The latest from Larry Milberry, publisher at CANVAN Books -

Here's the preliminary info about CANAV’s forthcoming aviation title “Fighter Pilots and Observers”. I’ll start shipping in 2 weeks.

Also, the info about a new Northern Ontario bush flying book and CANAV’s main general book lists. Keep building up your library; it’ll help keep the internet from turning your brains to mush!

pdf download50x47Details on Volume 8 of "Aviation in Canada".

pdf download50x47Summer book list.

pdf download50x47True Stories from the Great White North and Beyond.

tmb canadian airways inauguralCanadian Airways operated a regular service to Vancouver’s Sea Island and an Esquimalt – Seattle charter service out of Esquimalt’s harbour.

With interests from both Canadian Pacific and Canadian National Railways, the airway held enough sway in Ottawa to allow their four Boeing C-204 Thunderbirds to land in the Inner Harbour and moor at a wharf in front of the Legislature or the James Bay Athletic Association’s wharf from July through September of 1931.

(Source: www.victoriaharbourhistory.com)

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