The fridge in the forest mystery.

There's an urban legend about a deceased scuba diver being found halfway up a tree in a forest causing head-scratching by investigators, until they work out that the unfortunate chap was accidentally scooped up from the local lake - before being unceremoniously dropped - by a refilling firefighting aircraft.

It's all nonsense, of course, not least because a small fish would struggle to get through the modest scoop intake of a Bombardier CL-215.

But, an incident in the Canadian wilderness might one day serve up an equally mysterious campfire tale. Investigators have disclosed that a Bell 205 helicopter inadvertently lost a fridge being carried as a sling load from Little Grand Rapids.

It fell in an uninhabited area of woodland, says Canada's Transportation Safety Board. So if you happen to be walking through the seemingly endless expanse of Manitoba forest which surrounds Little Grand Rapids airport, and come across a den with a kitchen appliance, rest assured that Wal-Mart isn't delivering to the local timber wolves.

(Source: Flight International July 18, 2018)

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