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Music to Fly By: ATC Party Mix, Prop Symphony, and More.
Why not record the sounds of an early morning landing at Heathrow, or Airbus A380 deep-freeze testing, or aerobatic airplanes spinning and looping, and integrate those sounds into electronic music compositions? That idea inspired Bruno Misonne, of Belgium, who lives close to a major airport, and he ended up with a compilation of "aviation music." He aims to "take the listener on a journey" with his work. "Bruno has chosen the perfect instrument for his new genre because the airplane is the best way to go global after all," says his press release. You can judge for yourself - sample the tunes online, or buy the CD, at his web site.
URL - www.brunomisonne.com

This week's postcard -
Maiko Girls enjoying Tea Cermony in garden in Kyoto, Japan


Note: for our new readers, I have been collecting postcards from our travelling NetLetter "family" for many years. If you are away and have a minute, I'd be delighted to get one from you as well. You can obtain my address by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (it's automated and will respond right away)
Star Alliance News

Star AllianceEgytAir to join Star Alliance - Following the successful conclusion of membership talks with EgyptAir, the Chief Executive Board of Star Alliance has voted to accept as a future member, the national airline of Egypt, which in the last five years has undergone a significant transformation process and is now one of the foremost carriers in Africa and the Middle East.

The "victim" in this bizarre tale says there's more to the story than meets the eye, and there would probably have to be. A 30-year-veteran Singapore Airlines pilot is alleged to have essentially thrown it all away for the teenage prank of fraudulently ordering fast food for a fellow pilot who lives near Vancouver. At least four times over a two-day period last November, Looi Kang San is alleged to have had pizza, burgers and fried chicken delivered to Steven Gillis, who lives in the Vancouver suburb of Surrey. The Vancouver Province newspaper contacted Gillis, who didn't want to comment, but the paper did say he suggested there was something else going on. Regardless of what may have sparked the intercontinental prank, Singapore authorities don't seem to think it's funny.
Air Canada News

Air Canada LogoService expanded to Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago - Air Canada is expanding service to Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago this spring with designated, non-stop flights to each country that will provide greater convenience and better connections for travelers. Air Canada will operate both flights using a 120-seat, Airbus A319 aircraft.

Caracas: Beginning April 6, 2008, Air Canada will launch the only non-stop service between Toronto and Caracas with flight AC075, which will depart Toronto each Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 5:35 p.m. and arrive in Caracas at 10:45 p.m. AC076 will depart Caracas at 11:45 p.m. and arrive in Toronto at 5:25 a.m.

Port of Spain: Starting April 8, 2008, Air Canada flight AC073 will depart Toronto each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 4:55 p.m. and arrive in Port of Spain at 10:25 p.m. Air Canada flight AC074 will depart Port of Spain at 11:25 p.m. and arrive in Toronto at 5:25 a.m.

Air Canada named Michael Rousseau as its new CFO, effective Oct. 22. Rousseau was president of Canadian retailer Hudson's Bay Co. and replaces Joshua Koshy, who is leaving the airline.

New daily service to Madrid announced - Subject to government approval, the service to Madrid will begin June 15, 2008, with daily, non-stop flights between Toronto and Madrid using a Boeing 767-300. It will be the only non-stop service between Toronto and Madrid. Service will operate year-round and continue through the winter with reduced frequency.

Interline travel - changes in ZED fares. ZED airline members have recently done their annual review of the ZED fares. Effective October 1, 2007, when you book for travel on Other Airlines, you will notice a change in the fares. For more information, visit the Employee Travel Website. The new Fares Grid can be found under Policies/ Personal Travel OAL.

SFO moves to new terminal - Effective October 1st, Air Canada will be relocating to Terminal 3 from Terminal 1 at SFO. Air Canada counters are located between American and United. Our Gates will be 61 and 68. We will be using the United Red Carpet Club located on the F concourse near Gate 76.

Chrysler Canada - Air Canada Employees, Retirees and eligible Family Members now qualify for Chrysler Canada Employee Pricing. This is the same pricing offered to Chrysler Canada Employees and Retirees, allowing you to purchase or lease any Chrysler, Jeep or Dodge at below Dealer Invoice! In addition, as a valued Air Canada Employee, Retiree or eligible Family Member, you qualify for Air Canada Bonus Cash, providing incremental savings of up to $2,500 on select vehicles! Air Canada Employee pricing runs until January 2, 2008. More information is available on the Portal under "My Life" > Employee Discounts > Chrysler Canada.

