tmb britt marie ferstDuring Air Canada’s 40th anniversary celebration in 1977, an article appeared in the July edition of Horizons about a young flight attendant named Britt-Marie Ferst who had appeared in a CBC telecast from the Silver Broom curling championship from Karlstad, Sweden. Ms. Ferst, who was born close to Karlstad, was one of two translators who worked at this event.

Ms. Ferst had moved to Canada as a young adult, full of spirit and determination. After arriving in Montreal, she moved to Vancouver where she began working as a secretary although she was still dealing with the challenge of learning English.

She applied to Air Canada for a flight attendant job in 1972 and, while still struggling with her English skills, passed the training course. However, this ambitious young lady had a career on the flight deck in mind and in 1973 enrolled with the Brampton Flying Club where she began to accumulate the required flying hours. In 1979, she became the first woman in Air Canada to move from the cabin to the cockpit when she was promoted to second officer on the DC-8 fleet.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to find out how Ms. Ferst’s career advanced in the following years. We would certainly appreciate any information regarding the rest of her remarkable life and career.

Click Here for the article in the July 1977 edition of Horizons

Click Here for the October 1979 article on her promotion to first officer.

The Amelia Earhart ongoing saga from NetLetter nr 1370 -
Latest Earhart Theory Questioned
By Russ Niles

The History Channel says it’s having a look at a Japanese historian’s claim that a photograph that underpinned a much-hyped television special on the fate of Amelia Earhart was taken two years before she left on her round-the-world flight. As the documentary was hitting the airways, blogger Baron Yamaneko from Japan was posting a digitized image of the same photo, which he said appeared in a Japanese publication in 1935, two years before Earhart and navigator Fred Noonan’s fateful flight.

The blogger’s claim hasn’t been proven yet either but he did supply a link to the Japanese government archives with the photo and it is apparently dated 1935.

(Source: www.avweb.com July 11/17)

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