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Since 1995

In NetLetter #1398, in the CPAir section we had an article regarding Canadian Pacific Airlines, (Airlines 1 word), with several photos of early aircraft and the hangars show Canadian Pacific Air Lines, (Air Lines 2 words).

Ken Pickford, who proofreads the NetLetter before we send it to our subscribers, stated that the name of Canadian Pacific Airlines in our original draft of the article was incorrect and should be Canadian Pacific Air Lines, "Air Lines" (2 words). We questioned this as the tickets we have also shows Canadian Pacific Airlines, (Airlines 1 word).

This was Ken's response -

Re: Canadian Pacific Airlines vs. Air Lines, as mentioned the legal name was always 2 words, but the one-word format did appear off and on for marketing purposes. In the ticket small print somewhere inside there's likely a reference to it having been issued by Canadian Pacific Air Lines, Limited.

When the CP Air name was adopted in 1968 that was also just a marketing name, never had any legal significance.

(Note: All reference to Canadian Pacific Airlines in NetLetter nr 1398 was amended to read Canadian Pacific Air Lines.

This is a similar confusion between Trans-Canada Airlines (incorrect) and Trans-Canada Air Lines (correct) - eds)

Neil Burton has sent us the paper he has just finished about the use of a Seabee aircraft operated from Fulton Field Airport, Kamloops, by Kamloops Air Service, and pilot Harry Layton Bray and his fellow ex-servicemen.

Harry Bray earned his air time on both prop-driven aircraft and the jet propelled type. A note I have says he retired from Pacific Western Airlines in June 1981.

Also, part of this paper references ex Air Commodore Earl Leslie MacLeod’s MacLeod Aircraft Limited, of Vancouver, a dealer of the Republic Seabee. This lends an idea of who was operating the aircraft in B.C., during the late 1940 – early 1950 period.

This being the 80th year of a licensed airport, in Kamloops, I’ve added short tidbits of the years 1927 to the 1938 licensing. Hope you and your readers enjoy the history, should you choose to read it. 

Cheers, Neil Burton, September 22, 2018.

pdf download50x47 SeaBee Amphibious Aircraft on Fulton Field (Kamloops, B.C.)

tmb seebee aircraftAlong with our recent articles on BC airlines, we have this article of an operator with Seabee aircraft, Westinghouse Airways

In 1946 two sons of the American industrialist George Westinghouse established Westinghouse Airways headquarters in Victoria. They flew their Luscombe and three Seabee pusher flying boats out of Canadian Pacific and BC Airlines’ base in View Royal. The service was sold to BC Airlines in 1954.

(Source: www.victoriaharbourhistory.com)