tmb 1945 Feb1945 - February - Timetable Trans-Canada Air Lines from the private collection of Bjorn Larsson (pictured).

1947 - October - Inaugural North Star service between Montreal and Shannon, Ireland.

1955 - April 4th - Inauguration of Viscount service between Toronto and New York operated with  CF-TGK.

Located in the "Between Ourselves" magazine issued October 1948.

tmb ardhur houseArdhur House in Limerick, Ireland which was the home-away-from-home for TCA'ers who were on temporary assignment at Shannon, Ireland.

tmb boston airport ferryBoston's Airport Ferry takes airline passengers in quick time between Logan Airport and the downtown Boston.

Found in the "Horizons" magazine issued August 1972.

tmb crete calf charterThe United States Air Force and Olympic Airlines teamed up with Air Canada at Heraklion Airport to unload the first shipment of calves on the island of Crete.

The DC·8 cargo aircraft unofficially stole the show when it landed at the Greek island's main airport during ceremonies marking inauguration of the airport. Accustomed to disembarking tourists of all nationalities, guests and local dignitaries seemed more interested in Air Canada's arrival and hurried over to watch the 285 ''Canadians'' being unloaded.

The double-deck stalls in the freighter were unloaded by U.S. airmen of the Heraklion air base, supervised by Athens Sales Manager Ianni Souvaliotis. The Toronto-based crew of Captain Gus Crocker, First Officer Dan Parker and Second Officer Howie Jacobs flew the Crete cattle charter. 
(Those of us who travel economy can feel for the cattle in this shipment – eds)

tmb philly river cruiseAir Canada participants in Philadelphia's annual Delaware River Cruise for the Travel industry are seen with Philly Sales Manager Hugh Mackay at the microphone.
From the left: Joe Pareti, Sales Manager, New Jersey; Rhonda Spottor, secretary to the Public Relations Manager, New York; Donna and Hugh Mackay and New York Passenger Sales Manager Gerry Churchill.

Issue dated February 1980.

tmb kl chartersIn August 1979, the company signed a charter contract with the Canadian Government to supply a DC-8 and crew plus the necessary ground crews to transport Vietnamese refugees from Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia to Edmonton and Montreal during the period September 29 to November 28th 1979.

It was not an ordinary DC-8 charter operation and to many employees, especially the flight crews and ground support staff involved, doors were opened to new experiences and new relationships as they became exposed to the contrasts of the exotic Far East.

At the completion of this charter, another charter contract was signed to cover four flights to Singapore and three to Bangkok commencing in January 1980.

In our photo, a group of refugees seeks shelter from the hot sun at Kuala Lumpar while waiting to board the company charter flight to Canada. The photo was taken by Jack Burgess, Aircraft Maintenance Foreman, Vancouver.

(Does anyone involved wish to share any memories or photos? – eds)

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