In NetLetter #1326 Wayne's Wings ran an article on the L-1011 stating, in part, that the most interesting fate of an aircraft from this fleet is certainly Fin #510 (C-FTNJ).

It was parked by Air Canada at Marana, Arizona in November 1990 and then pulled out of storage by Orbital Sciences Corporation in May 1992. It was then registered as N140SC, renamed “Stargazer” and modified to launch Pegasus rockets.

Roy Jacobs spent 30 years with Air Canada and has spent the last 18 years with the Los Angeles World Airport as a superintendent of Operations at LAX and ONT; he sends us these (lower) two photos of Fin 510. It has recently been dropping (launching) rockets over the Pacific near the Marshall Islands and was also in Ontario, California undergoing a modified 'C' check.  It is presently flown as "Stargazer" and is believed to be the only L-1011 still flying today. See: www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stargazer for more information.

FIN 510 Stargazer

You can get more information from Ed Dunlap manager L-1011 Operations Launch system group. Orbital Sciences Corp PO box 1087 17143 Flight Systems Drive Mojave Ca. 93502 .

Tel 661-824-5052 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ed is a retired Delta Mechanic.

tmb l1011 fin510 tmb l1011 fin510 1

In response to the article on Croydon airport in NetLetter #1386 under Terry's Trivia, Michael Smith sends this information and photos -

tmb Croydon with dhc 1Here are a few photos of Croydon Airport. First one is of me and my trusty Chipmunk.

(Note from Alan) - this brings back memories as I worked on "Chipmunks" in AMDU Trenton #6 Repair Depot when I was 19 years old and just out of training at CFB Borden during my short stint in the Canadian Forces. I remember a big sign outside the hangar, "You bend 'em, we mend 'em".

  tmb horatius at croydonSecond photo is Imperial Airways HP Heracles at Croydon.
tmb vimy at hounslowThe next one is from Hounslow Heath Airport 1919. Hounslow closed in 1920 (reopened in 1929 as Heathrow) and Croydon took over as London’s primary airport.

tmb croydon airport dh frobisherLast photo is of DH Frobisher in front of the Croydon's Terminal building & Tower. Note the Speedbird on the nose of the Frobisher, BOAC's call sign, still used by British Airways to date.

(Note from our editor, Ken Pickford - Just a comment on the Croydon Airport information and the photo of the "DH Frobisher". The official name given to that aircraft type by De Havilland was "Albatross". "Frobisher" was the marketing name used by Imperial Airways.

See: www.baesystems.com/en/heritage/de-havilland-dh91-albatross# for more information.

Cheers Michael

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