After reading the poem by Ken Murray in the "Smilie" section of NetLetter #1403, Bernie McCormack sends this comment -

What a fabulous and accurate (sometimes) poem on the trials and amendments performed by a good F/O. The name Buck comes to mind for me from a number of incidents but only in a good and friendship vein.

Bernie McCormack

Gary Bocking sent us this information -

In NetLetter #1402, Heather Johannson told a story about her friend Gail (Horton) Hodges and her flight attendant mother Violet Kirchhofer. Violet married Kenneth George Horton who worked at TCA/Air Canada for nearly 40 years, retiring I believe in 1977.

I had the privilege of working for and alongside Ken Horton, Doug Spalding and Ian Gardner for many years in cargo and passenger pricing as well as Government and industry affairs.

All three were highly respected in their field and I was both proud and very fortunate to work with such professional individuals. When tasked with organizing Ken's retirement party, the first person we invited was Claude Taylor, then President and CEO of Air Canada.

Mr. Taylor told me personally that he would not miss Ken's retirement and would make a special effort to be there. In fact, he flew in from (I believe) Ottawa that very day to be there. Such was the respect that individuals had for Ken Horton. After I transferred to Calgary, Ken and I occasionally remained in touch until his passing.

Gary Bocking.

Bill Sim in Dorval sent us this message -

Found these old Personal Travel Trip Pass in my travel bag, also a note from you about The Post Hotel In London. Just thought it may be of interest for the NetLetter

My family had a big bash for me last year for my 90th birthday, the last four (of) my family in Scotland came over for the party, it was held in The Lachine Curling Club. I retired in May 1983. Still enjoying the NetLetter. 

Thank you and the rest of the crew for all the hard work. All the best to you, take care,

Bill Sim

The attachment (below) was an Air Canada trip pass and instructions for pass travel issued by American Airlines.

tmb ac trip pass x550
tmb american airlines pass travel

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