Gretchen Dawson sends us this photo with a request -

Would any NetLetter subscribers be able to identify the stewardess and the two gentlemen in this photo taken in 1943? 

The photo below was received in an email from a friend who sent it from a website that specialiazes in "Colourized Photos That Make Canadian History Come Alive" by Mark Truelove who colourizes black & white photos from the past. He lives in B.C.'s Fraser Valley, and has a web site: www.canadiancolour.ca. That's as much as I know!

tmb tca stewardess 1943Photo courtesy of the Vancouver Archives: AM1184-S3. CVA 1184-1259
Photographer: Jack Lindsay

tmb mechanics ywg 1940Also on the same web site we found this photo. Mechanics work on a TCA Lockheed Model 14 Super Electra at Winnipeg c1940.
(Photos used with permission)

Here we have three photos and information on the B-727 aircraft (via) Larry Milberry/CANAV Books)

tmb C GYNGFrom 1974 the B-727 was the backbone of Air Canada’s medium-haul routes.  Shown is C-GYNG c/n 22347 fin nr 433, which served from 1981-87 including a stint with affiliate Air Jamaica.

“YNG” was sold to FedEx in 1991. There it operated as N280FE into 2011, when it was banished to the airplane bone yard at Victorville, the former George AFB near San Bernardino.

tmb c gxfaFirst Air 727 C-GXFA approaches landing at YFB Iqaluit on a clear day in February 2006. From 1975-90 “XFA” had been Air Canada C-GAAG, then was with Air Transat until joining First Air in 1994.

Circa 2008 “XFA” went into long-term storage at Trois-Rivieres, but is no longer there. Scrapped, perhaps, or flown away in some new resurrection?.

tmb cpa cf cusDuring its gaudy orange era, CP Air operated four 131-seat 727-117s (1971-77) and two 189-seat -217s (1975-80). Pictured is CF-CUS which later served in Mexico and Ecuador before being scrapped in Miami in 1998. It’s seen on approach at Toronto on March 6, 1972.

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