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From the "CPA Newsletter" magazine issue March 1967.

tmb CF CPF DC 8 43A record time of nine hours was set from Toronto to Honolulu on the new non-stop weekly service on February 8, 1967

The DC-8 with 101 passengers and a crew of nine, benefited from unusual tail winds of 50 mph at 35,000 feet. Westbound flights usually must buck head winds most of the journey, especially in the winter.

Track of the aircraft took it from Toronto over Chicago, Sacramento, Oakland and on to Honolulu.

Flight crew consisted of: Captain Sandy Tweed, First Officer Tony Merry, Second Officer Gary Gallant and Navigator Jack Bowers.

The return sector, Honolulu to Toronto on April 24, a CPA jet covered the 4,733 miles in seven hours 59 minutes under Captain R. B. Birch, with 91 passengers and a crew of nine.

The DC-8 "Empress of Mexico City" flew at a top speed of 670 mph at 33,000 feet. Previous record for this route was eight hours seven minutes set on October 30, 1966.

CP Air opened a sales office in Athens under the charge of Alexis Gasparintosas the DSM for Greece.

CP Air's first sales office in Nagoya was officially opened on February 23. The office was located in the Nagoya Miyako Hotel and is staffed by Shinichi Nakashita, Sales Supervisor and Miss Fumiko Suzuki, Passenger Agent.

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