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Earth-Rounder Barrington Irving's New Goal
Barrington Irving, the Jamaican-born 23-year-old who this year flew around the world in a Columbia 400 built largely with parts donated from suppliers, plans to conduct an eight-week training course in October for inner-city kids in Miami. The program aims to expose disadvantaged youngsters to the world of aviation, while enhancing their math, science and reading skills. They'll use 10 Microsoft flight simulators housed in a "facility refurbished last year by Irving and one of his friends," according to www.BlackAmericaWeb.com

I found the following item from the CBC news very informative. and may be of interest to some of our readers with their daughters travelling on their interline privileges.  Check this web site - www.cbc.ca/news/background/consumers/women-backpacking.html

This week's postcard The message was -
Hi Vesta . I used to fly and layover in BGI in the 50's Not too much has changed.


Need to know
Simplified Passport Renewal Process.
Effective August 15th, it will be easier to renew your Canadian passport. Qualified applicants will no longer have to submit documentary evidence of citizenship, supplementary identification or a guarantor declaration.

The process is open to Canadians 16 years of age or over who

  • currently hold a Canadian passport issued after January 31st 2002
  • reside in Canada and
  • were resident in Canada when they applied for the previous

More details at web site www.passportcanada.gc.ca or call 1-800-567-6868 or 1-800-O-Canada.

Our 70 Years

70 year Anniversary
- Feb 1st Viscount service introduced to Sydney Nova Scotia.
- Apr 1st Economy service started on the Trans-Atlantic route.
- Apr 2 service to London Eng. and Brussels Belgium with Super Connie.
- May 15 non-stop service to Zurich and Paris.
- May 28 introduction of service YVR-YWG-Gander-LHR
- Dec 15 Antigua via Bermuda added to the southern service with North Star equipment.

From the Midsummer issue 1951 of "Between Ourselves" -
On May 10th., 1941 CF-TCW  fin 45 Lockheed L18-08 Lodestar inaugurated Toronto-NewYork LaGuardia Airport. Capt Arthur Hollingsworth.

Between Ourselves Feb 1944The following is from the "Between Ourselves" Feb 1944 -
On January 12th 1944 Lancaster fin 100 broke the record from Dorval to Prestwick in a time of 11 hours 16 minutes. Crew was Capt G.Lothian, second Capt A.Rankin. F/O A. Thomas and Radio Officer G.Netteton.

However fin 101 arrived two minutes later with a record time of 11 hours 14 minutes crewed by Capt M.Barclay, second Capt K.Edmison, navigator F/L R.Peel and Radio Officer A.Blackwood.

CF-TCSTCA moved from Oliver BC to Penticton in March 1941 and CF-TCS  under Capt F.M.McGregor the first TCA aircraft into Penticton in May.


Penticton StaffPictured are some of the staff l-r Art Brown, Station Manager Jim English, Vern Hoey and Mel Brown.





Early photo of Penticton airport
(above) and Oliver airport on the right.
Readers Feedback

Terminal 2 demolitionBrian Dunn sent us this picture taken on June 28th 2007 of the dismantling of Terminal 2 at YYZ.



From: George&Noreen Brien <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Subject: correction  re  NL 978

Hi  folks
I noted   in NL 978 that in 1952, that Joan Morrison and Lily  Wardrophe would have been at the CTO at the Nova Scotian Hotel.  Joan tells me that since she didn't  join TCA until 1956, it wouldn't  have been her but the correct people would have been  Doris (Woods) Timmins and Betty (Rolfe) Russel.

ps - Great job on the NL.  Lots of good "stuff" and feedback lately from your readers.
(Room for much more feedback please! - eds)

From: "Fraser Muir" <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Subject: Fred Coyle's Re YHZ Notes

In a recent issue Fred Coyle recalled some of his memories of working in Halifax; I too was there at the time, Fred I noticed had forgotten to remember me, however he also forgot a few more that were there at the time.

Could it be that Fred is beginning to show his age; I don't know if you noticed or not, but in his recent note to you about his days in YHZ he didn't mention any of the girls on staff at the time.

Girls like Ida Kaye, Peggy Wilson, Anne Avery, Nancy Fitzgerald, Jean Diachuk, Pauline MacLellan, Jean Bonnegan, Zeta Clark, Doris Wood, Peggy Power, Carolyn Barrett, Anne Grant, Peggy Malloy, Joan Fraser, Cathy MacNeil, Sheila Maloney, Anne Dunlop, Clare Creighan, Lily Wardrope, as well as a few guys, like Errol Mitchell, Art Russell, Don Hancock, Charlie Flynn, Bernie Kemp, Jim Turner, Wally Sheffield, Tom Jardin, Austin Smith, and one of the first, if indeed the first TCA employee in YHZ, Stew S. Sime.
I'm sure there's some others that Fred and I have missed, I know there's a Smith girl whose first name I can't recall, but between us, we've got the majority of the staff at the time.

