Here we have a timetable. 

gorst air transport timetableIn 1927, Vern C. Gorst, owner and pilot of Seattle’s Gorst Air Transport often flew his Loening Amphibian Air Yacht into the harbour, mooring at the B&K wharf.

Gorst entered into partnership with fellow pilot and Seattle Percy Barnes in 1928. The two won Victoria’s airmail contracts for 1928 through 1930.

They briefly offering a scheduled passenger service between Victoria’s B&K wharf and their base on Seattle’s Lake Union.

tmb gorst air transport aircraftIn May of 1930 the company won an additional United States Postal Service airmail contract that ran though to June 1934 flying their red Boeing B-E 204 A Zephyr. 

(Source: www.victoriaharbourhistory.com)

We Khan do it.

Big ambitions for your airline start-up?

Why not name it after a ruthless and legendary warrior who ended up dominating much of Asia and Europe? Reigning for almost a quarter of a century and conquering all rivals who stood in his way.

Make way please for China's Genghis Khan Airlines.

(Source: Flight International magazine issue September 11-17, 2018)

The long-proposed regional airline in northern China is scheduled to begin operations next year with Comac ARJ21s instead of the Bombardier CRJ900s originally planned, and is a rebrand from Tianjiao Airlines.

(Source: aviationweek.com)

tmb mispelt cathay aircraftFor Hong Kong-based airline Cathay Pacific, it was between the "i"s -- on the livery of its Boeing 777-367.

Photos have emerged that appear to show a plane on the ground at Hong Kong International Airport, proudly emblazoned with the words "CATHAY PACIIC."

And to prove that it's a good sport, if not necessarily a good speller, Cathay Pacific shared the photos on social media, announcing on its Twitter account: "Oops this special livery won't last long! She's going back to the shop. 

(Source: cnn.com Sepember 21, 2018)

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