tmb brenda moffitt first flight

On the back of this photo of the pilot, Miss Brenda Moffatt writes “my first air jaunt – taken after we landed at Esquimalt, Aug. 1/36”.

May the pilot, in the photo, be F. Maurice McGregor, (involved in the later start-up of Trans-Canada Air Lines in 1937)? On 21 August 1936, McGregor, was probably making his last run on the Vancouver – Victoria schedule, as he was next scheduled to fly the Vancouver-Seattle Canadian Airways service with E.P. (Billy) Wells, operating a Lockheed Electra

(Source: Vancouver Sun – 22 Aug. 1936 – p. 13).​

Jack Morath has sent us this photo of the eight people involved in organizing the UK – EC Pionairs Christmas 2017 lunch. Held, to a full house, in the UK at the Ship Hotel in Weybridge, Surrey on December 3rd 2017.

Namtmb lhr organizerses from the left are as follows: Mike Judkins (Director), Aureen Morath, Jack Morath, Gwyneth Frost, Chris Frost, John Glew, Teresa Glew and Jane Wilson.

What a year this has been! Ninety-eight Pionairs, including Sally De Mendonça, President of ACRA in the UK, and her husband, Paul, met at the Ship Hotel in Weybridge, where we were greeted with a welcome drink to celebrate our Christmas lunch.

However, this year, it was much more than just a lunch as we were also celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the UK Pionairs with four of the original founding members being present. Jack and Aureen Morath as well as Archie and Jill Furzer were with us and it was a shame that John and Ellen Baker could not join us as well this year. It was also the 40th Anniversary of the Air Canada Pionairs, then Air Canada’s 80th Birthday and to top it all it was also Canada’s 150th Birthday!

No – not finished yet – Archie Furzer celebrated his 90th Birthday and he and Jill celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary having also received a card from the Queen! I really think it will be very difficult to top this another year!

We were very fortunate that colleagues from Devon, the South Coast, Oxfordshire and Somerset joined us and this all added to the very festive atmosphere. A very generous £500 donation from Ken Page, and £100 from ACRA was used to make the event a really special occasion.

Neil Burton shares this information and these photos -

The photo below is of G-CASQ, a Fokker Super Universal, being operated by Canadian Airways Ltd., from Sea Island Airport (Vancouver), on August 1, 1936. One of the passengers on board was Brenda Moffatt, travelling to Victoria, to attend Normal School, for studies to become a school teacher.

This aircraft was manufactured in 1928, by Atlantic, and was first registered to Western Canada Airways, Winnipeg, 16 January 1929. On 25 November 1930, the Fokker was registered to Canadian Airways, Winnipeg (by company name change). On 30 June 1937, the aircraft was registered to T.H. Jones, Vancouver, B.C. G-CASQ, was damaged beyond repair at Disappointment Inlet (Vancouver Island) during a forced landing in bad weather, 17 November 1938. Both pilot and passenger escaping injury.

(source: Canadian Civil Aircraft Register by John R. Ellis (1920-1928).

It just so happened, that Miss Brenda Moffatt was flying on G-CASQ, to Victoria, the same day as the Junior Board of Trade, of the Vancouver Board of Trade, sponsored Western Canada’s Annual Air Show (Fifth), on Sea Island Airport.

(Source as to Air Show – Vancouver Sun).

  tmb g casq sea island   tmb g casq sea island 1

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