I remember those were happy days, even with the weather problems, and the Greenwood diversions that resulted in the early morning phone calls; that caused many unpleasant conversations with very unhappy customers.

Kindest regards.
Fraser Muir

Continuing the story from Trev Trow in NetLetter nr 984 -
Soon the snow-storm began to let-up and the powerful snow moving equipment started to clear the ramp and runways of the deep accumulated snow. The passengers were boarded and the airplane was washed down with de-icing fluid; it took about an hour and we were on our way. There were still snow flurries but not enough to affect our flying. On the way to London we had a scheduled stop at Prestwick, Scotland. Once aloft Captain S.R. Found made an announcement to the passengers which was informative and re-assuring. The cabin crew started preparation for bar and meal service to a completely full load of hungry passengers, my job at that stage was in the galley preparing the food.

It was funny there was only one passenger whom we couldn't seem to please, Mr. Kliptik. We didn't serve the drinks quickly enough, we didn't hang up her coat fast enough or put her foot-stool on her chair properly. Miss Brown didn't say much at all, she didn't need to as Mr. Kliptik was very very attentive. He demanded champagne which was immediately served, which he made sure she drank right away filling her glass each time it was emptied, it wasn't difficult to see what Kliptik was after, it looked to us that here was a man who had spent four thousand and wanted to get his money's worth. We served dinner, it was as usual an excellent meal. Mr. Kliptik and Miss Brown's seats were immediately ahead of the galley, the crew referred to those two seats as the honeymoon cabin as they could be laid flat and a heavy curtain could be drawn across the area making it totally private. Our gentleman insisted that the curtain is drawn and it really was a nuisance opening the curtain each time we were to serve a new course.

Finally the food, coffee and liqueurs were served and we began to settle everyone down for the night. Our special passengers wanted extra blankets and pillows and asked that they not be disturbed until breakfast. We drew the curtain and breathed a sigh of relief, sure they would leave us in peace for a few hours. We three flight attendants sat in the galley and had a crew meal and coffee. John who was known for his colorful language said that I should keep a close eye on the pair as they were to be new members of the "Mile High Club" and I would have to verify their membership. E.B. got mad at Johnnie for allowing that sort of behavior on our flight. Suddenly there was a disturbance coming from behind the curtain and the sound of vomiting.  We rushed to give assistance only to find that the lady had been sick, and down the front of her dress were traces of peas, sauce and other evidence of her dinner. Her friend immediately began to berate us for serving her too much liquor, and the roughness of the flight. John told E.B. to help Miss Brown clean up as she was the only nurse. on the crew. It took nearly an hour for the cabin to calm down after this and Johnnie and I settled down in the galley for a game of cribbage.

(Final part of this story next time - eds)

Help wanted
Len Kruller sent us this request -
Re "Horizons",  I have always wondered whatever happened to issue #602, Dated late July, 1982.

That particular issue should have mentioned my retirement from Air Canada but for some unknown reason, it never showed up at my mailing address. If by chance someone would stumble on that issue (#602) and scan the "retirement" column, I would as yet appreciate looking at it.

"Len Kruller" This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


TCA/AC Events & People Gallery
During 1990 a project called "Automated Storage & Retrieval System" aka A.S.R.S. was initiated during 1990 at the Dorval warehouse, which accommodates the aircraft spare parts, stationery and other items essential to the operation of our airline.

After an in-depth study and a visit to American Airlines in Tulsa to view an installed A.S.R.S. system, a bidding process awarded the contract to Mannesmann Demag Company. The story was highlighted in the June 1992 "Airline Maintenance International" a U.K. Magazine.

T.C.A.R.A - January 1944The Air Canada Recreation Association aka ACRA is present in most of the cities where Air Canada has staff. The forerunner of ACRA was Trans-Canada Air Lines Recreation Association aka TCARA.  We can find several references in early "Between Ourselves" as far back as 19th November 1943 in Moncton.
Question - How long do you think (TC)ACRA has been around? Do you have any memories of early ACRA days?
CPAir People Gallery

From Jun 30 1989 "Contact"
Fin 709 a B737 "Empress of Calgary" C-GCPN c/n 21717 went slightly off the runway after hydroplaning at Saskatoon Jun 22nd 1989. The aircraft was sinking and air bags were utilized to retrieve the aircraft.

