Alan RustAlan's Space - Reader Condolences

We received several messages of condolences for Alan from our readers.

We thought that the best way to share these messages appropriately would be to post them within the final Alan's Space article that will be published in the NetLetter.

Alan's fondest wish was to leave his body of work to NetLetter readers and, we believe, that he would agree that his 'Space' should be turned over to our readers before ending.

We are in the process of archiving Alan's Space articles on the NetLetter website at www.thenetletter.net/article-archive-alan.

Please visit and enjoy! Thank you.

I was so sorry to hear of Alan Rust's passing it was kind of shocking to read. He was so dedicated working with the NetLetter and did a great job too.

He will be missed by all who worked with him and also the readers of the interested group on the Netletter.

Betty Draper

So sorry to read about the passing of your friend and collaborator Alan Rust.

Hopefully you will be able to keep up the publication of the NetLetter.


Aron P. Charad

Sad news to hear of Alan's passing, R.I.P. My condolences to his family.

And, my thanks for all his dedication, and contributions to the 'NetLetter'.

Jim Goltz

I never met Alan and prior to this input on losing him I knew nothing about his history.

As a lifetime member of the TCA/Air Canada family I very much enjoyed his part in keeping our history alive and with us. Not to take anything away from the NetLetter team and I hope they keep it going in Alan’s and Vesta’s memory, but I have always maintained that in order to move forward one must know from where they have come.

My primary resource was my father who was among the first pilot group hired when TCA began in 1937 before I was born and since losing him I have depended on the NetLetter to keep his and my story alive.

I too was basically a lifetime employee, starting in 1959 as a part time ramp rat in Dorval while finishing my education and beginning my flying career which moved to Air Canada in 1965 and ended as the airline’s most senior pilot in 2003. Many wonderful memories and people.

Thank you for all you do!

Captain (retired) Douglas Seagrim

I would please like to share this in the NetLetter. I met Alan 1999 where I had spent time in the Maintenance Department at Vancouver. Alan and I seemed to make a connection quickly where I learned a lot from him.

When the British Airways Concorde arrived in Vancouver and digital video cameras just arrived, Alan and I went on the roof of the Maintenance Hangar and did a video of the take off.

September 11, when a lot of different Airlines landed in Vancouver, I who spent a long time at Flight Operations suggested to Alan that he take the camera and we could get photos of the company tails, set up a contest for the Pilots naming the Airline Companies. Three prizes were offered.

Alan also showed me how to do aircraft turn around service checks on several aircraft types.

Please let me know if this fits into the NetLetter.

Thank you,

Peter Pihach

I am a Past Director of the Quebec District. I had reason to contact Alan a number of times a few years ago regarding Pionairs work on the internet.

He was always so very helpful and patient with me. I always felt that I knew Alan although I don’t recall that we ever met. I’m sure in working with him you became friends.

We’ve lost a great promoter of Pionairs and their activities, as well as a good friend. My deepest sympathies.


Mae Wilson

So sorry to hear of Alan’s passing.

I had a lot more in common with Alan other than the Pionairs. Like him I joined the RCAF in 1953. My tests showed I was suited for Auto Mechanic or Airframe Technician.

Before I knew it, I was on my way to Camp Borden for airframe training. Joined TCA in 1956. I met Alan in line maintenance around 1974 and knew him while he was in Dorval. After he moved to YVR I lost track of him until I became president of the Pionairs in 2003.

I think it was the Spring of 2004 when we had a meeting in YVR. Gordon Woida was District Director of YVR and he made arrangements to meet at a Seafood Restaurant with the late Bill Rowe, the late Gord Dalziel and a fellow named Alan Rust (I didn’t recognize his name). We all came and parked our cars about the same time, and we saw this yellow VW bug come in with ‘Nerds On Site’ painted on it.

When Alan got out of the car and saw me, we both said at the same time "I know you”. The meeting was to set up communications for the Pionairs to get news out to our members when AC was in CCAA. The next time we met was at the AGM in Niagara Falls 2005. We arranged to have our ‘Meet & Greet’ evening in Planet Hollywood and we asked our members if they wished come dressed as movie stars etc. Well Alan and Mary Lou were part of 20 members who dressed as movie stars. I didn’t recognize Mary Lou the next day. We have been in contact ever since & I certainly will miss him.


John Rodger

So sorry to hear of Alan's passing. We corresponded a bit over the last decade and he was always so helpful and enthusiastic. I will miss his missives!

Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail

We have enjoyed NetLetter long enough to have experienced two passings; Vesta and now Alan.

R.I.P. Alan. Maybe Alan and Vesta can open their own heavenly NetLetter for all the passed retirees.

Diane and David Bellamy, Elgin, Illinois

Alan composed the web site for our business at that time, mid 1995, it was our B&B called, 'It Feels Like Home', we ran it for a number of year in Kelowna, BC.

We use to advertise in Horizons. Alan did a marvelous job setting the Web site up, we were very pleased with his work helping us achieve a successful B&B. Many of our guests commented on the web page which Alan created as well. He did a brilliant job.

Lorraine and Ken Starnes, Kelowna, B.C.

Very sad to hear of Alan’s passing. My thoughts are with his family and friends. R.I.P.

Peter Sutherland

Good day,

As reader and follower of Alan’s writing supported by the great staff of ACFN NetLetter my condolences to Alan’s family.

The newsletter will surely miss him.

With esteem

Alan C. Evans, RSA

I am sorry to hear about Alan. God bless his soul. Sure we all will miss him.


Najam Jafri

A super human being. My late husband knew him. I met him a few times while being a flight attendant! I will remember him “forever and a day “

Jacqueline Ritter

So sorry to hear the sad news of Alan passing.

Lyndon Davis

Sorry I never met Alan, what a shame he had to pass away so young.

Monika Hilson

My deepest condolences to Alan’s family and everyone at the NetLetter.

I have enjoyed Alan’s great contributions over the past years, he will be sorely missed.

Eileen Crawford

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