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Our first 70 years
As this is Air Canada's 70 year anniversary, we continue to celebrate the achievements and innovations and events of our heritage.

  • Montreal-Moncton officially opened Feb 15th.
  • July 15th mail flight Toronto-Windsor-London operation started with passengers carried August 1st.
  • Total passengers for year on system 53,100.


  • April 1st Montreal-Moncton-Halifax started.
  • Toronto-New York service commenced May 10th.
  • Vancouver-Seattle service suspended.
  • First Lockheed L18-08 delivered Jan 6th fin 42 CF-TCT, further five delivered during Jan/Feb.
  • Passengers for the year now 85,145.


  • Employees numbered 1,662 by years end
  • Passengers carried 104,446.



Remember When - 40 years ago
TCA Logo The first non stop flight for T.C.A.
First the correspondence with Capt, Cartwright from TCA in 1957 -

Dear Captain Cartwright:

You are probably aware that Flight 5/June 1st,(1957) which we understand you will be taking to Vancouver, will be launched with considerable ceremony from Toronto and we thought it best "to give you some of the details beforehand.

As this is an important flight, being the first non-stop in TCA history, both headquarters and we here would like to get as much publicity, as possible by 'Way of the press, TV, etc. We have arranged for a giveaway to the passengers in the form of an hourglass appropriately inscribed, and these will be placed on board to be given to all passengers and crew members enroute. We are also asking the attendants on board to pass around a form, see attached, and would appreciate if you or the First Officer would cooperate by, announcing the official take-off time in order to help the passengers determine the E.T.A. in Vancouver. We do not wish to involve you too much in this contest except to ensure that you will be the final judge on arrival in Vancouver, as indicated in the instructions.

There will be photographers and CBC representatives meeting your flight at Vancouver and to obtain the maximum publicity I would like to suggest that the presentation of the watch be made after the passengers disembark from the aircraft.

We are also presenting a gold wristwatch, appropriately inscribed on the back, to Mayor Fred Hume of Vancouver, as well as a cigarette lighter,
gift of the City of Toronto to Mayor Hume. We would appreciate if you would, after landing at Vancouver, contact Al Carlson, Regional Public Relations Officer, who will arrange to present these to Mayor Hume. By copy of this letter to Mr. Carlson I am asking him to make the necessary arrangements.

D .. F .. Barclay
Regional Public Relations Officer
cc: Reg. Public Relations Officer - Vancouver
Captain Roy Cartwright - c/o Crew Routing, Dorval




10.15 a.m. - Georgetown Girls Pipe Band - arrival and parade on ramp.
10.30 a.m. - Passengers check in for Pacific Mercury Flight 5 - TCA check-in counter.
10.35 a.m. - Arrival Flight 5 from Montreal. (A red carpet and decorated passenger stand will be rolled up to the aircraft for send-off ceremonies)
10.45 a.m. - God Save The Queen

Acting Mayor, Mrs. Jean Newman, accompanied by Mr. Frank Young, TCA Central Region Operations manager, will be escorted to platform where inaugural ceremonies are to take place. Mr. Young was co-pilot of the first trans-continental flight on April 1st, 1939.

D. F. Barclay, Reg. PRO, will introduce Mr. Young and Mrs. Newman. - Following her address Mrs. Newman will autograph, on behalf of the City of Toronto, a message to the City of Vancouver. This reads;
10.50 a.m. - A cigarette lighter, gift of the City to Mayor Fred Hume of Vancouver, will be presented to Captain Roy Cartwright of Flt. 5 for delivery in Vancouver.

TCA stewardess will present flowers to Mrs. Newman.
10.55 a.m.
11.05 a.m.
11.45 a.m.
Passengers board flight. TCA stewardesses and band form "Guard of Honour". (Prior to departure individual pictures of passengers and crew will be taken)

Departure of Flight 5 for Vancouver. *******
Guests proceed to Toronto Flying Club for refreshments and luncheon.
Nice to know
Vesta Stevenson
New Additional Taxes for International Departures from Barbados. Barbados Passenger Service Charge is BBD 55.00 and Barbados Security Fee is BBD 5.00.

