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. Rumour....Rumour....Rumour....Rumour....Rumour by Jay McGowan

Air Canada's pilot training groundschool will be privatized.
The current groundschool instructors will be released from
Air Canada and rehired (no guarantees) by a private company in YYZ.
Captain Garry  Dean will head up the new company.
Possibly Canadi>n will become a partner in this venture?
Possibly the training for the connector pilots will be undertaken by
this new company?
Air Canada pilots have undergone extensive training in-house since
the airline began.  The groundschool has an excellent reputation
and has been contracted to train pilots for other carriers.
The groundschool employs the latest in training techniques AND
technology to train Air Canada pilots.

. For us Islanders and out-of-towners who have to overnight in YVR
to catch an early morning flight - the special arrangement with
Travelodge in Richmond of parking the 1st week free and the 2nd
week for $10 with an overnight's accomodation at $59 is over. The
new parking rate is $3.00 per day - still cheaper than Park N Fly.

. Greyhound lines of Canada are going into the discount airline
business. Expected take-off is 2nd quarter of this year.

. West Coast Air has all the permits in place to operate between
Vancouver harbour and Victoria Harbour. The company is taking
over from Airbc.

. From the Montreal District Pionair's Newsletter 'Sentinel' -

Who should one advise, in the event of the passing of a retiree,
spouse or children of a retiree?
The Air Canada office to contact is -
Pension & Estate Administration, Human Resources,
P.O.Box 768, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3C 2N2
(204) 941-2550

The required information would be the date of passing, employee
number and, if possible, the name and address of the person
handling the estate so that communication from Air Canada can
be correctly addressed. The following information will be provided -
Group Life Insurance, Supplementary Group Life insurance, QPP/CPP,
Retired employee health insurance, Free and reduced transportation,
Air Canada pension plan and the publication 'Horizons'

. Keep in mind the date for the AGM to be held in YOW at the
Citadel Inn (formerly the Skyline) on May 24 - 27th.

. From the Montreal District Pionair's Newsletter 'Sentinel' -

One of the projects undertaken by the YUL Air Canada employees
to help finance the Dream Flight is the creation of a Dream
Flight Cook Book. The book costs $8.00 and can be ordered from
Nancy Ann Rockwell at work on (514) 422-5691.

. From the Montreal District Pionair's Newsletter 'Sentinel' -

Montreal District Pionairs casual luncheon get together will be
at 'La Casa Grecque' 3855a St Johns Road in the West Island on
Wednesday Jan 31st at 11.30am. Call Real Henri (514)697-5405 or
Herb Guilfoyle (514) 696-5286 before Jan 26 to reserve.

. BritRail discount. For the first time in its history, BritRail
is offering a 4 day flexipass reduced by 50% for the 1996 regular
fare in both 1st and standard class. The cost is C$159 and C$119
respectively. The pass must be bought in Canada and all travel must
be completed by Mar 31/96. The pass allows travel on any 4 days
during a one month period throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

. Remember the deHavilland Comet?
There is one at LHR, one at Everett Field Washington and another
at O'hare airport all in BOAC colours.
A book titled 'Classic Civil Aircraft - DH COMET' by Ian Allan
ISBN 0-7110-1947-9 may be of interest.

. Air Canada fleet contains 198 aircraft. One is the Airbus A340
seats 32J, 252Y, cargo 32,768 lbs, speed 540 mph range 7360 mi.

. Thought for the day contributed by Vesta Stevenson  

You know you have been flying too long when -

you drive home from work and you start sequencing cars for the
approach at a four way stop sign.

.  Following supplied by Mike Leduc

This is entitled "If Operating Systems Ran Airlines".

OS/2 Airlines:
To board the plane, you have your ticket stamped 10 different
times by standing in 10 different lines. Then you fill out a
form showing where you want to sit and whether it should look
and feel like an ocean liner, a passenger train, or a bus.
If you succeed in getting on board the plane, and the plane
succeeds in getting off the ground, you have a wonderful trip...
except sometimes the rudder and flaps get frozen in position,
in which case you have time to say your prayers and get
yourself prepared before the crash.
.  From the Internet -
Re the AA crash
Quote -
Reports this morning from cockpit voice recorder and tower
tapes seem to indicate pilot and copilot engaged in conv
about flt attendants scheds and passed tulua vor which was
an assigned reporting point for a direct approach into cali 19
using the vor/ndb approach. Plane was prob on auto and they
plugged in tulua coords on the nav comp which caused auto to
initiate a left turn. Pilot realizing terrain and no turns
should be happening at this point flipped off auto and inits
a right turn to get back on flt path down the valley smack
into mountain trying to climb with speed brakes deployed and
power added. At this point the spec is that auto made turn but
the NTSB did make mention of the auto mode being changed.
If turn was cont to counterclockwise and the descent arrested
at the point of the turn to the right being init they would
probably have made it.

o o

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