AC Life App Update #2

AC Life AppAs mentioned in previous NetLetters, the long-awaited Air Canada AC Life App is now available to eligible retirees.

We now have the following menu items in place at: www.acfamilynet.ca/support/aclife

There has been a large amount of interest in the AC Life App by retirees and many comments (as well as questions) have been asked in our comment section of the NetLetter. We have moved all the questions to the ACFamily Network pages and have also created a FAQ section at: www.acfamilynet.ca/support/aclife/faq  This area should answer the most commonly asked questions. 

If you have a question that hasn't been answered, we have introduced a "Life Support" page as well (pun intended), where you can submit your question. See: www.acfamilynet.ca/support/aclife/lifesupport

AC Life App

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