Believe in "Dreams"... and watch them "Take Flight" - The Vancouver chapter of Dreams Take Flight will be taking off for Disneyland from the South Air Canada hangar at 5530 Miller Road on Tuesday, October 23rd. At the crack of dawn, 125 of BC's "Special" children start arriving for a 6:15 a.m. departure. You are invited to be part of this special day and come to see the kids off on this 15th annual flight. For more information, visit www.dreamstakeflight.ca or call the Dreams Take Flight Info-line at 604.270-KIDS.
Our 70 Years

70 year Anniversary



  • Apr 24th "Western Arrow" inaugurated London, England - Vancouver.
  • Apr 30th "Eastern Arrow" inaugurated Vancouver - London, England.
  • April Frankfurt replaces Düsseldorf as Air Canada's German terminus.
  • May 23rd Calgary - London, England non-stop started.
  • May 26th Edmonton - London, England non-stop started.
  • Nov 1st inauguration of service between Montréal, Copenhagen and Moscow, making Air Canada the first North American carrier to operate into the Soviet Union.
  • Dec Initial installation of the passenger covered walkway installed at YUL.


  • New cargo terminal opened at Calgary.
  • Aug 15th  daily service between Montreal - Chicago with DC-9 equipment.
  • Sept 1st non-stop service with Viscount equipment           Ottawa - Quebec City, Montreal - Windsor, Ottawa - London, Ont, Montreal - St.John's, Nfld with DC-9's.
  • Sept 29th inaugurates Montreal - Los Angeles
  • Sept 30th DC8-61 equipment goes transcontinental.
  • Nov 1st direct flight between Montreal, Toronto and Miami.
  • Air Canada reserves delivery positions for four Concordes and six Boeing supersonic aircraft.
  • Air Canada Concorde

    Artist's conception of the Air Canada Concorde


Readers Feedback
From: "Charles R. Jané" This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Subject Europe 870 NetLetter nr 992.
I wish to say how very much I enjoy reading "The Netletter".
I joined AC in October 1965 as a passenger agent in Dorval. I believe that the return of Europe 870 was Canada 871. Just a small detail and I very well could be wrong as so many years have gone by. I used to set up the signs quite often and believe Canada 871 was on the reverse side of Europe 870. There was even an accordion player at times. We had a similar set-up for our Calypso flights.

Please keep up the fantastic work you do with "The NetLetter".

Thank you and best regards,
Charles Jané (Retd.)
(Charles in quite correct in his observations - eds)

From: George Bowes <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Subject: Memories
Referring to NetLetter nr 990 -
I was  saddened to hear of Denny Brendon's passing,  but pleased to read about Stan Clarke. The items bring back great memories of our time in Lethbridge. Stan Clarke, Denny Brendon, Ed Ashton, Geo. Goode, Bill Deacon, Graham Nettleton, all come to mind.,at the Flight Dispatch office in Lethbridge.

Johnny Fieldhouse was Manager at Calgary when I was posted there in 1945 as radio operator.(prior to my transfer to QLFD).  I remember that our radio techs had just finished a complete overhaul of our radio equipment  including antennas, when Victory Bond Mosquito bomber - F for Freddie - dove a little too low and wiped out our whole antenna system so that the technicians, Calhoun and ???  had to start work again rather than board the next flight for home.

Trev Trower sends us this memory of a visit to the Old Bailey in London, England -

Some of my yarns are experiences I had with Purser Tom Mills and when you read them they will bring back pleasant memories. My what wonderful people we knew in those days and the marvelous times we had.
I recall when Tom and I went to the Old Bailey in London to watch an attempted murder trial and were allowed into the court because we were  visiting attorneys from Canada. I had better explain.

