1939 arrow airways 1386Arrow Airways Limited timetable issued November 1, 1939 (from the collection of Bjorn Larsson.)

Arrow Airways was one of ten bush airlines acquired in 1939 to form a new airline to compete with TCA. The new airline would later become Canadian Pacific Air Lines.

(Source: Wikipedia)

tmb cpa 1943 advert northThis Canadian Pacific Air Lines advert appeared in the Flight magazine issued November 25th, 1943.

The title "A new continent beckons in Canada's Northland".

The concluding statement was "Yes, the north is opening. When victory is won, Canadian Pacific Air Lines will open it ...wide.....wide....WIDE!"

tmb cpa britannia hangarThis is photo of a Canadian Pacific Airlines brochure announcing the official opening of the Britannia Hangar at Vancouver Airport on February 22, 1958. It claimed to be Canada's First Jet-Era Hangar

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