tmb cochranJacqueline Cochran became the first woman to break the sound barrier in 1953.

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October 1909, The First Lady Flyer.

tmb baroness de la rocheYet another sphere which some had thought man would, for some time, at any rate, retain for his own has been invaded by the gentler sex. Baroness de la Roche has been successfully piloting a Voisin biplane, and has thereby earned the right to be known as the first lady flyer or "aviatress."

This initial voyage into the air was only a very short one, and terra firma was regained after 300 yards; but on the following day the parade ground at Chalon’s was encircled twice, the turnings being made with consummate ease.

During this flight of about four miles there was a strong gusty wind blowing, but after the first two turnings the Baroness said that it did not bother her, as she had the machine completely under control. 

(Source: Flight International 1909 archives)

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