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Air Canada Employee Travel Centre (1 866 473 4732) :
Please note that Effective March 31st, 2007, the opening hours will be from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5p.m. Eastern Time.
ZED News: the following ZED agreements will be cancelled with an effective date of April 1, 2007:
  • Cimber Air (QI)
  • Labrador Airways (WJ)
  • Pacific Coastal (8P)
  • Skyward Aviation (K9)
  • Air North (4N)
  • Air Inuit (3H)
70th Anniversary of Air Canada
Air Canada 70 years
The 70th anniversary of Air Canada nee Trans-Canada Air Lines.
On March 4th., 1937, the Rt. Hon. C.D.Howe, as Minister of Transport, gave notice of a resolution to establish national airline, and the Trans-Canada Air Lines Act was put before the House.
Trans-Canada Air Lines was incorporated April 10th., 1937. Little wonder that C.D.Howe became known as the Father of T.C.A. The first flight of T.C.A. took place on September 1st., 1937 from Vancouver Sea Island Airport to Seattle, just 122 miles south. Later this route was relinquished to Canadian Pacific Airlines who withdrew on November 1st., 1946 and T.C.A. took over the operation with DC-3 equipment via Victoria.
The star of the occasion was a Lockheed L10A registered CF-AZY piloted by Billy Wells and Maurice McGregor. This first flight took 50 minutes with, as passengers, several dignitaries. The first of two scheduled daily flights.
The fleet consisted of two Lockheed L10A and one Stearman bi-plane. The work force was just 71 employees.
The public were informed that the taxi fare from downtown Vancouver to the airport was 75 cents for the 25 minute ride, and the same for the taxi fare from Seattle to downtown. Today the same taxi ride from YVR to Downtown is $40. Each passenger is allowed 35 pounds of baggage free and excess would cost 4 cents a pound with 25 cents minimum.
On April 1st., 1939, simultaneous Trans continental flights took off from Vancouver and Montreal, each bound for the other city.
On April 16th., 1941, the airline become a sea to sea operation with the inauguration of service to Halifax.

Mary Stewart Employee Communications Manager - Corporate
Managing Editor - Horizons sends this appeal -
If you have any old photos or stories around from  decades past, we'd love to see them! Please e-mail them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll try to include them in our celebration of the 70th!

The roots of Canadian Air Lines go back to the early thirties - Canadian Airways was formed Jun 27th., 1930 with the merger of
  • Western Canada Airways
  • Aviation Company of Canada

and started operations on Nov 15th., 1930 - 77 years ago!

During 1940 and 1941 the following airlines were purchased by Canadian Pacific Steam Lines
  • Canadian Airways Ltd
  • Arrow Airways Ltd
  • Dominion Skyways Ltd
  • Ginger Coote Airways Ltd
  • Mackenzie Air Services Ltd
  • Prairie Airways Ltd
  • Quebec Airways Ltd
  • Starratt Airways & Transportation Ltd
  • Wings Ltd
  • Yukon Southern and Transportaion Ltd

to form Canadian Pacific Air Lines Ltd on May 16th., 1942 and operations commenced July 1st., 1942. - 65 years ago.

- Aug 31st., 1984 Eastern Provincial Airlines was purchased.
- Dec 1986 Pacific Western Airlines bought
- Jan 24th., 1987 Nordair & Quebecair integrated into CPAir
renamed Canadian Airlines International in 1987 - 20 years ago and bought by Air Canada in 2000 - 7 years ago.

(If any ex CAIL etal have any memories of their careers to pass along we would be happy to receive them - Eds)
PWA Reunion

PWA ReunionMaureen Worrall at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. has passed on this information -
of the upcoming PWA/Canadian Airlines Reunion.

Many AC retirees were Canadian Airlines personnel and we are looking at all avenues to get the word out about the Reunion, so please pass the word around.

It will take place in Calgary, at the Roundup Centre, Stampede Park,
August 16-19, 2007.

Details and Entry Registration can be found on the www.cdnairreunion.com web site.

Memories of CF-CPR - Empress of Vancouver

Franz Metzger   sends us this information -

Found old friend, ex Capt. Bob Goldie, who replied to my request for
information on Canadian Pacific Airlines' aircraft CF-CPR that was
written off in Tokyo, Haneda Airport.  He saw my photos and comment in
www.acfamily.net Photo Gallery; CP in the Orient; picture
#5 Canadair Four under comment I asked for information.

Bob Goldie was one of the pilots on Proving flights to Orient, see
picture #4 and picture #35 his last flight from Tokyo, Haneda Airport.

Email received from Bob Goldie:
March 3 2007
I'm sitting here with my dad (Capt.) Bob Goldie who used to fly with
CPA from its inception till he retired in 1973.

