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This weeks postcard
comes from Ireland - Pictured: Kinsale

Postcard #996

Note: for our new readers, I have been collecting postcards from our travelling NetLetter "family" for many years. If you are away and have a minute, I'd be delighted to get one from you as well. You can obtain my address by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (it's automated and will respond right away)
Remember when?
On August 23rd, 1967, three RCAF T-33's flew low over Pointe Claire, QC. The fly-past was to mark the unveiling of a memorial to commemorate the first Air Meet ever held in Canada. The meet, known as the First Canadian International Air Meet was held on a farm at Lakeside Heights in Pointe Claire in July 1910.

Among those present at the unveiling was J.A.D.McCurdy, who       made the first ever flight in Quebec, Walter Brookens, who set a Canadian altitude record of 3,510 feet, and Count de Lesseps, who electrified the city by taking off in his Bleriot monoplane, 'Scarabee', and flying a complete circuit of Montreal. Other guests were G.R.McGregor, at that time President of Trans-Canada Air Lines/Air Canada.

The memorial, which stands in the grounds of the Pointe Claire City Hall consists of a futuristic airplane suspended on a cantilever beam over a reflecting pool. The opposite end of the pool has a granite block with an appropriate plaque.
(Your copilot, who used to live in the area, remembers this memorial, and wonders if it is still there! - eds )

Air Canada and Star Alliance News

Air Canada LogoOttawa-Frankfurt: Daily non-stop service year-round, using Boeing 767-300 aircraft, effective June 1, 2008.

* Toronto-Dusseldorf: Seasonal non-stop service on a codeshare basis with Lufthansa, effective May 1, 2008.

* Toronto-Frankfurt: Daily Boeing 777-30ER service in addition to our second daily refurbished Boeing 767-300ER service, effective March 1, 2008.

* Calgary-Frankfurt: Second daily non-stop flight on a codeshare basis with Lufthansa to complement our year-round daily non-stop service, effective April 14, 2008.

* Montreal-Frankfurt: Effective April 1, 2008, 349-seat Boeing 777-300ER aircraft will replace the Airbus 274-seat A330-300 aircraft currently operated on the Montreal-Frankfurt route.

Chrysler Canada - November Bonus Cash offer.
Chrysler Canada is proud to introduce Air Canada Bonus Cash on four exciting vehicles for the month of November, providing incremental savings for Air Canada employees, retirees and eligible family members. This Bonus Cash is a Dealer Provided Discount of up to $2,500 in added savings over and above Employee Pricing and all other retail offers! More information is available on the Portal under "My Life" > Employee Discounts > Chrysler Canada. Visit Chrysler's Air Canada employee page at
www.chryslercanada.ca/aircanada - site password: ACPRICE7.

Air Canada - the first 70 years
Air Canada 70 years - 1937 - 2007

  • April 30th - Rapidair YUL-YYZ service commenced with DC9 equipment.
  • "Explore Canada" fares structure introduced.
  • July - Cancellation of the Concorde options.
  • Sept - An offer for  33% interest is undertaken in Wardair Canada.
  • December - Services of Reservec II leased to PWA.
  • March 15th - Lockheed L1011 introduced on the YYZ-YVR route.
  • April 30th - Official opening of Terminal II at YYZ
  • July new wardrobe for female flight attendants introduced.
  • CANAC Consultants Ltd in association with CNR formed to sell transportation management services.
  • Construction begins on the Computer & Systems Services building at YUL.
  • This was the year of employees unrest with strikes affecting the airline.
  • Due to the "energy' crisis a total of 93 flights to the UK, 9 flights to Paris and 18 flights to Frankfurt between Jan 15 and Feb 14.
  • Jan 25th Lockheed L1011 introduced to YUL-YYZ-LAX service.
  • March 14th first flight to CDG Paris.
  • March 11 - 16th rotating strikes by CAEA.
  • April Manpower and management provided to launch a STOL operation- Air Transit, linking YUL-YOW with DHC6's.
  • Apr 28th L1011 introduced to YUL-Halifax/St.John's.
  • Apr 29th L1011 commenced on the YYZ-SFO route.
  • Dec 1st new routes introduced Quebec City-New York, Edmonton/Calgary to SFO-YVR-Edmonton-Saskatoon and YWG to New York.

Readers Feedback
From: George & Noreen Brien <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Subject: re NL995
Hi there,
Just to prove that we read all your NetLetters with interest and in detail, I must point out that  the picture of the TCA timetable #16 front cover was correct but the inside schedule was  for 1949.
Clues - it shows North Stars on the sched. and also no flights operated into Yarmouth or Porquis Junction until later in the 40's

I've got way too much time on my hands

cheers  George

In NetLetter nr 994 under Our 70 years, we noted that Gordon Magregor retired in 1969, which prompted the following comment from Charles R. Jané

Cannot repeat too often how much I enjoy your publication. In the above-mentioned issue, under the 70th Anniversary section, I had always believed that Gordon R. MacGregor had in fact retired in 1968 rather than the May 1969 date indicated in your note of events. I have seen the 1968 date in previous publications.