Avionic AcesDorval Avionic's Aces
Marc-Andre Roy and Stephane Beauchamp demonstrate a seat audio tester.
Found on the Internet
Fuselage GarageAircraft Fuselages become library
They've been turned into homes, restaurants and businesses, but a New York firm has found a more scholarly use for discarded aircraft fuselages. LOT-EK, which is described as "urban architect recyclers," has designed a library in Guadalajara, Mexico, made entirely out of the aluminum tubes. Now it's not clear whether the books are stored in the seatbacks or whether the overhead storage compartments come into play, but LOT-EK says the fuselages make a good building or a garage.

Seen at the Marana airfield
A Qatar sheik delayed a British Airways plane at Milan when he discovered that three of his female relatives were seated next to men and other business class passengers refused to move. The sheik, a member of the Qatar ruling family, went to the pilot, who had already started the engines, and complained. But the captain ordered him and his travelling companions, the three females, two men,
a cook and a servant off the plane.

(One wonders if the sheik will now go to his piggy bank (or is it camel bank), buy up British Airways and sack the captain - eds)
Star Alliance News
Star AllianceStar Alliance has been ranked as Best Airline Alliance in North America in an exhaustive worldwide survey of over 14 million air travellers.

First A380 flight to be sold for charity.
Singapore Airlines - who plan to be the first airline in the world to fly the new Airbus A380 - is preparing for the first commercial flight of the new double-decker jumbo jet, from Singapore to Sydney and return. It will take place in the month of October 2007. And in an unprecedented move, all proceeds from the sale of tickets on the first flight will be donated to charities. In response to requests from people all over the world to be passengers on the first flight, Singapore Airlines will auction the seats on global online marketplace, eBay. Bids will be invited for seats on this history making flight, and winning bidders will know that every dollar they pay will go to worthwhile charities.  All customers will receive a personalized ceremonial certificate confirming they were part of the first ever commercial A380 flight. Singapore Airlines Chief Executive Officer, Chew Choon Seng, said the Airline wants to acknowledge the widespread interest in the entry into commercial service of this all-new airplane, and to use the opportunity to benefit worthwhile charities. "The first commercial A380 flight will be a moment in aviation history.  It will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, on an aircraft that will mark a new chapter in air travel.  "And while we will celebrate the event, we also wish to remember the people who are less fortunate and can be assisted by the charities to which all the proceeds will go," Mr. Chew said. Singapore Airlines has secured support from three important partners for this charity event.  One of the Airline's strategic fuel suppliers, and a key partner, ExxonMobil Aviation, will donate the fuel for the flights. Source: The Nation Business
Terry's Travel Tips

Terry Baker

Flight: from Toronto - only, and
Hotel: Perola Apts. (Algarve)
(one bedroom, a/c, balcony, phone, kitchenette, pool, entertainment)
Car: unlimited mileage
Includes: hotel tax & service charge
October 27 (8 days), November 4, 11, 18, 25
one week: $899 two weeks: $1099 (last return December 3)airport taxes additional at $187
(the above is in Canadian funds - so you save even more)

(a division of JAMES F. C. ROSE - YOUR Cruise Expert)

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
web site: http://members.shaw.ca/valuevacations
information:       (204) 889-3885
fax:                    (204) 889-3885
reservations:     (204) 889-3885 & (800) 414-8091

Introducing a New Level of Home Comfort at Somerset Gordon Heights Melbourne.

Introductory Rates starting from:
AUD$80.00 per night for a Studio Deluxe
AUD$95.00 per night for a Studio Executive
AUD$125.00 per night for a 1 Bedroom Deluxe

Valid to 31st August 2007.

We invite you to experience Somerset Gordon Heights (currently known as Shoan Heights Apartments), the newest addition to the Somerset Serviced Residence Family. The stylish boutique property with studio, 1 and 2 bedroom residences is ideal for executives and their families whether for business or pleasure. Somerset Gordon Heights is located in the top end of Little Bourke Street near Chinatown, with the world renowned restaurant and theatre district on your doorstep. Choose Somerset because life is about living. The property is currently undergoing a soft refurbishment that will not disturb guests.

Somerset Gordon Heights
19 - 25 Little Bourke Street
VIC 3000
Phone: +61 3 9267 5400
Fax: +61 3 9639 1537
Email for reservations:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: www.the-ascott.com

SmileyCessna 38W: Cape Approach, Cessna Three Eight Whiskey, student pilot departing the Vineyard, requesting advisories to New Bedford.

Cape Approach: Cessna Three Eight Whiskey, Cape Approach. This should be interesting. I'm a student controller, squawk 2234, and ident

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