We're responding to your request for information the demise of CF-CPR,
Empress of Vancouver, Canadair Four that went off the runway June
29th, 1949 at Tokyo.

The Captain on the flight was Bud Potter and North Sawle was check
pilot on the flight. Dad doesn't remember the names of the first officer or the engineer or navigator on the flight.

As dad recalls the weather at the time was poor. Apparently the flight
landed long and hot (fast) well down  the runway and were soon coming
to the end.

The Canadair Fours were equipped with reverse thrust  however on
CPA's planes they were locked out as there had apparently been some
problems with the reversing.

This was accomplished by using locking wire to lock out the four
circuit breakers that engaged the reversing.  This was on a panel
behind the pilots and where North Sawle was sitting. With the end of
the runway looming up,  Sawle broke the locking wire and engaged the
reverse for each engine one at a time. The result being that with the
reversing being engaged one at a time it caused the plane to pull off
the runway  tearing the undercarriage off the port (left) side. The
plane ended up mostly in the ocean with the tail resting on  the
breakwater and one wing close enough to the breakwater that the
navigator walked off the wing onto the breakwater.
Empress of Vancouver, Canadair Four that went off the runway June
29th, 1949 at Tokyo
My dad does have an email address but seldom sends emails but likes
receiving them, but since he's turning 90 later this month we'll
forgive him.
His email is
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
and mine (Geoff) is
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. "


As to my further queries as to how many passengers were onboard, reply
received on Mar. 3 & 19th, 2007   together with two pictures of CF-CPR
ended up in Tokyo Bay.


"With reference to CF-CPR.  Yes there were passengers although my dad doesn't recall how many.  He thinks there was a reasonable load"
"Dad remembers you well and the sail trip with you.  As he recalled you sailed to the south and stopped  and had drinks and  lunch before returning."

Bob and Geoff the typist

Franz Metzger  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
One World or None - Ross Smyth

One World or None - Ross SmythDear book fans:
Ross Smyth, an Air Canada  retiree sends this info on his latest book -
My new book, ONE WORLD OR NONE, shows how aviation people can contribute to making a just and more peaceful world when many of us worry about climate change and the threat of nuclear war.  Working for an airline my travels to Russia 35 years ago taught me the Cold War was a phony one, and we needed a new approach.

This 200-page book can be easily obtained by mailing a cheque for $16.95
plus $3 postage to my publisher, Price Patterson Ltd., 310 Victoria Ave.,
Westmount QC H3Z 2M9. It is also on the web at www.chapters.ca, www.indigo.ca , www.amazon.com .

Sincerely, Ross Smyth (author)
Boeing 747-400 out of production
With the stroke of a pen, the production life of the Boeing 747-400 passenger jet came to an abrupt end recently, but it's hardly the end of the line for the aircraft family that started the jumbo movement in 1969. That brought the 747-400 line symbolically to an end (about 450 were delivered), but there are dozens and perhaps hundreds of other types of 747s on the order books that will keep the folks in Washington state busy for years to come
Terry's Travel Tips

Terry BakerFraserway RV Spring Specials
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Feast yourself on Atlantic Lobster ~ Vancouver to Halifax.
For Complete details please visit www.rumrabbit.com

Passport relief, Vancouver Island
Those who live up Island  on Vancouver Island and, in the past, have had to go to Victoria to renew or apply for passports can get the service at the
Canada Government Receiving agent located at 130-19th Street   Courtenay
The office is located at the corner of Cliffe Avenue and 19th Street, close to the Ambulance Service at the end of Riverside Lane, by the Old House Restaurant.

Mail applications, changes to valid passports, lost/stolen passport replacements are NOT handled.

Travelling to New Zealand?
New aviation regulations on liquids, aerosols and gels in carry-on luggage will be introduced in New Zealand on 31 March, and will significantly change the way that passengers organize their luggage.

The new measures will require all international passengers to carry liquids, aerosols or gels in containers of 100ml or less. Passengers' carry-on luggage may include as many 100ml containers as will fit into a single re-sealable transparent plastic bag of one litre volume.

Brochures regarding the new regulations are available through travel agents and airports, and passengers seeking further information are advised to check the Ministry of Transport's website www.flysmart.govt.nz.

These regulations apply to international flights only, from 31 March 2007.


Overheard on Pittsburgh (KPIT) Ground working Hooters Air, better known by callsign "Pace," and a Delta airliner:
Pittsburgh Ground: Delta Eleven Twenty, follow Hooters off your left to Runway Two-Eight Right.
Delta Eleven Twenty: (in a slow southern drawl) Well, I've been doin' that all my life, and it's only got me in trouble with the wife.

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