Thank you and best regards,
Charles R. Jané. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(According to his book "The adolescence of an airline" the year was 1968, actually May 31st - eds)

From: "james griffith" <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
James was recently at the Delta Air Park in B.C. and sends us this picture.

CF-TCYCF-TCY is destined for the University College of the Fraser Valley training facility at Abbottsford International Airport BC.

From: "russ brown" This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Subject:  The Big Move Sunday, Oct. 14


CF-TCYFrom Delta Airpark, Delta BC to Abbottsford BC on 14th of October. This TCA a/c is to be rebuilt to static display standard.
Russ Brown ( Canadian Airlines, ret'd.)



Bill MarrPictured is Bill Marr watching the Lockheed Lodestar he once piloted for Trans-Canada Air Lines in the 1940's.

From: "William Cameron" <
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Subject: Saskatchewan Scheduled Air Line Service 1938 to 1957
Attached is a summary of the early scheduled airline services in
Saskatchewan 1938 to 1957 - by Prairie Airways, and later by Canadian Pacific Air lines.

My personal involvement was that I was hired by CPAL at Regina in 1948 as Relief Radio Operator/Agent for the Central District - Northern Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, and from 1950 to 1955 as Radio Op/Agent at Prince Albert, SK. My first airplane ride was on one of the two Prairie Airways Beechcraft S-18D aircraft from Moose Jaw to Regina in June, 1942.

BeechcraftPictured the Beechcraft S-18D

Saskatchewan ­ Scheduled Airline Transportation ­ 1938 to 1957

Trans-Canada Air Lines Ltd., began scheduled passenger airline service from Winnipeg, MB to Regina, SK ­ and on to Lethbridge, AB on April 1st, 1938.

The first aircraft flown on the route was the Lockheed 10A 'Electra', followed shortly by Lockheed 14 'Super Electra', and Lockheed 18  'Lodestar' aircraft. The Douglas DC-3 was put into service on the route in 1946.

On August 2nd, 1938 Prairie Airways Limited of Moose Jaw, SK, under General Manager R.W. (Dick) Ryan,  began operating a 'feeder'  airline service, connecting with Trans-Canada Air Lines at Regina. The route initially flown was Regina, Moose Jaw, Saskatoon, Prince Albert,  North Battleford, SK, and return. The schedule was daily except Sunday, and the aircraft were two Beechcraft S-18D, low-wing, all-metal aircraft, powered by two Jacobs L6-MB engines.

Canadian Pacific Limited bought Prairie Airways in June of 1942, and along with ten other regional carriers formed Canadian Pacific Air Lines Limited.

From 1942 to 1949 several different aircraft types were flown on the 'feeder' route in Saskatchewan: Beechcraft S-18D,  Boeing 247D, Barkely-Grow T8P; and Lockheed 18 'Lodestar'.

Operations at Regina, Saskatoon, Prince Albert and North Battleford continued throughout the war years 1940 to 1945 at the airports constructed for British Commonwealth Air Training Plan bases. Although a BCATP base was also built at Moose Jaw, CPAL operations remained at the turf-covered Rosedale airport, just west of the city. In 1946 CPAL moved its operation at Moose Jaw to the now city-operated former BCATP south of the city.

In 1949 CPAL inaugurated service on the Saskatchewan 'feeder' route with 24 passenger Douglas DC-3 aircraft, and that was the equipment that continued to fly in Saskatchewan until the district was sold to Transair in 1957. In 1952 CPAL ceased operations at Moose Jaw, SK - due to declining traffic and the re-opening of the former No.32 SFTS base for military flying training by the RCAF.

The Saskatchewan 'feeder' route was extended in 1952 from North Battleford to Lloydminster, SK, and in 1953 further extended to Edmonton, AB.

In 1953 an Avro 'Anson' Mk.V ­ five-passenger shuttle service operated daily except Sunday, from Saskatoon to Prince Albert and return, in addition to the extended DC-3 services.

The Saskatchewan 'feeder' service was established at almost the same time as Trans-Canada Air Lines transcontinental routes, and in 1938 ­ in the waning years of the great depression, was the only regional airline providing regular scheduled passenger, mail and cargo service; using modern, twin-engined  wheeled aircraft, anywhere in Canada.

Bill Cameron
Okotoks, AB
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The conclusion to the B747 story by Bill Norberg -
(continued from Netletter #994)

Our first 747 arrived in February 1971. All the planning and
preparation was now to be tested when the aircraft was initially
assigned to the YUL.... MIA morning flight departing from Gate 22 at Dorval. Its huge red fin with the Air Canada Maple leaf insignia was a beautiful sight.

