From the "Horizons" magazine issue dated August 1982

tmb rachelle boudreauWoman's place is in the ....... hangar? 

In 1982, Toronto mechanic Rachelle Boudeau, became the first woman to receive the Trade Category Training Certificate which acknowledges the successful completion of the avionics apprenticeship training program.

At 17, her initial dream was in the field of aircraft electronics. She entered a college in Quebec to study electronics. After a three year program, Rachelle was still not qualified to work on aircraft. She moved to Toronto and enrolled in a 12-month course. After graduation she took her first job in Saskatoon. She kept her application at Air Canada in their files for 18 months hoping to be hired anywhere in the system. 

In February 1979, Montreal became the first station to open its doors. She worked in electronics for eight months before transferring to Toronto as an avionics technician. She spends her free time as a pilot soaring through the skies of Ontario.

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