Hotels were transferred to CPAir.
  • Aug 1984 - Purchase of Eastern Provincial Airlines and its subsidiary Air Maritime. EPA was founded in 1949 as a charter service and in 1961 began scheduled services and became a major eastern carrier at the time of its acquisition by              Canadian Pacific.

SuperSonic DC-8 Information
CF-CPGIn NetLetter nr 647 we wrote about the first commercial aircraft, a DC-8, which broke the sound barrier. Speed reached was 660.6 mph achieved at 41,088 with true speed of 662.5 mph at 39,614 feet.

SupersonicWe now have some more information regarding CF-CPG fin 602 c/n 45623 "Empress of Montreal/Rome/Buenos Aires" owned by CPAL. Sent in by Bill Wood and Hilton Cranston-Whittaker 111 - retired Canadian Airlines (Flight Director)










An Internet search also found this photo and a great article as well. (Click on images for complete information)

Supersonic DC-8 and escort

Supersonic PDFWe also received this article from Clare Ash in Vancouver. Thanks Clare!

Even more info regarding this event can be found at: www.dc8.org/library/supersonic

Readers Feedback
Further to the article in NetLetter nr 994 from George Trussell - Tom Grant sends his comments -

Subject: Air Canada Caravelle

Editors - Further to your item on the Air Canada Caravelle these references may be of interest: Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace at www.mae.org and see the collection which includes the actual Caravelle that was painted under the Air Canada livery http://www.mae.org/index.php?id=569

Also a good discussion and this aircraft and the Air Canada non-purchase of the Caravelle can be seen here:

Interesting to note that the name "Air Canada" has been painted in upper and lowercase instead of all uppercase. C-GCVL (cn 273) Air Canada never operated the Caravelle, but the Musée de l'Air's F-GCVL was temporarily painted in AC colours for the shooting of the movie  'L'Instinct de mort', Jean François Richet on the life of the criminal Jacques Mesrine


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George Brien
sends us some more information on TCA history from YSJ
NetLetter 986 showed a picture of the first TCA flight into the new YSJ Airport on Jan 8,  1952 Now here is the rest of the story from the local  Saint John Newspapers...

T.C.A begins operations at Saint John Airport Nearly Perfect Flying weather favoured the opening of operations by Trans Canada Airlines at the Saint John Airport yesterday, and before the day's flights had been completed early this morning, about 200 passengers had used the field's facilities in 11 scheduled flights.

"Overall operations were smooth and satisfactory in every way," W. H.
Arrowsmith, airport manager, said last night. "Of course, minor problems arose throughout the day - and probably will for some time - but generally speaking we were delighted at the way the huge field came to life."

Yesterday's flights were diverted from Pennfield and today T.C.A. goes on a regular schedule of flights using this airport.

The last flight of the day was from Halifax and Moncton, scheduled to take off again at 2.20am for Montreal,, and all day planes bound to and from Boston and Montreal landed from Moncton, Halifax and Yarmouth, from those centres and from St. Johns Nfld, via Sydney.

A Douglas DC3 Skyliner was the first T.C.A. craft to touch down yesterday. The silver-painted, 21 passenger aircraft was brought down in a flawless landing at 10.26am, by Capt Fraser Marshall of Montreal. At 11 o'clock it was airborne again, streaking away toward its destination and due there two hours and 45 minutes after leaving Saint John.

Overnight the administration building- where "finishing up' work is still going on - became a bustle of activity. Telegraph offices were not yet installed, but customs and immigrations offices, and other services were manned. The restaurant is not yet in operation.

Ceremony was at a minimum in the morning. Besides Capt. Marshall, others in the crew welcomed by Hugh McElliott, District Traffic and Sales Manager for T.C.A for Southern N.B., were First Officer F.O. Yates and Stewardess, Miss S E Kerr, R.N., both of Montreal

The use by T.C.A. aircraft of Saint John Airport- a day earlier than scheduled - meant the closing down of the Charlotte County field at Pennfield. At midnight Sunday the radio range at Saint John went on the air; a signal that the airport was ready for business.

Capt Marshall expressed pleasure at bringing the first passenger load on a scheduled T.C.A. flight to Saint John. No passengers were picked up here for the first flight out to Montreal, but there were many people in the comfortably-appointed waiting room destined to take later flights to other cities.

The new airfield is but nine miles from the centre of Saint John, as against a 45 mile distance to Pennfield.

Previous to yesterday's landing, T.C.A aircraft on familiarization flights had thoroughly tested the runways and facilities at Saint John. Capt Marshall commented favourably upon the ease of landing and the facility of handling which he noted at the new field.

George Brien
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Terry's Travel Tips

Terry Baker

Passes 1948From the "Between Ourselves" issued January 1948 -
Remember the pass privileges at that time?

Pictured the grid.

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