Pass travelers with a departure out of the UK will be charged the new British Air Passenger Duty of GBP 40.00 per passenger.
Found on the Internet

Maisa Hazeem is the first Bahraini woman to quality as a first officer with Gulf Air when she emerged from the cockpit of the Airbus A320 having successfully completed her final check.

and our chief pilot Vesta sends this -
Circumnavigation Flight At Halfway Point

Barrington Irving, the 23-year-old Miami pilot who's trying to become the youngest pilot ever to circumnavigate the world, was, at this writing, in Calcutta and about half way through the trip. He left Miami on March 26 and had hoped to be back by now but weather and maintenance checks on his Columbia 400 have combined to slow the schedule somewhat. He's now hoping to get back to Miami by the end of this month and, after flying through sandstorms and being stalled by a tropical depression over India, he's facing what might be his biggest challenge on the trip -- his longest leg, a 1,530-nm trip from Japan to Alaska. Irving will hopscotch through Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan before launching from Asahikawa for the 12-hour trip over the North Pacific to Shemya, in the Aleutians. The aircraft has extra tanks and an estimated range of 1,900 nm. From Shemya it's on to Anchorage, Seattle, Denver and Houston before the final leg to Miami. Irving, who was born in Jamaica but grew up in the inner city of Miami, said he's making the flight to try to inspire other minority and inner-city kids.
Star Alliance News

Star Alliance

OAG, the global travel and transport company is providing a fully hosted flight status alert service to the Star Alliance network. This is available through the recently relaunched Star Alliance web site and provides passengers with a service that alerts them to changes to the scheduled departure and arrival of a flight. Flights on any member can be tracked irrespective of where they are based.

The traditional water cannon salute given by airport fire crews to aircraft on their first or retiring crew members went badly wrong recently at Washington Dulles Airport. The honour was being extended to the captain of a United Airlines B777-200 prior to his retirement, but the emergency crews inadvertently used fire retardant foam instead of water.
Reader Feedback
Sextant We are posting this to obtain a Navigation part which was used on the DC-8 Aircraft as well as many others and not only Air Canada.

These two parts are: Periscopic Sextant and an Astro Dome.

You can assist Phil Pawsey by contacting him via E-Mail at the following address, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. should you have one or both of these in your garage and always wondered what you should do with it.
Where are they now?
Dash8-102 c/n 119 fin 167 C-GTCO Canadian Regional fin nr 856 now with North Cariboo Flying Service of Fort St. Johns, Canada

A340-300 C-FYKX c/n 190 fin 901 returned to Maple Leaf Finance of Switzerland now with Swiss International.
Terry's Travel Tips

Terry Baker

Our chief pilot Vesta sends this information -
Summer is finally here. That means many of us will be traveling. You'll probably be taking your laptop with you. I hope you'll use it to download photos from your digital camera * not to do work!

Wi-Fi at airports is handy. You can surf the Web or check e-mail while awaiting your flight. Here at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Wi-Fi is free. Unfortunately, not all airports are so generous.

If you're planning a trip, see the Airport Wireless Internet Access Guide (U.S. airports only) at TravelPost. It tells you if Wi-Fi is available at a particular airport. It also tells you where to go to connect. TravelPost lists pricing, if you have to pay.
SmileyMore on why an aircraft is better than a woman or a man -
- Aircraft come with manuals
- Aircraft have strict weight and balance limits.
- Aircraft don't whine unless something is really wrong.
- Aircraft don't really mind how many other aircraft you have flown.
- Aircraft don't care if you are late.
- It's always OK to use tie downs on your aircraft.

and our chief pilot Vesta came up with this one -

A Hollywood director reportedly was detained by the TSA at LAX after he said the reason for his visit was to "shoot a pilot," short for filming a pilot TV show.

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