Vesna Vulovic, flight attendant who survived the highest ever fall (33,000 ft) from a plane and survived has died at age 66.

tmb fight attendantVesna was working as a flight attendant on a Yugoslav Airlines DC-9 aircraft when a suspected bomb brought the plane down from 33,000 ft (10,000m) in Czechoslovakia on 26 January 1972. All of the other 27 passengers and crew on board died.

According to investigators, Vesna was trapped by a food cart in the plane‚Äôs tail when the bomb exploded. She plummeted back to earth in the tail in sub-zero temperatures, where she landed on a steep, snow-covered slope near a village, which is believed to have softened her fall. tmb jat dc 9

She was found by woodsman Bruno Honke, who heard her screaming in the dark as the rest of the plane came crashing to the ground. While investigators suspect the bomb had been planted in the plane during a stopover in Copenhagen, Denmark, nothing was ever proven and no arrests were ever made.

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