Arleigh Stephen referred to NetLetter #1393 and sends this comment -

Thank you NetLetter!

You made it easy to participate in CARP's campaign to protect pensions. The instructions from Sue Welscheid, Chair, Pension Sub-Committee, had a few more steps.

I think your simplicity will engage more Pionairs.

Thanks again, Arleigh Stephen

Edward Murray sends this comment -

A sense of humour has always been a part of my TCA/AIR CANADA Associations! I was always known as Murray however when I joined TCA/AC computerization took over and I became 'Edward' which is indeed my First name!

It appears that you lads are giving me my name back! Thanks a lot for that! Keep up the GOOD WORK!

After viewing the article in “Alan's Space” featured in NetLetter #1393, Tony Walsh sends this -

I loved the James Corden / Paul McCartney carpool karaoke item in Alan’s Space.

The absolute best of them all. Maybe not directly airline/aviation related, but indirectly it is very much a part of so many of The NetLetter retiree readers' younger lives and as with Alan, even to this day.

Tony Walsh

Marlene Bradshaw enjoyed the article about Billie Houseman's retirement party in NetLetter #1393 and says -

Thanks Guys!!!

Yes, Billie will be missed! Thanks to you all for your wonderful updates! Carrying GREAT memories...........

Cheers! Marlene

Betty Draper sends this information after reading of the DC-9 incident in NetLetter #1393 -

Hi Terry, I read your NetLetter and I checked my files and found the archived article from the LP, it sheds some light on the event.

I really enjoy your NetLetter. There are so many interesting things there and it is a learning experience. I sent the entire paper for you as it would take too long to edit it.


pdf download50x47(Note: We extracted the pertinent article from the newspaper as a pdf file - eds)

After John Rodger had read the article in NetLetter #1393 and the incident at Regina on May 12, 1983, John sent us this memory -

tmb ac 709 repair regina 1983This has brought back memories of the incident in Regina. I went to Regina to do x-rays on the area that was damaged.

Working with the Douglas engineer who would point out what he wanted to be done. The aircraft was too high at the tail to go all the way into the small hangar. It was put on jacks with the tail outside the hangar.

Our crew all from YUL & YWG had to go at noon one day to move from the hotel we were staying at to another hotel due to a convention at ours. While we were doing that a wind storm came up all of a sudden and anyone of you that knows the western prairies know how bad they can be.

When we got back to the hangar the Douglas engineer was beside himself. He was the only one to stay behind and lucky for him he did. With the strong wind, the aircraft started bouncing up and down almost coming off the jacks.

Somehow he got a dumpster filled with sand and had it to tie down the nose of the aircraft saving it from coming off the jacks. He told us after that if it did come off the jacks they would have had to scrap the aircraft. It was repaired and back into service for many years after.

Attached is a photo of me talking to the Douglas Engineer. As you can see it was a major repair.

John Rodger 

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