Alan Way has sent us these circa 1931 photographs.

He thought someone would appreciate a copy of these old photos taken by his uncle Donald M. Way (old friend of Herb Seagram-VP Operations Air Canada) when he was with the Winnipeg Flying Club at Stevenson's Field.

tmb 001 tmb 002
tmb 003 tmb 004

tmb 005CF-APY outside Canadian Airways Hangar - 1931 - Stevenson's Field, Winnipeg.
(History of CF-APY -  Laird LC-B200 c/n196 Canadian AW Ltd > K Johannesson /Winnipeg > JT Dart /Wilton Grove Ont 14 March 1931 at the Reynolds Museum, Wetaskiwin Regional Airport (CEX3), Alberta. – eds)

tmb 006CF-AQI? and Wings CF-AWX Fairchild 71C Unknown Aircraft - 1931 - Stevenson's Field – Winnipeg. (The aircraft CF-AQI? is a Junkers F13 or its cargo version the W33. There are three Junkers W33 in that sequence: CF-AQB, AQV and AQW. The registration appearing on top of the starboard wing appears to be CF-AQV. CF-AQV Junkers W33/34 c/n2710 Oaks AW >Canadian AW Ltd 12 June 1931

(Destroyed beyond repair after hitting trees low flying in poor weather 5m SW Gold Pines Ont  1 Sept 1939 – eds)

(CF-AWX Fairchild 71C c/n33 Wings Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL 04.03.35. Floats collapsed on landing after engine failure Deschambault Lake Sask 4 July 1943 eds)

tmb 007Unknown aircraft - Stevenson's Field - 1931 – Winnipeg.

tmb 008CF-AOP aircraft - Stevenson's Field - 1931 – Winnipeg. (Believed to be CF-AOP Fairchild 71 c/n1307 Canadian AW Ltd 6 Aug 1935 A rebuild of CF-AKY Fairchild 71 Dominion Explorers >Spence-McDonough AT >Canadian AW Ltd 28 Feb 1930 after it had ran into a towline of tug 'Nanoose' on harbour landing Vancouver BC 6 May 1935 and rebuilt as CF-AOP c/n 1307 with a new fuselage.

(Destroyed beyond repair after hitting a motorboat on takeoff Beauchesne Depot Lake Onachiway, Quebec on 20 May 1941 – eds)

 tmb 009G-CASN outside Western Canada Airways - 1931 - Stevenson's Field, Winnipeg. 

(G-CASN Fokker Super Universal c/n821 Western Canada Airways Ltd >Canadian Airways Ltd 17 Dec 1928 Destroyed in a hangar fire Winnipeg 04 Mar 1931 – eds)

tmb 010CF-AII unknown aircraft - Stevenson's Field - 1931 – Winnipeg. 

(CF-AII is a Fokker F-14 of Western Canada Airways. Registered October 1929 it was destroyed in a hangar fire at Winnipeg in March 1931, so the photo is between those dates. – eds)

(The supplementary information in brackets has been supplied by Andrew Pentland of Airhistory – eds)

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