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Neil Burton shares this comment -

What a coincidence that the Netletter 1357 featured the Women in Aviation – The Flying Seven and the article – New Kelowna Airport (August 11, 1960) in the same edition.

Rosalia (Rolie) Ethel Barrett, a member of the Flying Seven, was at the official opening of Kelowna’s earlier “Ellison Field” – August 1949 – and may have performed stunt flying during the Kelowna Regatta.

Incidentally, as a single woman, Rolie Moore, a student of A. H. (Hal) Wilson, instructor of the Aero Club of B.C., performed stunt flying at the opening of Kamloops Municipal Airport – August 6, 1939 –, and the next day put on an aerial display over the Tranquille Sanatorium (tuberculosis hospital) for its patients.

Neil Burton

Ahmet Eracar referring to NetLetter 1358 sends us this information -

On your last issue, the name of the gentleman with the license plate "SFOTRAC" is JOE ROSS. The last I've heard was that he passed away, he was a good person to work with.

Ahmet Eracar.

(The original article gave the name Joe Foss, we now assume a typo - eds)