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Aviation Memoroblia Newsletter

Since 1995

tmb air canada in flight 1978Here we have this Air Canada advertisement featuring the In Flight Service uniforms 1978.
tmb air canada new star heavensThis is the Air Canada Intercontinental brochure issued mid 1980's.

 Below are colourful ticket wallets from previous years.

(Source: airline-memorabilia.blogspot.comom)

air canada ticket wallet air canada ticket wallet 1 air canada ticket wallet 2

tmb air canada pilots assn eblemThe Air Canada Pilots Association (ACPA) represents more than 3,700 commercial pilots who fly millions of passengers across Canada and around the world on Air Canada and Air Canada Rouge. 

tmb matt hoganCaptain Matt Hogan was elected Chair at a Special Meeting of its Master Elected Council (MEC) in Toronto.

The one-year term will run from March 1, 2018 until March 31, 2019. 

For more information, visit www.acpa.ca.

tmb horizons emblemExtracted from "Horizons" magazine issued May 1983.


The DC-8 aircraft has been retired from commercial passenger service.

The last scheduled flight was CF-TIM fin #869 c/n 46035 as flight AC140 April 23, 1983 leaving Calgary at 17:40 arriving in Toronto at 23:10. On April 28, 1983 the aircraft was stored at Marana, Arizona until sold to ATASCO Leasing Inc December 29, 1984.

tmb dc 8 retires crewHere we have a photo of the crew of fin #869 at Toronto from the left:

Flight Attendants Karl Kriese, Madeleine Brochu and Polly O'Connor; Second Officer Paul Munnings; Captain Jack Coleman; First Officer Ross Emmans; Flight Attendants Ann Maltby, Jennifer Simon, Carmen Barnes and Jeannette Forbes, In-Charge.

The last charter flight ended at 10 minutes past midnight on April 24, 1983 when flight AC071 arrived at Halifax from Tampa.

The retirement of its passenger DC-8's is a historic event marking the end of an era which spanned 23 years since the airline took delivery of its first model (series 40, 133 passengers, later known as "DC-8 short") CF-TJD fin #804 c/n 45445 on February 7, 1960. The aircraft went into service on April 1, 1960, on the Montreal-Toronto-Vancouver route. Trans-Canada Air Lines had entered the jet age.

The aircraft, CF-TJD, was sold in 1, July 1977 to Templewood Aviation Sales Ltd, for lease to Air Celon registered as 4R-ACT. It had chalked up 21,401 landings and flown 46,166 hours.

CF-TJL fin #812 c/n 45640 had the highest operational data having flown 55,859 hours and landed 24,354 times when is was sold December 19, 1984 to Lift Air Foundation of Liechtenstein. The aircraft had several operators and was stored at Miami where it was damaged during a hurricane in August 1996.

Irish for a day.

Parting the early morning mist at Shannon Airport on St. Patrick's Day was the first all-cargo flight AC596 from Toronto and Montreal. To mark the occasion, Airport Manager Aidan Larkin presented sprays of shamrock to crew members.

tmb irish for a dayFrom the left: First Officer Phil Lewis, Captain Doug Spencer and Second Officer Rami Mani.

The pilots were also installed as honorary Irishman for Ireland's national day. This brief ceremony required the use of the Irish version of their names and they became F/O Paddy O'Lucy, Captain Dermont Shaun MacSpenser and S/O Roddy O'Mahoney.

Aidan apologizes for the poor quality of the photograph, but the dawn was overcast, the camera ancient and the film coloured.

Throwback Thursday 1939

tmb cf tcm super electraThis rare 1939 colour image shows TCA’s first hangar under construction in Winnipeg. (sorry we couldn't find a larger image)

Although no longer used by Air Canada, the hangar is now the home of the Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada.
(Source: Daily May 17, 2018)

The aircraft shown is Lockheed 14H-2 Super Electra CF-TCM fin #35 delivered September 19, 1938 modified to 14O-8 on December 18, 1942. Sold to Montreal Air Services on April 21, 1947 after 19,019 hours flying time.

(Source: Air Canada Pocket Guide)