We, along with two of our colleagues approached the entrance to court # one. We were stopped by the policeman at the door of the court and asked for our identification. We had no suitable I.D. except for our airport passes. The four of us wearing our uniform overcoats, were quite disappointed. The officer seemed to be a friendly sort of chap, and asked us if we were attorneys visiting from Canada.  We naturally replied that we were crew members on a layover in London. He asked us again if we were Canadian lawyers. We again tried to explain that we worked for Trans-Canada Air Lines. The officer cut us short in our explanation and re-asserted that we were visiting lawyers at the
same time Ruth Fox caught on to the subterfuge and along with our acceptance of our new status we were permitted access.
The four crew members that day were:
Tom Mills, Trev Trower, Ruth Fox, Mary-Lou Van Norman.
Trev Trower This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
TCA/AC Events & People Gallery
Between Ourselves Nov 1944From "Between Ourselves" issued November 1944 - In January 1944, Winnipeg officially became a station under a Station Manager rather than a conglomeration of various departments.
YWG Staff 1944Some of the Winnipeg staff pictured l to r -
Muriel McGuirk, Howard Chase, Station Manager, Herb Harling DTM and J.H.Trudhope, Operations Manager.
Between Ourselves December 1944From "Between Ourselves" issued December 1944

YWG 1944Pictured - The new admin building at Torbay in 1944
(We would welcome any work related memories from TCA/AC/AirBC/Jazz retirees which we could share with our readers - eds)
Canadi>n/CPAir/PWA, etc. Events & People

Help wanted -
From: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Subject: Patrick Dennison Roy
I am researching my father's history. My father was a navigator on loan from Trans-Canada Air Lines to Canadian Pacific Airlines in 1953. He was killed in the crash of the Comet jet "Empress
of Hawaii" in Indian.
As my Mother was tragically widowed with two small children, myself 18 months and my sister almost 4, she never really spoke of him. Mother had some papers, pictures and a few personal things of Pat's but put them away. I have since acquired these treasures and would like to put forth his name and history to the Aviation Museum in Wetaskwin Alberta. My Mother died a few years ago and as there are very few living relatives of Pat's and no one with any memories of him I am on a search. I have a call in to the armed forces museum records unit in Winnipeg but any information of Pat Roy's history would wonderful.
Thank you Anna C "Mikey" Baker
From the special issue of "Contact" magazine  December 1989 loaned by Bill Woods.

Irene MatysIrene Matys Admin Assistant Toronto Line Mtce.
Tom WoodsTom Woods and Adrian Sandu Aircraft Mechanics Calgary
Efrem VicenteEfrem Vicente - Cleaner Winnipeg
Ron James
Ron James - Aircraft Mechanic Edmonton Municipal
Pat ButlerPat Butler - Crew Chief Edmonton
Wes WoodcockWes Woodcock - Air Engineer Ottawa
(We would welcome any work related memories from former CPAir, CAIL, retirees which we could share with our readers - eds)
Terry's Travel Tips

Terry Baker

A travellers exciting experience by your co-pilot - To be in transit through London Heathrow LHR is an experience which must be avoided at all costs!

LHR is the spawning ground for those who aspire to be Airport Developers - this person's goal is to obtain a Masters degree in Airport Development aka MAD.

The criteria for MAD is to plan a series of tunnels to connect between airport terminals. No tunnel should exceed 50 foot before the introduction of either a right hand or left hand turn. The tunnel should be wide enough for 2.5 persons side by side, this restricts the flow of passengers to that of the slowest passenger in the group or the passenger with the wheeled carryon luggage. The transit flow should also include escalators, stairs, moving sidewalks, busses and, certainly, a confusing number of signs.

The crowning glory, at LHR transiting between terminals 1 and 4,  is the confluence of three flows of passengers, probably from B747's, and certainly with the A380 in mind, into a small holding area preceding the actual security zone. This holding area is governed by a solitary official who, from time to time, and certainly without any sense of urgency, allows a varying number of passengers into the security zone - this is where the "flying wedge" concept comes into play. Never has a length of tape strung between two stainless steel pillars has so much authority.
British Airways issues this map complete with timings between each stage and change of mode.
Why in-transit passengers have to endure another security check after having been screened at their airport of departure defeats me!

Visiting Zurich?
Most stores are closed on Sundays, except around the train station where souvenir stores are open, but many cafes and restaurants are open. The currency is Swiss Francs(chf) rate ca$1.00 = chf1.13. Some stores and restaurants will accept euros or a credit card. chf coins cannot be exchanged outside the country.
The British government is considering replacing the controversial air passenger duty with a tax based on flights rather than passengers.

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