CF-TOAPictured CF-TOA c/n 20013 fin 301 delivered Feb 9th 1971

We  held our breath as day after day it departed on schedule. We all had the same fear...what would we do if that aircraft was seriously delayed or could not make its flight? We had our first departure delay 38 days after it's initial flight. The world did not stop, nor did the sky fall....we dealt with it as we had for so many years with all the other aircraft types.

It is always tempting to make comparisons and the differences between our original Lockheed 14's and a 747 is no exception. In terms of speed alone, the 747 is more than twice as fast. From a passenger transportation point of view, it would take about 40 Lockheed 14's and 80 pilots to do the same work as one 747 with two pilots... and take more twice as long to do it. Interesting!

The 747 fleet grew and we became very relaxed with it in spite of its size and our initial fears. The aircraft had 5th pod capabilities and we could move spare powerplants around the system as needed with great flexibility. The JT-9 powerplant became  very reliable and we developed many special skills in monitoring its performance and condition. I loved the aircraft and learned to respect its structural integrity and fabulous productivity.  It was truly an outstanding aircraft.

John (Bill) Norberg
TCA/AC Events & People Gallery

Frank Pedder sent this in -
The Laurentian Aerospace Corp. is planning to build in Plattsburgh NY The project calls for construction of a 224,000-square-foot hangar for maintenance, repair and overhaul of widebody aircraft.

It would have two bays, each equipped with a laser-guided docking system supplied by JM Multidocking, based in Cheshire, England. That system allows work to begin within 30 minutes, compared with a day or more at other facilities.

Airlines would save money because it costs them about $250,000 for each day a plane is out of service.

Pierre JeaniotPictured Laurentian Aerospace Board of Directors Chairman Pierre Jeannio.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Subject: Air Canada approx 1970

Mickey Rooney and gangThank you all for your beautiful letters and news and I am forwarding a picture taken approx 1970 with Mickey Rooney flying to Germany in order to entertain the troops. I am on the left, Christel Weindl and Roly Gagnon on the right and we are both Passenger Agents YYZ.
Mickey thought we were the most beautiful women and we also thought we looked great and we loved our uniforms including the mini skirt. I did work for AC for 16 years and later for CP for 15 years and finally ended up again with AC and retired. Those years were funfilled and my memories are plentiful. Thanks again for all your hard work...Christel This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Between Ourselves - October 1944From the "Between Ourselves" October 1944 donated by David Fairweather -

Casey Van der LindenThe Toronto Maintenance people, photographed by Nick Penner - Casey Van der Linden Servicing & Repair Supervisor with George Roper Chief Mechanic.

Sheet Metal guysThe Sheet Metal Shop guys Toronto 1944. (click on image for full list of names)

Mtc Office PersonelThe Maintenance Office personell
Bill Sterne, Kay Macmaster, Ron Sutherland and Betty Rickert
Canadi>n/CPAir/PWA, Wardair, etc. Events & People

CF-CPAA project is underway to reconstruct the Lockheed Lodestar registered CF-CPA, which had fin nr 261 and c/n2177. Built in 1943 and registered by CPAL on Jun 30th., 1943. eventually sold to Hollinger Ungava Transport on June 6th., 1950.

On August 20, 1960, while CF-CPA was performing aerial photography, it suffered from fuel starvation and belly-landed 100 miles north of Schefferville, Quebec.

Because of the extraordinary skills of the pilots, no one was injured and the plane sustained only minimal damage.

My name is Marc-Andre Lapierre,

I'm currently working on a restoration project www.cf-cpa.ca This is the first airplane that Canadian Pacific Airline acquired back in 1940.

Actually, we are looking for any pictures that you or your members might have. Also, we are trying to find who was the pilot, co-pilot and photograph when the airplane crashed in august 1960.

Thanks a lot!

The web site is www.cf-cpa.ca
Contact is Marc-Andre LaPierre This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • Introduction of the first frequent flyer program in Canada,
  • Introduction of the first "Hub & Spoke" concept in Canada.
  • DC10-10 series aircraft exchanged with United Airlines for  a two-year period.
  • N1834U, N1836U & N187U and DC10-30 C-GCPE, C-GCPG & C-GCPH went to United.

From the "Contact" magazine year 1989 loaned by Bill Wood -
Mtc ColagePictured are the people in Heavy Maintenance during 1989
Terry's Travel Tips

Terry Baker

Laura Brown sends details of her Qualicum Beach House situated on Vancouver Island BC and available for rent

QualicumThe Yellow House is fully renovated with two bedrooms. It's within walking distance to the town, golf course and the beach. We rent it throughout the year weekly or monthly.  Two weeks=$800.00 3 weeks =1000.00 1 month= 1200.00.

Contact is Laura Brown
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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