Reading the NetLetter #1387 and the article on pins in "Reader Submitted Photos" has Allan Gray submitting these photos -

I also have a few pins I've collected over the years. Just not Air Canada & TCA but other airlines as well.

tmb air canada pins tmb Airline pins
tmb tca pilot hat badgesThe second smaller collection includes a TCA captain’s hat badge and a 1st officer’s hat badge thanks to Don Wood YVR.

tmb some dup pinsAllan sent us some of his duplicate pins which we scanned and have shown here.

Allan Gray CSSA YVR

Gerry Ireland has sent in a couple of his pins with this message -

tmb l1011 pin tail pinI had the pleasure of flying on the new AC L-1011-500 and they gave us a pin on the inaugural flight. It is in a plastic cover with some text and signed By Claude Taylor. I think it was 1973, the route was from YVR-LHR. I was a supervisor with CPAL then (god that was long ago) and a manager from AC invited me. Included with the L1011 pin was a tail pin from Gerry. 

I was with CP from 1967 - 1987, left and went to work for Air New Zealand at YVR 1989-2001. NZ closed the base (Sept 11 and all). NZ returned service in 2007 and I went back to work for them until 2009, between summer contract work. It was 40 years, and time to go.

Regards, Gerry

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