After receiving and reading her copy of the NetLetter #1395, Dorothy Horton sends this memory -

I really enjoy the NetLetter. I read every word. I am very proud of being a 'Stew' in 1954, from Ontario. Of course, in those days you couldn’t be married. When I married in November of 1954 I had to resign.

However, I married the man of my dreams and we were so happily married until recently when he passed away. I am back in Alberta where I originally joined Maple Wings many years ago in Sherwood Park, Alberta. I also joined Maple Wings in Kelowna, with Gretchen Marsh Aird as the President.

Many great stories of the old DC-3 Days. Billy Houseman was our Instructor.

Dorothy Horton.

After receiving and reading her copy of the NetLetter #1395, Betty Morgan sends us this memory -

My first flight ever was on a DC-3 from Moncton to Shearwater in 1945. I have a picture of myself all dressed up with a suit, hat and gloves for the adventure. I think there was one other passenger on the flight. It cost my mother $15 and she thought that was "exorbitant" for such a short trip!!!

Anyway, I was picked up at the airport by a boyfriend and we went to his graduation dance at the Lord Nelson. I can't remember if it was the same day or the next. I remember I had a new evening dress made for just that event. It was white with red polka dots and I had a red carnation too.

The ticket was one way so I came home by car with a girlfriend and her father. I don't remember eating, but I do remember dancing. I do miss dancing.

Betty Morgan

Marlene Bradshaw shares her memory with us -

I have such 'Great! Good! Wonderful Memories' with the time I spent being a 'TCA Stew' along with all kinds of friends. I have maintained through these years of true friendship - the kind you cannot have unless you were there – makes them even more special........of course.

It all started just right after I found in the local newspaper Trans Canada announced that you no longer had to be a nurse. Being raised, and coming from, the little town of Picture Butte, Alberta of 1,000 people, I was able to travel and see the world I knew was out there! Dreams sometimes work out and coming from a family that did not have a dime it was my impossible dream that came true for me - thanks!...so very very personal for me to have had the experience of the world I knew was waiting just for me.

Turned 80 years old October 5th this past year and October 5th is coming round again. I was a lucky duck and all my memories are treasured - the good and the bad - I love them all.

Keep trucking you guys and I will do so I at my end to enjoy the old, and the wake-up reality of where we have come from and where it can take us into the future.

Love and Hugs, Marlene

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